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General Surgery -, Gynecology and obstetrics -, Pediatrics -, Internal Medicine, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Family Medicine
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One meal per day
Aparthotel in the university citadel
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Alejandra Vargas
The University of Santiago de Cali is a large university family made up of more than 18,000 students. At the University of Santiago de Cali, a unique learning experience is ensured, which will stimulate them in new knowledge to obtain excellent training. For this we have an imposing campus in Cali, whose location facilitates mobility. Which is located within the same University facilitating everything that may be needed for wellbeing. 

In addition, we warmly welcome all people, as kindness is one of our pillars. Along with academic quality, relevance, responsibility and social culture. The university campus has everything from gym, swimming pool, thousands of cafes, electronic teller, laundry and thousands of possibilities. Exchange students have the privilege of staying in the gifted and very comfortable aparthotel.

The University of Santiago de Cali is ready to welcome you with open arms and help you to complement your training as a professional in a university environment where academia and culture converge with harmony in favor of a training of excellence.
The clinical rotations will be performed at San Juan de Dios Hospital, which is level 2 of complexity and has everything to make your rotation a great academic and professional experience in the area you choose, either: Internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery or gynecology and obstetrics.

We have cutting-edge laboratories with high quality materials and supplies, such as the simulated Hospital, the largest in Latin America, level 4 of complexity with real operating theaters and other latest-generation implements.

Simulated Hospital of the Universidad Santiago de Cali, available for the entire University Community. It is considered the largest and most endowed area in Latin America, which will serve for nearly 5,000 students of the Faculty of Health to expand their academic training - facing the new challenges of health care. The modern building is located on the third floor of Block 4. The Hospital will handle a level four.

In its 1,150 square meters, the hospital has a real operating room, an Intensive Care Unit, a delivery room and a maternity ward, a neonatal room, a women's recovery room and a men's room. , As well as an office for patient care and a psychology services office. Also six major areas: surgical instrumentation, phonoaudiology, nursing, pharmacy, control and monitoring and central sterilization. All of them, spaces equipped with state-of-the-art equipment brought from the United States.

All this to reinforce the academic training of the health faculty by providing the community with a great dynamic, modern and unique space that will provide all the tools to improve the clinical knowledge of the students of the health faculty.

The University of Santiago de Cali has everything to fulfill your goals and your experience is unforgettable.

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Host family or University restaurant
Foreign students will be able to stay inside the University Citadel where there are comfortable rooms very well equipped and very pleasant where everything is necessary to make a pleasant stay for all students exchange.
The means of transportation is through the MIO, mass public transport that is at the head of the University and leaves you in the place of clinical practice.


Cali, is a beautiful city that has much to offer abroad and adapts to all tastes. From beautiful landscapes, exotic places to meet, the delicious gastronomy, the joy and hospitality of its inhabitants, make Cali is called the "Branch of Heaven". Here good music like salsa is unforgivable. Culture reflected in museums, art galleries and theaters. Like your nightlife full of joy. It will make your stay in this beautiful city unforgettable.

In addition, by contacting the local exchange officer, he will give you the city's social plan to inform you more about the city, its activities and typical foods.


El lago Calima
Buena Ventura
El paraiso 

Cali is by day a city with warm climate and at night the climate is temperate. The average temperature is 23.1 ° C (73.6 ° F) with an average minimum of 15 ° C (66 ° F) and an average maximum of 32 ° C (86 ° F), with an absolute maximum of 36 ° C and minimum Absolute of 13 ° C.