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  • Please check other important information below! Regarding clerkship period and number of the students for each month.
Jinsun Lee

Welcome to the Catholic Kwandong University, International St. Mary's Hospital!
Our hospital is located in Incheon not in Gangneung. 
Our University is located in Gangneung, but this Campus is not for SCOPE program. (Only for SCORE)
Be sure you should come in Incheon!
You could easily get to the Seoul from Incheon by metro, which will make your clerkship here more exciting:)

* Due to the COVID-19 issue, we can only accept incomings on March 2021 for 20-21 season.
Thank you understanding.


Catholic Kwandong Univeristy

Catholic Kwandong University has the only College of medicine in entire Gangwon youngdong province.

Along with the love of God Kwandong founded college of Nursing in 1994 and Medicine in 1995. From then we developed continuously. As our educational philosophy of the University which is based on Christian spirit, college of Medicine deals with the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes to foster professionals with commitment to ethics. 

College of Medicine in Kwandong University has many hospitals in cooperation including Jesaeng General Hospital in Bundang, Sungae General Hospital in Kwangmeung and Cheil Hospital in Seoul. Most of all, Our hospital in affiliation is International ST.Mary’s Hospital in Incheon. Our students are educated in these facilities for clinical experiences and during the pre-med we are educated in Campus in Kangneung for two years. Kwandong Campus in Kangneung has laboratories for basic science and medical science including anatomy, microbiology, parasitological, physiology and ect.

General Information about the hospital

establishment goal

International St. Mary’s Hospital opened in Feb.2014.

International St. Mary’s Hospital was formerly The Catholic University of Korea, Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital, and accumulated medical technology and hospital management expertise for more than a half century into the new hospital for Internationalization.

International St. Mary’s Hospital was established based on the spirit of Incheon Catholic Medical Center, which makes present the love of Christ, the healer, through the best medical technology and devotion in order to contribute the medical development for mankind. In order to fulfill this, we perform the constant best care and clinical translational medical research, put out heart and soul into looking after people in pain like our own family. We will devote ourselves to create future value in medical treatment; therefore everyone will have the benefit of medicine and lead their happiness. The new hospital we aim for is the hospital that gives solace to wounded soul, sublimates family’s sadness into love for the family.

We have comprised the best medical professionals from around the world, introduced the best existing diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to hospital in order to deliver the most convenient medical care. Also, we create the place of medi-tainment (Medical+Entertainment) in the name of “Medical Theme Park”. That is, we organize a wide range of facilities to give our patients and their family member pleasant and restful experience during treatment.

International St. Mary’s Hospital aims for the world’s best surgical operation. We give the best results in all departments especially cancer, heart disease, brain nerve disease and joint disease, through the adult stem cell treatment, integrated western and oriental medicine, and development of new medical equipment. We also would like to give medical service that our patients will be impressed with our meticulous care in comfortable environment.

Hospital Information

 Date of Establishment : Feb.2014.
 Establishment Category : Educational Foundation
 Hospital Class : General Hospital
 Address in English 25, 100 Beon-Gil, Simgok-Ro, Seo-Gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, 404-834 Republic of Korea

Main Tel. No. : +82-32-290-2651~3
 Fax No. : +82-32-290-2660

Website : http://www.ish.or.kr/eng

As Incheon hospital is for clinical clerkship, reasearch projects in our school mainly have their labs in Gangneung campus. If you want further details regarding reasearch in Incheon, please contact LEO beforehand.

For SCORE exchange in Gangneung, see the descriptions below.
In Gangneung, 4 projects are available in department of physiology and microbiology.
<In physiology lab(3)>
1. paraffin-embedded tissue block and staining, miRNA and DNA chip analysis, q-PCR, fluorescent dye-based in vitro assay, and long-term exposure animal model study
2. vascular tension measurement, q-PCR, fluorescent dye-based in vitro assay, and diabetic complication animal model study
3. tension measurement, permeabilized muscle, intracellular calcium level measurement, and basic molecular biology techniques
<In microbiology lab(1)>
1. cytotoxicity testing, cytotoxic cell signaling studies and immunoblot for cell signaling experiments

We usually offer 3 free meals per day for incoming students. There's a staff cafeteria in the hospital, and they offer you a Korean dish in many different ways. However the cafeteria opens for specific times for each meals (7:30AM-8:30AM, 11:30AM-1:30PM, 5:30PM-7:00PM) so keep in mind that you should check the time!
However, there's no kitchen in the dormroom, so students are not allowed to cook in the lodging.


If our incomings are over two persons in one month, you need to share room with other incoming.
One room is for two people, in case of same gender. If you are alone, you can use room just alone.
Each room has a bunkbed, closet and table. Blankets and pillows are prepared. Washing machines are freely available.


Our hospital is located near incheon international airport.
It just take 30~40 min by subway.

From the incheon international airport, You can use airex Subway.
You need to transfer at the Geomam station for Incheon subway line 2.
And then, Just take off at the Seogu Office.
It just takes 10 min by walk from the Seogu Office to Our hospital.


For weekends, we offer social program at least once per week where you want to visit. Usually we visit the popular places in Seoul and in Incheon. And we plan National food and drinks party for incomings too.
As we don't have many students for each month, we usually adjust your schedule and places you want to visit. So please contact your CP or LEO before you come here, and they will plan your own social program together.
So far, we've been to the Hongdae, Ikseon-dong, Namsan, Gyeongbok-gung, Wolmido and so on for the weekends.
For the weekdays, we could have dinner together while you're staying here after the students finish there work or class.



Kyeongbok Palace


China town

  • For 2019-20 season, we can't accept students including these periods mentioned below.
    • For August, due to the students' summer vacation, please contact LEO in advance. Maybe clerkship will be available for limited period.
    • 2019.9.12-9.14 : Chooseok(Lunar thanksgiving)
    • 2020.1.24-26 : Seolnal(Lunar new year)
  • We only accept EVEN NUMBER of students(2 or 4)for each month, which will be a same gender due to the dormitory arrangement. 
  •  Schedule
    • It depends on which department you're in. Usually, it starts from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. If you want to know the details, please contact your CP or LEO after you get your CA.
    • It also depends on your clerkship period and departments, however sometimes you'll be arranged in a clerkship with our 5th grade Korean clerkship students(4-5people). In that case they will let you know the schedules and do clerkship together while you're in that department. Otherwise, professor will let you know the schedules and further details.
  • Clothing
    • Man : collared shirts, tie(not always, but prepare one please), dark-colored pants and neat shoes. But NO jeans, sneakers, t-shirts.
    • Woman : blouse, shirts, dark-colored pants, neat shoes. But NO jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, short skirts
    • For surgery department, there's a surgical clothes and shoes(crocs) are prepared for everyone. So you don't have to prepare anything special on your own.
  • Things to bring
    • Whitecoat
    • Stethoscope
    • Personal belongings(towels, clothes, dryers, etc.)
    • Notebook computers(It is difficult to use computers in the hospital.)
    • Any printouts you needed for your own. It is difficult to print something after you come here.