Korea (KMSA) - Seoul - Korea University
All departments available except dermatology and plastic surgery
All year
Hospital Cafeteria 2,000won/meal , University Cafeteria 4,500won/meal
Guesthouse near hospital (Crimson House)


Joohyun Park

The College of Medicine at Korea University, based on the matrix of the voluteering& sacrificing spirit for the women and children who were poor and excluded from society at the time of 1938, began its first step as Kyungsung Woman's Medical School offering women's education in medical sector.
 The College of Medicine at Korea University and University Graduate Medical School is aimed at cultivating good doctors through human beings' dignity, safeguard of health, realization of social justice, and research into the sciences & truth on the basis of Korea University Idea -Freedom, Justice and Truth. This is not only the place for students to improve their ability dreaming of the future but also the place where the wishes of about 7 thousand students and their parents are achieved. With the warmth of sharing with our people and neighbors, this place is overflowing with 'New Frontiership' leading the medicine in the world.
 Professors, administrative staff and students at the College of Medicine at Korea University and University Graduate Medical School are doing their best to become a 'Global Top' in all aspects including education and research.
 We were certified as the most excellent university by the Korean Council for University Education and our school is making the standard of medical education by conducting the consortium for overall evaluation of the colleges of medicine and university graduate medical schools in the nation. In addition, by running teaching-learning support center exclusively for college of medicine, we are offering the most advanced education to our students.


Korea University Medical Center pronounced the vision that our medical center would become one of the best hospitals, focusing on humanity and five core values; 'Creative Research', 'High-Quality Treatment', 'Training Talented Professionals', 'Management by Happiness', and 'Sharing and Service'. Since then, big changes and developments have been realized in Korea University Medical Center.
 Korea University Anam Hospital became able to provide the best medical service we can, with qualified medical staffs and advanced equipments such as surgery robots and TALS(Total Laboratory Automatic System). As a result, the internal review committee has been satisfied with the development of the hospital, and now prepares for JCI Certification, which eventually leads it to a world-class hospital.
 In addition, Korea University Medical Center has been performing the duty of university hospital such as education, research, and treatment, and also participating in voluntary work in world-disaster areas as well as disadvantaged areas in Korea. As college of Public Health Science of Korea University became a member of Korea University Medical Center, a cutting-edge medical cluster has recently been created to link two colleges and three hospitals together. Korea University Medical Center tried its best to take the lead in 'Global KU' by leading medical development in Korea and growing to one of the world best hospitals.


To be advised


Hospital Cafeteria 2,000won/meal
University Cafeteria 4,500won/meal
A Cafeteria Entrance Card will be given to SCOPE exchange students. It is used in the cafeteria in the hospital. The card will be charged enough for you to use the hospital cafeteria during the program. After fully using the card, you can refund the money left, and you should return the card (Because there is a deposit (5,000 won/meal) to receive the card.)


We will provide a room (A type) in student dormitory in the campus (Crimson House). It takes about 15 minutes to medical school or hospital on foot.
*Extra money will be charged for extending the stay or upgrading the room type.
*The whole month that you are coming for this program (ex) all August) is reserved and if you want an extra-reservation, you should pay extra-money per day.

For more information : http://crimsonhouse.com/map.html or contact to your CPs!


(Public transportation near the dorm.)

Subway: Anam Station (line 6)  : 10 minutes walk

Bus stop: 10 minutes walk next to Anam station


We have social programs (at least) once per week. With your CPs, you can go where you want to go after discussing with your CPs.


Contact your CPs for more information.

*Once the exchange is started, a refund is not possible.


1) Elective First & Last Day

* Orientation

On the first day of electives, the program manager will meet you at 9am at Dean’s Office(2F Main Hall, Korea University College of Medicine) to give some introduction about our clerkship program and also give you some guidance of KU life. Your CP(counter-partner from KU) will guide you to the meeting venue.


* Meeting with Dean 

Each of elective students will meet our new Dean and the Associate Dean for Reseasrch & International Affairs once or twice during the elective period. The meeting date and time will be advised directly to each student. Hope everyone have a fruitful time with our representatives.

* Farewell Meeting  

On the last day of electives, each student will meet the program manager of KU and have time to get some feedback on the program and write the evaluation form.

2) Things you should bring

* white coat (students in 5th and final year course of their home institution)

* student ID card

* Vaccination form (mandatory)

3) When applying

For students applying for first period (March - August), application form should be submitted until September of previous year

For students applying for second period (Septermber - Feburary), application form should be submitted until March.

Standard of "submission of application form" is arrival of application form from Korean NEO to Korea university LEO.