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Lunch at the hospital
Kutay Aktay

Gaziantep, previously and still informally called Antep, is a city in the western part of Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia Region.


History of University

Established in 1973, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and in 1974, the Gaziantep Engineering Faculty of which the medium of instruction is English are the basis of the University of Gaziantep. The Gaziantep Engineering Faculty was founded by the opening of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1974. Following this, in 1977, the Department of Food Engineering; in 1981, the Department of Civil Engineering; in 1982, the Department of Engineering Physics were established.

        The University of Gaziantep became an independent state university on 27th June 1987. The Gaziantep Engineering Faculty and Gaziantep Vocational School of Higher Education in the body of Middle East Technical University (METU) was connected to the University of Gaziantep by the same law


Research Project: Learning Processes And Electrophysiological Differentiation


Gaziantep is one of the 47 cities join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Gastronomy field!


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We provide you lunch at hospital.



We have two types of lodging style, these are dormitory and student apart.

Our dormitory is in the university campus, it is so close to the hospital and there is free wifi. There is security 24h.

Also, our student apart’s location is at the around of the hospital. Going from dormitory or student apart takes more or less 15 minutes by walking.


   In Gaziantep, there are 3 type transportation; by bus, tramway and taxi. For bus and tramway you can buy Kart27 to use public transportation.

*From airport to hospital or dormitory by bus 1 hour(6 Turkish Lira) or by special bus transportation 25 minutes(10 Turkish Lira)

*From dormitory or student hostels to Hospital or School by walking 15 minutes (for girls from dormitory to hospital by bus or tramway 10 minutes maximum)

*From hospital to city centre by bus or tramway 15 minutes

*From Hospital or dormitory to Bus Terminal 1 hour by bus or 20 minutes by taxi

Distances of Other
Big Cities

Adana: 2 hours(local delicious food ‘Adana Kebab’)

Adiyaman: 1.5 hours by(famous local food ‘Cigkofte’)

Ankara: 1 hour by plane(capital of Turkey)

Antakya: 4 hours by bus(delicious local foods, historical places)

Antalya: 2 hours by plane(sea,sun,beach)

Istanbul: 2 hours by plane(The biggest city of Turkey)

Kahramanmaras: 1 hour by bus(the most famous city with ice cream)

Kayseri: 5 hours by bus(snow, ski, famous local food ‘manti’)

Mersin: 3 hours by bus(sea, sun, beach, swimming, local delicious food ‘tantuni’ )



This video was made by our friends to introduce our LC and Gaziantep and invite students to Gaziantep last year. We are waiting for you to eat these delicious foods together and have a fun during a month!

During your echange you can join the National Tours and be ready for our regional tours!



Imam Cagdas


The oldest restaurant of Gaziantep from 1887.

There is usually full with tourists.

You should absolutely eat ‘lahmacun’ and ‘ali nazik’ here.



Tahmis Kahvesi


The oldest coffee house of Gaziantep from 1635.

Here is just opposite of Imam Cagdas and there is also full with tourists.

You should drink ‘Menengic Coffee’ and try to their different Teas with fruits.

You should also drink hooka!(‘Nargile’ in Turkish)



Kocak Baklava


‘Baklava’ is the most famous Turkish desert of Turkey and it is made best in Gaziantep. You should try it here!

There are a lot of kinds of ‘Baklava’ and deserts with pistachio. Try to eat one piece from each kinds of deserts!

‘Fistik’ is also most famous nuts of Gaziantep. You can also eat it here.




Emine Gogus Mutfak Muzesi


The Emine Gogus Cuisine Museum Gaziantep, Turkey’s first museum dedicated to cuisine, is situated in a historical stone house.




Alleben Goleti


This is the largest pond in Gaziantep.

You can do walking, running, picnic, fishing, water activities.

You should watch sunset here!






Zeugma Mosaic Museum


The Zeugma Museum is the largest mosaic museum in the world and houses an awesome Roman mosaic collection in its more than 7,000sqm space, in 3 floors. The mosaics were salvaged from the rich and cosmopolitan ancient Roman city of Zeugma. A city founded by a general under Alexander the Great in 300BC.




Bakircilar Carsisi


South of the fortress is Gaziantep's rambling and labyrinthine bazaar area, which includes the Zincirli Bedesten, now fully restored and full of tap-tap-tap metalworkers and makers of handmade shoes. Keep exploring to find excellent food markets with mini-mountains of multicoloured spices and graceful garlands of dried chillies.


Historical Inns


‘Tutun Hani’ is the biggest public houses but there are a lot of historical places where you can drink hooka or Turkish coffee!

You should go round the old streets and restored historical Antep houses.



North Shield Pub


This is an English pub. You can go there and try their different beers.




Hayal Kahvesi


There is biggest place of entertainment in Gaziantep. The most popular Turkish singers come there for concert. 




Katmerci Zekeriya Usta


Katmer is another famous desert of Gaziantep.

It is made with cream and pistachio.

Native people in Gaziantep eat it at breakfast and drink milk!








Gaziantep Zoo is the biggest zoo in Turkey.There are  a total of 325 species and 7100 animals in Gaziantep Zoo.You can easily reach the Gaziantep zoo by bus or tramway




Gaziantep Bothanical Garden

This bothanical garden keeps "Color and Smell Garden", "Medical and Endemic Plants Garden" and "Water Plants Garden". You can go and take a lot of gorgeous pictures of this beauties and have a good time. You can easily reach there by tramway.



Parkantep Harikalar Diyarı

There are many playgrounds in Harikalar Diyarı.And also you can ride a horse here. Entry fee is determined as 30 Turkish liras. You should visit and have fun!
Working hours : 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
 You can reach there by tramway ("Harikalar Diyarı" station)


Gaziantep Castle

History of the Gaziantep Castle based on 3600 BC.There is also a lot of historical artifacts in the Gaziantep Defence Museum of Heroism (Gaziantep Kahramanlık Panaroması Müzesi) which are remnants of Independence War. This museum is in the castle. You can reach there by bus or tramway.


Kebapci Halil Usta


You should eat ‘Kusleme’ here.