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Zeynep Ovet

Tekirdağ (pronounced TEH-keer-daa) is a city in European Turkey on the northern shoreline of the Sea of Marmara. The history of Tekirdağ dates back to 4000 BC. Tekirdağ is 132 km west of Istanbul the biggest city of Turkey. Tekirdag is located in the Thrace region. Thrace region is known for its cheerful and smiling people and its culture interwined with Eastern Europe. The sandy beaches lie at the both side of the province. The joyful mixture of sunflowers and the vineyards covers the entire medium.


Our faculty and the new hospital is located 15 minutes away from the center, inside campus. Our faculty is not crowded like other faculties so the students have more chance to actively work in the clinics.

  •  New hospital
  •  Medical faculty
  •  Part of the campus

 Molecular Biology and Genetics:The Investigation of BRAF V600E Mutation Frequency at Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas in Turkish Society

Molecular Biology and Genetics:The Examination of the Mitochondrial Genome Instability in Thyroid Lesions

Labs in the University:

  • Biophysics Lab
  • Biochemistry Lab
  • Histology Lab
  • Genetic Lab
  • Physiology Lab
  • Anatomy Lab

Lunch will be provided in the hospital cafeteria every workday where the doctors and other hospital staff eat. Most of the restaurants near the campus is convenient for students since most of their costumers are students. Generally, not only near the campus but most restaurants in the city are cheaper relative to the bigger cities with the exception of a few cafes and bars where the prices are in the normal standards.

Our lodging conditions vary according to the monnnnths and availability of the places. Your accommodation will be within walking distance of the hospital or a short distance by public transport. There will be no entry-exit time rule in your accommodation. You will have access to a shared or private kitchen that you can use. You will have TV and internet access 24/7. If you stay in a dormitory, rooms will be separated by gender.

For city buses in Tekirdağ, you can visit "Tekulaş" website (site link below), "Tek Card" is used for transportation with these buses. You can easily provide transportation in the city by minibuses. You don't need a card to use minibuses.The minibus fare is currently 2 TL, the bus fare is 2,5 TL. All the bus/minibus lines you may need when you come to Tekirdağ, information such as how to reach places you need to go etc. will be given to you by LEOs and you will be helped in every way.
Tekulaş website:  https://www.tekulas.com/sefersaatlerispasa.php


Social program contains the tour of the city with the traditional places for the local people and also tours can be arranged to the nearby cities like Edirne and İstanbul. And other seaside tours!


Tekirdag Museum of Archeology and Etnography: Shortly Tekirdağ Museum, is a national museum in exhibiting archaeological artifacts found in and around the province, as well as ethnographical items related to the region's history of cultural life. Established in 1967, the museum was housed in a small building of the Physical Education Administration until 1977. In 1976, the mansion of Tekirdağ Peovince Governor was assigned to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the use as museum. The museum, as it is today, was opened to public at this building on December 28, 1992.

Namik Kemal House Museum: Namik Kemal, the famous Turkish national poet, was born in 1840 in Tekirdag. His house was restored according to its original and since 1993, it becomes a house museum.

Rakoczy Museum: The Hungarian Prince Frenc Rakoczy lived in Tekirdag between 1720-1735. His mansion was bought by Hungarian government in 1932 and became a museum.

Ucmakdere: Ucmakdere is a small village of Tekirdag, which became famous with paragliding. The members of Tekirdag Paragliding Club educate paragliding and help people. Ucmakdere is 35 km far from the city center and suitable for the camping, too.

Other beautiful villages with beaches: Sarkoy, Kumbag

Tekirdag's coast path: You can walk or ride bicycle near the sea.

Please remember to bring your white coats & stethoscope & handbooks with you and don't forget that 80% attendance is mandatory to get the certificate. All incomings are required to bring the following items with them such as enough masks, enough disinfectant for the entire exchange period and all the other health care items.