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Ignacia García

Come and meet Talca/Curicó, the biggest cities of the Maule Region of Chile. You will be delighted with those cities but specially with their surroundings that have a lot of stunning landscapes to offer, that you can’t forget to visit!


Both of them have an incredible nightlife and if you come during September you can miss the Indepence Day Celebration, one of the most important chilean festivities. Anyway, if you can’t come during this month it’s 99%  probably that you would enjoy other festivities and nightlife there. 

Make the most of your experience here, you won't regret your stay.



The University of Talca (in Spanish: Universidad de Talca), commonly referred to as UTAL, is a public university that has 5 campus that are located in Talca, Santiago, Curicó, Linares and Colchagua, but medicine is only imparted in Talca. The university has its origin in 1981 and today it’s considered as one of the main national benchmarks of excellence and non-profit public  higher education.

  • San Juan Hospital of Curicó.

(Talca) Modulation of Glycine Receptors by β Auxiliary Subunit: A Critical Target for Central Pain Sensitization.

University of Talca, School of Medicine, Talca-Chile

Provided by a host family, 2 times per day.

Provided by a Host family. It might happen that during peak months (January, July or August) we aren't able to provide host families to all the students, and  in that case a dorm with pocket money ($2000 per worked day) will be provided.

The  lodging is in the city of the campus. In the case of SCOPE is in Curicó, located in the Maule region, to arrive to Curicó you could take a bus or train, and in the case of SCORE is in Talca and you could take a bus or train. Both cities are south of Santiago and the distance between is half an hour.

In the city you could take mini bus, taxi or Uber. Cities are not very big so you can even walk.



-Trip to Constitución beach.

-Lunch at Viejas Cochinas and river boat tour.

-Scape room.

-Enladrillado trekking.


University of Talca has 5 campuses in different cities, our clinical campus for SCOPE is in the city of Curicó located half an hour from Talca. And the research campus for SCORE  is in Talca, in the campus Lircay, the main campus.


There are so many must sees in the Maule Region  that you will never run out of new things to do. Hopefully a month here will be enough to see most of these places that our region has to offer, but if you feel that you are running out of time we can give you some advices:


If you are more interested in outdoor sports such as hiking or trekking you must visit the next places: Botanic Garden at University of Talca, Mirador Cerro la Virgen, ‘’Radal Siete Tazas’’ National Reserve’’  ,Altos de Lircay National Reserve - ‘’El Enladrillado’’. In all of them you also can find stunning landscapes, so there are perfect opportunities to can take pictures and enjoy the nature.


If you consider yourself a sunset lover you probably should go to ‘’Los Gringos’’ beach in Constitución, specially if you are coming during our summer months (December-February), where you can capture amazing photos of our chilean sunsets. In addition, it’s a really good place to surf and swimming but you should know that the water is very cold. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


If you want to become an expert in our culture you should visit at least one of our museums in Talca. We recommend you visit the ‘’Museo O’higginiano y de Bellas Artes de Talca’’. In addition, our university has an extension called ‘’Dirección de Extensión Cultura-Artística’’ full of artistic creations and sometimes you can find exhibitions as well, so it’s a very good place to go if you consider art as one of your passions.


If you want to enjoy and taste typical Chilean foods, we suggest you visit Las Viejas Cochinas, a restaurant with more than 30 years of life, in front of the Claro River. But If you come to Talca, known as the city of the Completos (Chilean Hot dog) you must try them, they are delicious! You can find them all over the city.



Talca is known as the city of the best Completos, don’t miss the opportunity to try them.