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Cuenca is unarguably the centre of culture and art of Ecuador.

It was declared as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1999 for its charming historical center, the churches, the small cobbled streets and colonial houses with noble facades, prim balustrades, wrought iron balconies and red tiled roofs.

Its traditions and customs are connected to modern life in a very harmonic way.

For everyone who is interested in history and culture Cuenca is the town to visit. Being a meeting point for many different cultures has had a strong influence on arts and traditions.

Cuenca is also known for having a huge variety of museums and art galleries and is the most important center of handmade objects in Ecuador.


The University of Cuenca, has a well-recognized track record within our country, its mission as a public university is to train professionals and scientists committed to the improvement of life quality in the context of multiculturalism and harmony with nature.


Our university is based on academic quality, creativity and innovation, and on the development of the ability to respond to regional, national and international fair, efficient, scientific and human challenges of our society.


As for its vision, it is projected as an institution with national and international recognition for excellence in teaching with research and links with the community; it is committed to regional plans and national development; promoting and leading a model of critical thinking in society.

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As a local organization, AEMPPI UCUENA works with the Regional Hospital “Vicente Corral Moscoso”, Ecuadorian Social Security Institute Hospital "José Carrasco Arteaga" as well as private clinics, including "Santa Ana" , "Santa Inés" and Monte Sinai 


These institutions have different areas of medical practice, as well as facilities and resources to promote student learning; this will allow our exchange students to have a unique, rewarding and fulfilling experience when they find themselves facing different clinical cases, emergencies, etc.

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Since 2012, The University of Cuenca belongs to the Ecuadorian Network of Universities for Research and Postgraduate Studies.

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Our host familys will provide you 2 meals per day.

After the student arrives, the hosting family will receive and will bring the student to the place where He/She will stay (house, department).


In order to facilitate the movement within the city, you can use "EASY TAXI", this is a secure app for your phone.

Also, we have an integrated urban transport system; buses that travel throughout the city at its extension. It is important to mention that the tranvia is on its final construction.


We have a local as well as a regional social program that will assure the best experience.


  -Puente Roto

Within our local calendar, you can’t skip our popular festivals, these are an example of the traditions and customs of our people, the same that are reflected in our history and culture.

There are also tours throughout the city, its historic center, tourist viewpoints and along lineal parks. 

   -Ruins of Ingapirca 

The most famous point of interest close to Cuenca are the ruins of Ingapirca. These remains of the Inca Empire are the most important archeological site in Ecuador.

  -Cajas National Park 

For those who are interested in hiking and in nature, you should have a look at Cajas National Park 30 kms west of Cuenca, which is famous for its beautiful lakes.

This is considered a natural reserve in Ecuador, this protected area has amazing landscapes with a unique flora and fauna in the southern region .


Cuenca is well known for its stunning architecture, tourist attractions, hotels and night activities.

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