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The faculty hospital in Ostrava
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Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic, is situated in the northeast of the country and forms the heart of the Moravian-Silesian region. It is located close to the Slovak and Polish borders on the banks of Ostravice River and offers beautiful views of the Beskydy Mountains.Museums have been established where mines once stood. This industrial heritage presents the city with outstanding architectural jewels. In addition to technological sites of interest, the city also offers visitors a number of other cultural and historically attractive places, which allow people to enjoy pleasant days full of unforgettable experiences.The city is an important thoroughfare and is very easily accessible by car, rail and air. Accommodation and dining are tailored to meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests. You can expect a level of comfort and care to remember long after your return home. The traditional Czech hospitality is well known, as is the excellent local cuisine. You will be attracted by the taste and aroma of meals known to you, as well as those unknown – specialities typical just for this region.



The University of Ostrava was founded on 28 September 1991. Since its foundation twenty years ago, the University has provided a much-needed focus for the study and research of humanities and social sciences, helping to redress a historic imbalance in a region traditionally dominated by heavy industry and technical studies. The University of Ostrava currently has six faculties: the Faculty of Social Studies, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Medicine, the Pedagogical Faculty, and the Faculty of Science. The University offers a wide spectrum of degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral levels, in addition to lifelong learning programmes. It is also involved in many European Union-funded projects enabling the general public to improve and update their skills and knowledge.
The Faculty of Medicine was established in 2010. Its history is closely connected with the Medical-Social Faculty of the University of Ostrava, which was established in 1993. The Faculty currently has more than 1200 students studying in ten Bachelor degree programmes, one six-year Master's and three standard Master's programmes. The degree programmes provided by the Faculty cover the complete range of allied and nursing medical professions, ranging from social sciences-oriented specializations to those related to medical technology and laboratories. The Faculty's teaching and research activities are carried out by 13 institutes and departments located mostly at the Faculty's premises in Ostrava-Záb

Research projects are organized in the laboratories of the University Hospital Ostrava and the new faculty building INLEK.
Boarding for international students is provided in The faculty hospital in Ostrava.

Accommodation for international students is provided in the Halls of Residence on the University campus in Poruba is located about 20 min by tram from the centre of Ostrava and its 10 min walk from the university hospital in Ostrava. 
Adress:Studentská 1770/1, 700 32 Ostrava-Poruba
The connection is by tram no. 7, 8, 17 (stop Rektorat VSB) or buses no. 37, 40 (stop Studentska or Studentske koleje)

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Students dormitory is placed in walking distance from hospital. 

You'll be informed by your CP how to manage ODIS card. 


Each year the social program is organized in the summer by a group of students. Participation is voluntary and for better communication please join our Facebook group. You recieve link in your CA.


1. The highest City Hall Viewing Tower

Not every city hall has a tower. Ostrava's New City Hall is unique, because it is the Czech Republic's largest, and has the highest viewing tower - 85.6m above Prokeš Square (Prokešovo nám


„If you went through the whole world, if you have not seen Ostrava, so you did not see anything.“

Josef Filgas, Forgotten Ostrava