Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI) - Pekanbaru, Universitas Riau
Surgery-General, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Neurology, Forensic Medicine, Gynecology/Obstetrics
August, September, October, November, February, March, April
Host Family, Student Hostel
Bring your own white coat and stethoscope.
NO sandals, jeans, t-shirts, tanktop, shorts/mini skirt allowed in the university and hospital.
All students must attend the clerkship and follow hospital's schedule.
Kintan Ayu Fannissa
Irvan Almaqdisi
Pekanbaru, nickname: Kota Bertuah (Indonesian): "The City of Good Fortune"  is the capital city of Riau, a province in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra. It has an area of 632.26 km² with a population of 950,571. Located on the Siak River, which drains to the Strait of  Malacca. Pekanbaru has direct access to the busy strait and was long known as a trading port (the city name is derived from the Indonesian words of 'new market' or 'new town', "pekan" meaning 'market' or 'town', and "baru" meaning 'new'). The city is developing rapidly, but still has much unique architecture with a taste of Malay culture. Pekanbaru city inhabited by a number of ethnic groups, including Malays, Minangkabau and also Chinese population.

As a business city, Pekanbaru is easily accessible by air and overland. Pekanbaru can be reached through the International Airport of Sultan Syarif Kasim II, terminal inter-city and inter-provincial Bandar Raya Payung Sekaki, and a port on the Siak River, which is Duku River. There are a number of attractions that you can go and see while in Pekanbaru, you can find some recreation parks, several buildings with typical Malay architecture, etc. For shopping, Pekanbaru has a number of malls, Hotels, and markets.
In 2001, Faculty of medicine Riau University named  doctor educational program. By the letter of recommendations from DIKTI (General Diractorate of Universities) on November 8th 2004 the status of doctor educational program changed into Faculty of Medicine Riau University. And since 2013, our faculty is lead by the dean named Dr. dr. Dedi Afandi, DFM, Sp.F.
Our faculty is located on Jl.Diponegoro 1 Pekanbaru, in front of its educational hospital, Arifin Achmad General Hospital. One thing that make us different from another faculties of Riau University is because we are located in the center of Pekanbaru City. It makes us easier to reach the General Library, shopping center, mosque, church, and another major buildings.
There are 2 types of student in our faculty. The first one, is the student that is full-study in our campus, and another one is those who follow clerkship in the hospital (or usually called co-ass, co-assistant student). Our campus is equipped with some facilities, such as canteen, musholla, lobby, basketball court, wifi, laboratories, library, and many more.
Arifin Achmad General Hospital has been established since 1950, owned by the Government of Riau Province, located on Jl. Diponegoro II in the city of Pekanbaru. With its strategic location in the center of Pekanbaru you can find some attractive places like great mosque of An nur, church, and city park around.
As the center of governmental hospital in Riau Province, Arifin Achmad General Hospital has so many various cases of the infectious disease. So it’s such a big chance for you to study more about the diseases in our hospital, like TB, AIDS, malaria, skin disease and many more. You will be so lucky to follow clerkship in our medical faculty as you will be directly guided by our consultant. The Departments that are already available for incoming students are Internal Medicine, Surgery (General), Pediatric, Neurology, Forensic Medicine, Obstetric and Gynecology.

The incoming will lunch in the canteen of RSUD Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru.


The incoming will stay in host family or student hostel which located near the hospital.

There are several modes transportation in Pekanbaru such as Trans Metro Pekanbaru named Busway TMP (bus rapid transit) and Riau Taxi. It can be used from hospital to various locations in Pekanbaru such as Ramayana, Mall Pekanbaru, Giant Mall, Panam Square, Sudirman City, University of Riau.

Trans Metro Pekanbaru
Riau Taxi

Siak Sri Indrapura Palace
The town of Siak, officially called Siak Sri Indrapura is 2 hours by car from Pekanbaru. Built in 1889, The architecture of Istana Siak Indrapura is a fusion of Malay, Arab and European styles. Overall, it keeps a lot of historical things from Siak Palace.

Muara Takus Temple
The Muara Takus temple is one of evidence that Buddhism had spread here during the early centuries. It is the greatest temple located in the village of muara takus, Kampar Regency in Riau Province. Its tall shape differs from the normally bell-shaped Buddhist temple that found in Java. The temple is constructed of river boulders, sandstone and bricks. And it was restored in 1980.

Kelenteng Hoo Ann Kiong (The shrine of Sejahtera Sakti)
The heritage asset located in Selatpanjang city, Meranti Island, is the oldest shrine in this city and also the oldest existing shrine in Riau Province. It is very well known as the main place of worship for Konghuchu and Buddhist.

Zamrud Lake
This lake is located in the Emerald Village , Siak regency of Riau province. It also has a natural panoramic view that is interesting and very beautiful. The whole beauty of this lake is really awesome.


The Great Mosque of An-Nur
As the largest mosque in Pekanbaru and located at the center of Pekanbaru City, this mosque is so popular, and used for sport activities like jogging, playing badminon and others as it has large field.

Soeman H.S Library
Soeman H.S library is one of the largest library in Indonesia. All the facilities at this library will make you feel so comfortable.

Pasar Bawah Pekanbaru
You can buy everything include all special souvenirs in Pekanbaru. This place has become a tourist spot for all  tourists from around the world.
Pekanbaru has a tropical rainforest climate  under the Köppen climate classification. As with many cities with a tropical rainforest climate, Pekanbaru features relatively constant temperatures throughout the course of the year, with average high temperatures around 33 degrees Celsius and average lows of around 23 degrees Celsius. The city has no dry season month, but does feature wetter and drier months. Its driest month (July) sees on average about 40% of the precipitation as its wettest month (November).

Despite of its large area, Pekanbaru has such pretty amazing reputation of being one of the cleanest cities in Indonesia and in 2011, received the "Adipura" ('clean city') award in the category of large city for the seventh consecutive time. The city is also notable for its wide main streets. Pekanbaru is the third most populous city on Sumatra Island, after Medan and Palembang with a population of 903,902 recorded in the 2010 census. The city is highly urbanized, drawing many of its people from the neighbouring province of West Sumatra. In addition to Riau Malays natives, the city also has other ethnic groups. The Malay and Minangkabau are the largest ethnic group, forming 37.96% of population.  Javanese, Batak, and Chinese Indonesian are the other main ethnic groups inhabiting Pekanbaru. They are all  known for their geniality, warmth and affection, also diverse styles of language. There are several protected tribes too in Riau province, most famous perhaps Sakai tribe, that still lives and thrives on the woods.


Riau typical/traditional  food is actually not much different from the typical food in other provinces such as West Sumatra, Kalimantan and Riau Islands province, which was inhabited by the Malay community. Although it has an equality with the rest of Indonesia, Riau Typical foods continued to show its true identity. Riau typical food also have some differences in each city in the province, such as typical food of Pekanbaru, Rokan Hilir, Singingi Kuantan, Kampar, Bengkalis, Rengat and other areas. Here are some typical food of Riau Province.
  1. Bolu Kemojo: This under-baked green soft cake is unique by its middle layer, just like uncooked cake but it’s actually delicious.
  2. Asam Pedas Baung and Patin: Its spicy-sour taste will make a different sensation on your tongue and make you really addicted with this special food.
  3. Lempuk Durian: Lempuk Durian is one type of typical  food of Riau made of Durian, lempuk is shaped like a lunkhead (dodol). Besides in Riau, lempuk can also be found in other areas of Sumatra. This "Riau Typical food" comes from Bengkalis region ,and it has been an icon of Bengkalis.
  4. Kue Bangkit: This cake is called Asidah, soft texture and sweet blend of spices such as cloves, cinnamon and pandan leaves. This cake is commonly eaten with fried onions.
  5. Laksamana Mengamuk and Air Mata Pengantin: Laksamana mengamuk ice is cold drink with kuini (like mango) fruit as the main ingredient. It’s  said, the existence of this drink originated from raging admiral in kuini farm. Admiral was raging because his wife was taken away by the owners of  kuini farm. The admiral slashed in all directions with his sword, up to tens of fruit kuini destroyed by this anger. After completing the anger, the admiral went home, and people around the  kuini farm took dozens of pieces of kuini fruit that have been slashed  and laid in the grass. At first, people are confused, what to do with this fruit. Until one woman , mixed pieces of fruit with coconut milk and brown sugar.  It became fresh drinks, which at the time, directly enjoyed by the whole village. While Tear bride ice (air mata pengantin) contains a variety of colorful agar, nata de coco basil seeds, and ice. It’s also served in Malay wedding party and other special agenda in Riau province.