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Selen Guler

Afyonkarahisar may seem small and cold at first but it is a welcoming city, great for a student to live. It is not expensive to live in yet it provides all a student needs.

This lovely city is in the intersection point of all big cities so you can take a bus and visit cities (Istanbul,Ankara,Izmir to name a few) as you like, then come back to us fair quick.

Afyon is really cold in winter so you can drink our hot chocolates while watching it snow or go ski as you like. Make sure to bring thick clothes to make yourself warm!

Afyon is also hot in summer but that’s great because you can eat different kinds of ice-cream! It doesn’t have the blue waters you may swim in but don’t worry, since it is a city close to everywhere in Turkey, you can go and swim anywhere!

Our city is famous for the best Turkish bath you will ever experience! Also for, spicy meat “sujuk” and delicious dessert “lokum” –you may know it as “Turkish delight-.

Our LC is not that big but our motto is based on friendship so we eat, drink, study, work, play, laugh and have fun together! When you come here you will not find only friends but gain a family as well because that’s how we are!


There are two campuses: one main campus and another smaller one which medical faculty is located in.

Our hospital is new, huge and full-fledged. Equipments are also new and complete.

It is the biggest hospital in the area so most of the patients come to us. You can get the chance to see different kinds of patient profiles and sicknesses, hone your skills greatly.


Relationship between wnt-3a,B-catherine,MMP7,VEGF,Vimentin andki67 expression, tumor stage and other prognostic factors colorectaladenocarcinoma- Pathology

Evaluation of the analytic performance of the fourth generation anti HCV reactive for the diagnosis of hepatitis C virus infection- Microbiology

Histological and biochemical evaluation of the effects of bee venom on cardiovascular system- Histology



Boarding is at university hospital, given once per day, as lunch.

Afyonkarahisar is a cheap city so you can always find economic yet good quality food in the city centre. Since people here love eating meat, you can eat most delicious Turkish food here.


Lodging is at University’s guesthouse, contact person’s own house or dormitory. Where you’ll be staying depends on the circumstances at the moment but we will provide you one of these.


After you reach Istanbul by plane, you need to take the bus to Afyonkarahisar.

Afyonkarahisar shares “Zafer Airport” with several other cities so if you can buy a ticket to this airport, your time spent on transportation would be really shortened.


We have two kinds of busses in Afyon which are busses and shared taxies.  You can easily come and go between the faculty hospital and dormitory with busses or to the city center with shared taxies.

It is late or you just can’t find busses? Just take a taxi, it is cheap.


Visit the must see places! Castle Afyonkarahisar, historical mansions, Victory Museum and many more!

Turkish bath! You will love relaxing in the hot water, as it cleans you not only dirt but your worries as well!

National Food Drink Party featuring local and national tastes!

You can drink at local pub or visit near places for clubs.

Visit the horse ranch and get the thrill of riding one!

We also have cross plans with different LC’s!


Afyonkarahisar Castle


“Who can climb the stairs,

Shall reach the eternal love.”

Locals say when you climb to this castle your love life will be full of excitement!



Ayazini Church


An old old church carved into the rock carrying the aria of history.




Please remember to bring your white coats & stethoscope & handbooks with you and don't forget that 80% attendance is mandatory to get the certificate.