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School restaurant,Hostel
Gaziosmanpasa University Dormitories
Nezahat Solmaz
The University, which takes the name of the Plevne Hero, Gazi Osman Pasa was founded on 03.07.1992 in accordance with the law number 3837 and its 24. bylaw. The Faculty of Agriculture became active under the name of Sivas University. Gaziosmanpasa University comprised its units including the Faculty of Science and Letters, Niksar Vocational School, Tokat Vocational School, Zile Vocational School, Erbaa Institute of Science and the Institute of Social Sciences with the appointment of rector on 01.11.1992. Education language in Gaziosmanpasa University is Turkish.
Gaziosmanpasa university is a lager university that provides education to approximately 35 thousand students and has many campuses in the borders of Tokat.Gaziosmanpasa university's medical faculty and hospital are located in the Ali Şevki Erek campus,which is located  in the very center of the city.Tokat Gaziosmanpasa university Hospital was established on November 24,1999 within the faculty of medicine.It started to accept patients in the polyclinic in January 2002 and in the inpatient services in January 2003.In 2019,501 patient beds,88 intensive care beds,12 palliative  care beds and 601 patient beds in real terms,with the increasing patient beds in real terms,with the increasing patient demad and the physical arrangement made in our intensive care and palliative bed numbers,the number of palliative flow beds has increased to 513.Increased the number of our patient beds to 519 anf the number of intensive care beds from 88 to 96 beds and registered for a total of 615 beds and started to serve.It is planned to put into service 14 units of III level intensice care beds,the registration of which has already been taken,together with the allocation of space.
The development of a preparatory course to help the transitions of medical students from preclinical to clinical stage: Peer-assisted, skill-based, voluntary-in nature

http://ifmsa.org/exchange/score/explore/projects/view/5091 for more info about the project.
The main cafeteria
There are many cafes to eat around hospital and dormitories
Dormitories are very close to the hospital.You can go to hospital in 5 minutes on foot
It's single, double and four-person rooms as comfortable as you are home
All rooms have a bathroom with washbasin, toilet ,24 hour hot water
There are tv, fridge , bookcase, wardrobe , desk and chair to study in every room.
Central Bus Station

You can arrive Tokat with airway , roadway. And transportation in the city is so useful by city buses. Most of the places are really close to each other so you can go many places by walk.

Sportive Activities ( Football , basketball, volleyball, running , trekking , swimming , bodybuilding , pinpon , pool)

Trips ( to Cappadocia, to Samsun , to Nemrut mountain)

Picnics at holidays.

And all kinds of student organizations .

Ballıca Cave                      Ballıca cave,whose age has been determined as approximately 3.4million years,is a natural wonder with all the cave formations identified so far.This beautiful cave is also a habitat for dwarf bats.

Tokat Castle

The castle,which was established for road safety during the Roman period,remained under Byzantine rule for about 500 years.In the dungeon inside,many commanders were held captive in different periods.

Goose Lake

 There is detected 108 birds species that survives. There is no industrial establishment around the lake.


 It is an Ottoman work built between 1626-1632.There are 103 venues in total,76 inside and 37 outside.It is one of the largest city in Anatolia.


Please remember to bring your white coats & stethoscope & handbooks with you and don't forget that 80% attendance is mandatory to get the certificate.