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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and Europe. It has a central position in Belgium and is a bilingual city in which people speak French and Dutch, often blended into one language “Bruxelois”. The city was built on seven hills in a swampy area: The valley of the Zenne. The Zenne is a river and there is a special yeast which only grows in those surroundings still used in a unique beer which you have to love or hate: Geuze.
The hospital where you’ll be doing your internship isn’t located in the center of Brussels, it’s in Jette, which is a town, comprising around 50.000 people and only 5 kilometers or ten minutes by car from the center of Brussels.

Famous people:
• Hergé (1907-1983) Creator of Tintin
• Horta (1861-1947) Architct, well known for his ‘art nouveau’
• Breugel (ca1520- 1569) famous painter
• Margritte (1898-1967) another famous painter, ‘ceci n’est pas une pipe’ just might be his most famous sentence.
• Peyo (1928-1992) Creator of the Smurfs
• So many others…


Our patients mainly speak Dutch and/or French. For the internship it will be sufficient if you speak English or French (depending on the department), the doctors will help you in this language and many patients will be able to understand you.
The place where you will be situated: UZ Brussel. This is the Dutch-speaking Universitary Hospital in ‘Brussels’ and is located in Jette.
The campus is only a 2 minutes’ walk away and it is on this campus that you’ll be lodged. UZ Brussel is also the place where medical students of our university have their internships and some of their lessons.
The hospital address: Laarbeeklaan 101
 1090 Brussel


There is SCORE at VUB


Money will be put on your hospital badge so you can buy your lunch at the hospital restaurant. There are 4 our 5 menu’s to choose from every day and also the possibility to buy sandwiches or something else.


You will be staying on campus only 2 minutes from the hospital.
Your room will contain:
• Bed with mattress and at least one set of bed sheets and a pillowcase
• Table
• Chair/couch
• Some storage (e.g. shelf unit or cupboard)
The kitchen contains:
At least 1 frying pan
• At least 1 saucepan
• At least 1 mug
• At least 1 plate
• At least 1 fork
• At least 1 spoon
• At least 1 knife
• At least 1 spatula

Internet is provided.

4 Rooms share one kitchen 2 toilets and one shower.


Getting there
Most of you will arrive at Brussels airport. You can come by train or someone will pick you up at the airport, this is something you should discus with your contact person.
If you are coming by train, you can look up the time table and buy tickets at this site:

Getting around
There are several bus-stops just outside of the hospital. This will be by far the easiest way to get around in Brussels. More information is to be found here:


With the social program, we use the weekends to meet up with the students from the other cities to visit famous places in Belgium. During the week we try to let you see some of Brussels, but as everybody has a busy agenda it might not be possible to do that all of the time.


• Manneke pis: the little pissing boy is one of Belgium’s national symbols and a must see.
• Atomium: Built for the World Fair in 1958. The ‘Eiffel tower of Brussels’ ;)
• The Royal Palace
• The European Parliament and other buildings of the European institutions
• The Comic Book museum, it is a museum and at the same time a wonderful ‘art nouveau’ building designed by the master himself: Victor Horta


Nothing for the moment.