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Anaesthesiology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Gynaecology/Obstetric, Internal Medicine-Cardiology, Internal Medicine-Endocrinology, Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine-General, Internal Medicine-Hematology, Internal Medicine-Nephrology, Internal Medicine-Pulmonary, Internal Medicine-Rheumatology, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Paediatrics Surgery, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Surgery-General, Surgery-Neuro, Traumatology, Urology
June, July, August
Host family and student hostel
Bring your own white coat and stethoscope
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Tangerang is a
city in the Province of Banten, Indonesia. It is located about 25 kilometres (16 miles) west of Jakarta. It is the third largest urban centre in the Jabotabek region after Jakarta and Bekasi, now the sixth largest city in the nation. It has an area of 164.54 square kilometres (63.53 square miles) and an official 2010 Census population of 1,797,715, increasing to 2,001,925 as at 2014 - making it the eighth most populated suburb in the world at the latter date. The Soekarno–Hatta International Airport which serves metropolitan Jakarta is located within the city. Tangerang is an industrial and manufacturing hub on Java and is home to over 1,000 factories. Many international corporations have plants in the city. Tangerang tends to be hot and humid, with little in the way of trees or geographical features. Certain areas consist of swamps, including the areas near the Soekarno–Hatta International Airport.

In recent years the urban expansion of Jakarta has covered Tangerang, and as a result many of its residents commute to Jakarta for work, or vice versa. Many high-class and middle-class satellite cities have been developed in Tangerang, complete with their own shopping malls, private school convenience centers.


Pelita Harapan University is located in Lippo Village, Tangerang. The pre-clinic students attend lectures and practicals here. For the clinical students, they attend their clerkship at Siloam Hospitals or Rumah Sakit Umum Siloam next to campus, in Lippo Village. Faculty of Medicine Pelita Harapan University (FK UPH) have research facilities and 2 campus building. The old building have 6th floor with a helipad in the 7th floor. Furthermore, the new building that just finished in 2014 have 31th floor.

FK UPH is now lead by a dean named Prof. Dr. Dr. dr. Eka Julianta Wahjoepramono, SpBS, Ph.D. He is the head of Neuro Science Center in Siloam Hospitals.

Student Hostel near the campus and hospitals which allow you to reach the hospital by public transportation such as Angkot or Ojek.
The accommodation from the student hostel to hospital, incomings can use public transportation such as angkot (Car) or ojek (motorcycle), and a bus. From student hostel to hospital it takes 5 minutes walking to get the public transportation and 5-8 minutes using the public transportation. It cost Rp 3.000,00 for angkot, Rp 7.000,00 for bus and Rp 15.000,00 for ojek. The public transportation will stop right in front of the hospital. Furthermore, in Indonesia there is online transportation such as uber, grab taxi and gojek.

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dreamland)

Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park is a recreation area located at the seashore of Jakarta Gulf. Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park is better known as Ancol by most of Indonesian people. There’re several recreation facilities you can find at Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park: Golf Course, Ancol Marina Bay,
Art Market (Pasar Seni), Dunia Fantasy, SeaWorld Indonesia, Gelanggang Samudera, Atlantis Water Adventure, and Beach Park (Taman Pantai). Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park provides facilities for those visitors who wants to stay in the Ancol area. Visitors can choose between three hotels and one cottage provided which respectively are Raddin Hotel, Mercure Hotel, Wisata Hotel and Putri Duyung Cottage.

Monumen Nasional (Monas)

The National Monument (Indonesian: Monumen Nasional, abbreviated Monas) is a 132 m (433 ft) tower in the centre of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia. It is the national monument of the Republic of Indonesia, built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence.

Construction began in 1961 under the direction of President
Soekarno. Monas was opened to the public in 1975. It is topped by a flame covered with gold foil. The monument and the museum are open daily from 08.00 until 15.00 Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7).

Kota Tua (The Old City)

There are many interesting spot you can visit at
Kota Tua area, such as Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum, Fine art and Ceramic Museum, Maritime Museum, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Kota Intan Bridge, Syahbandar Tower and old building inheritance of Dutch colonial time. On the Dutch colonization time in Indonesia, Kota Tua area was a city well known as Batavia.

Pulau Seribu (Thousand Island)

Pulau Seribu means a "Thousand Island" consisting of almost 128 small islands located in the Bay of Jakarta in the Java Sea. Most of these are inhabited and can be reach in about 1 - 2 hours from Marina Ancol by ferry or by chartered board. The surrounding reefs are home to a wide variety of fishes, making Pulau Seribu an ideal spot for diving, Snorkeling and fishing. Some of the islands is this group developed for tourism are Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Ayer, Sepa, Coconut, Pelangi, Bira, Pantara, Kul-kul and Pulau Putri. There are also cabins for tourists, besides golden beaches fringed with coconut palms. The surrounding waters are a paradise for skin divers.They are filled with a myriad of tropical fish, which live among the multicolored corals. The Pulau Putri Paradise Co. has developed Pulau Putri, Pulau Melintang, Pulau Petondang and Pulau Papa Theo as a holiday resort with cottages, restaurants, diving and sailing facilities.

Never forget to experience Indonesia’s culinary!


Currency which use in Indonesia is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), and you will find some money changer near our campus since our campus is located in strategic place. You also will find bank, and ATM in the mall.


All through the year, Tangerang remains hot, due to Indonesia's closeness to the equator. Plentiful sunny weather sees temperatures frequently top 30°C / 86°F every single month. High humidity levels can make the weather and climate of Tangerang feel a little sticky, and so light, cotton clothing is essential, as is an adequately air-conditioned hotel room. Although temperatures in Tangerang rarely fluctuate more than just a few degrees, it is a completely different story when it comes to rainfall. It is better to always prepare your umbrella. From September to February is rainy season and March to August is summer.


for MALE students for FEMALE students

- With collar and long sleeve/ short sleeve

- NO V-neck, NO t-shirt

- Long pants (black/ dark colour)

- NO jeans, NO skinny pants, NO 3/4 pants, NO baggy

- Pantofel/ Leather shoes (black or dark brown)

- Clean shave/ trim beard and moustache

- Short haircut, NO hats

- NO earrings, NO piercing

- Short nails

- NO bright colour hair-dye

- If you have tattoo please cover it

- Shirt with collar and long sleeve/ short sleeve

- NO V-neck, NO double V-neck, NO sleeves

- NO low neck blouses and NO transparent blouses

- Cotton pants/ skirt with dark colour

- Skirt below knee

- NO jeans, NO legging, NO minnies, NO jegging, NO aladdin pants

- Flat shoes / Pantofel

- NO sandals, NO sneaker, NO stiletto, NO toes shown

- Short hair / long hair tight up

- Light make up if needed, NO heavy makeup

- Short nails

- NO bright colour hair-dye

- If you have tattoo please cover it