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We require you to get vaccined.Also you have to prove that you have been vacinated so dont forget to get a document
Cansu Cicek

Kirikkale is “medium-sized city” in the central of Anatolia.It is in the east of the Ankara. Kirikkale has an advantage of being close to the big cities of Turkey such as Ankara and Kayseri .
It is 70 km far away from Ankara. And it is also close to Cappadocia too. 

Kirikkale University Medicine Faculty is just next to Kirikkale University Campus.Campus is 6 km far away from the city centre and it’s between Ankara and Kirikkale .In everytime buses travel between city centre and Kirikkale University Campus. There is a mall between city center and campus, called 'Podium'.

Our hospital is just 5 years old so we have lots of advantages as new hospital new possibilities. Our faculty and hospital is in the same building. Our hospital is near the university campus, so in this area there so many students. In the campus, we have little small but nice lakes that student can go and rest. There is a bus station in the campus, but the buses go just Ankara from that station.
1) Observing and determining health service quality at the pediatrics clinic
2) The cowparison of iodopavidon and magnesium slicate for plesodemis activity

We have refectory in our hospital and there are many cafe restaurants and coffee houses which are close to the hospital.  You will be provided at least one meal/a day. 


Residorm is a youth hostel which is the only one in the campus. It is close to the faculties of engineering.In addition,The general refectory is next to there, so student’s eating habits are regular.Residorm has got a gym.In the campus transportations are  very easy because we have buses.

The other youth hostels are named ‘apart’. Students stay there, they are in Yenisehir, with homemates.’Apart’s are close to campus so usually students prefer to stay there, but if you want to stay at the aparts you may have to pay a little more.


The last place is guest house.It is in Kirikkale university’s campus. Our guests can stay at our Guesthouse. There are rooms in there for 2-3 students. Bathrooms and toilets using by more students. There are also Tv's in there too. Guesthouse is in the Campus too, and it is safe more than the others.

It is easy to travel to other cities of Turkey.It takes aproximately one hour to Ankara from Kirikkale. Kirikkale is close to Nevsehir and Kayseri too. It is an advantage for touristic travel. And because of Kirikkale is a small city, it is so easy to go to city center or the mall.

The university students are hanging around the town called “Yenisehir”. So Yenisehir got full of cafes, restaurants, gyms etc. You can waste your free time in here. 


Also we have shopping centre called “Podium”. It’s about 5km far away from the university. 

Our LC usually plans social program for incomers. We had tours to Ankara, Capadocia, Ilgaz, Erciyes etc. These things up to the exchange teams existed that time . We also have social programs in Kirikkale on weekdays too. We try to have social program as much as we can.

Celal Bayar Garden
Corum Alacahoyuk
Keskin Underground City
Wine Factory
Rifle Factory
You can go Ankara and travel there in your free time. Kirikkale is also close to Kayseri(one of the big cities in Turkey) and Nevsehir(there are places you may want to see). Keep in contact with us we will help you :) It is pleasure to put you up :)