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Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine-General, Internal Medicine-Hematology, Internal Medicine-Pulmonary, Microbiology, Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radiology, Surgery-General, Surgery-Orthopedics, Surgery-Plastic Surgery, Surgery-Thoracic Surgery, Surgery-Transplantation Surgery, Surgery-Vascular Sugery, Urology, Biochemistry
Elif Yagmur Ozturk

Ankara is the capital of Turkey located in central Anatolia. It has a lot of universities. In July and August , the weather is hot and sunny.


Ufuk University has started its education in 2002-2003 academic year based on the article with the number 4488, which was published in the Official Newspaper with number 23910 dated 18th December 1999 by the Traffic Accidents Aid Foundation in Turkey, and with the authorisation writings numbered 13.30.0.EÖB. – 954/09006, dated 1st May 2002, which was based on the rule related to 2547 article of Council of Higher Education decision.

As the Founding Foundation of Ufuk University, Traffic Accidents Aid Foundation in Turkey was established in 1972. As stated in the third act of the settlement deeds of Traffic Accidents Aid Foundation, which was established for such reasons as the prevention of traffic, work, sports and other accidents and disasters, providing such services as emergency, medical and social aid and founding rehabilitation services which may occur as a result of such calamities as mentioned before, providing all kinds of required personnel by enabling educational foundations including Higher Educational Institutions, providing the required equipments and collaborating with the relevant institutions which deal with such academic facilities as courses and seminars, it was anticipted to provide education, research and service on such issues.

Beyond the services that presented by specialist doctors, in Ufuk University Hospital we have a new department. Cosmetology department was opened in 2015 by a  group of qualified doctor. Also the new-born, healthy baby and vaccination policlinic has started to serve.  Pediatric nefrology department of hospital specializes in urinary tract and kidney diseases . Laparoscopic obesity surgery operations is being done succesfully.

We have an organ transplantation policlinic which especially renal transplantation occurs.

The main reasons behind our intention to establish our university are the prevention of accidents and disasters, the detection of protective and remedial approaches and methods for the physical and psychological problems, educating our public and providing them with the consciousness of public services and the relevant methodology, guiding behaviours through colloboration both with official institutions and inter-personal relations, and providing qualified and expert personnels on such issues
  • Domain :    biochemistry                                                                                                                    
    Type: clinical project with lab work
    Project title :the effect of hypoxia on IMA values in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Domain :     biochemistry
    Type: clinical project with lab work
    Project title: diagnostic values of glycated albumin and advanced end products in gestational diabetes

Lunch will be provided in hospital. 

Armada and Next Lever shopping centers are around the faculty and our students provide their requirements from here.


You will placed at dormitory. 

Subway is in the 5 minutes distance from school.

 Transportation to student dormitories which located on İncek campus is provided by the faculty in every half hour by bus.

Our hospital is close to subway, bus/metro lines. To use Bus or Subway, you need AnkaraKart. It's a card that you can buy it easily from many places and you can load money on it from all Subway Stations and some MiniMarkets near bus stations.

There will be National Food and Drink Party and city tours. You can also join National Tours at weekends.



This fine memorial complex built in 1944 commemorates the Turkish founder, Ataturk. Known locally as the Anitkabir , the Ataturk Mausoleum is a stark yet grand and imposing attraction, located atop a series of steps and featuring a huge mosaic courtyard, together with an exceptionally beautiful gold leaf clad interior. The Changing of the Guard ceremony is well worth a look, as is the recent War of

-Segmenler and Botanic Park
Big, fresh, living and colorful place where everyone spends time, hanging out and relaxing.

-Rahmi Koc Museum
Cengelhan Rahmi M. Koc Museum is the first and only industrial museum in Ankara Like its namesake, it is dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications, with additional material on Ankara and the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
-Anatolian Civilizations Museum
The Anatolian Civilizations Museum, being among exceptional museums with its unique collection, has Anatolian archaeological artefacts and artefacts from the Palaeolithic Age to the present.

-Etnography Museum
The Ethnography museum reflects the turkish national character, history and culture. It is the first state museum which was planned and built in the republic period.

-Kugulu Park
In summer, there are some concerts, festivals and open air movie nights in the park. During the day it's a must-do to feed the birds and take pictures with the ducks and swans.

Park with lots of cartoon characters' sculptures.
-Ankara Castle
Ankara Castle is a popular tourist destination. The castle, originally from the Celtic period, rises in the Ulus district. The castle were renovated several times by the Romans as well as the Byzantines, the Seljuks and the Ottomans, and offers a magnificent view over the city. Typical old Turkish houses, numerous art galleries and restaurants surround the castle walls.
-Roman Bath
The outdoor museum is formed of the ruins of an ancient public bath remains from the Roman Empire.
-Cer Modern
Located in an old train depot, this huge artists park and gallery exhibits modern and challenging art from across Europe, plus there's an excellent cafe and shop. Cultural events are also staged here.

Ufuk University is one of many private universities in Ankara;the capital of Turkey. Our medical faculty is

one of the well-known faculties in the city, being established in 1996. It is located in the heart of the city,

being at the intersection of roads to Eskisehir. Please remember to bring your white coats & stethoscope & handbooks with you and don't forget that 80% attendance is mandatory to get the certificate.