Korea (KMSA) - Busan - Inje University
Neurology, General surgery, Plastic surgery, Gynecology&Obstetrics, Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Other departments available depending on the situations, Internal medicine-Cardiology
June, July, August, most preferable
Provide voucher for week day lunch at the cafeteria in the hospital
Student dormitory, apartment
*It is mandatory to send us the ORIGINAL Copy of these list.
1. Curriculum vitae
2. Health insurance
3. Motivation Letter
4. Language certificate
5. Passport copy
6. Proof of enrollment
Hyeyun Kang

Busan is the 1st port city of the Korea, surrounded by water of East sea and Southern sea. Busan carry out a role as the economic, business, political and cultural center of Gyeongsangnam-do Province, which is south region of Korea. It is now considered as a 2nd capital of Korea.


*Inje University College of Medicine : Development of Eighty years
 The name 'Inje' was named after Dr. Inje Paik, the founder of Paik Hospital. He originally was Chief Surgeon of Kyeongsung Medical Junior College which is Seoul National University nowadays. Then, he opened a surgical clinic at the present location of Seoul Paik Hospital in 1932 and donated all of his assets to found Paik Hospital, the first civilian non-profit organization of its kind in Korea in 1946. 26 years later, in 1979, Inje Educational Foundation and Inje Medical College were established by Dr. Nakwhan Paik and Dr. Nakjo Paik, each of whom are nephew and son of Dr. Inje Paik. Inje Medical College promoted to Inje University, having two campuses in Busan(specifically for college of medicine) and Gimhae(for pre-medical course and other studies). The founding spirit of Inje University is 'Insuljese, Indukjese', which signifies 'Medicine saves the world, Human virtue saves the world.' 

*Paik Hospital
Five Paik Hospitals : The main stream of Korean medicine
 Seoul Paik Hospital, the first Paik Hospital having opened, other four Paik Hospitals (Busan, Sanggye, Ilsan and Haeundae Paik Hospital) opened successively. Five Paik Hospitals are located all over South Korea. Seoul Paik Hospital and Sanggye Paik Hospital are located in Seoul, Ilsan Paik Hospital in Gyeonggi province, Busan and Haeundae Paik Hospital in Busan. As a numerical data, Paik Hospital has total of 3567 beds. For the past 80 years, Paik Hospital has offered excellent medical specialists and staffs and high-tech medical systems, and won reputation as a kind of the hospital network providing patient-centered medical and administrative services. Hence, Paik Hospital has a lot of influence on the health of Korea.

*Basic information for Clerkship
Our patients speak Korean, and our doctors speak Korean and English. We advise you to have some knowledge of Korean to communicate with patients and doctors, or you can opt for surgical department. Many people will help you anyway if you speak English only too.
We attend our clerkship in university hospital only in Busan.
-Busan Baik Hospital (main)
-Haeundae Baik Hospital


Pharmacological and genetic rescue of mitochondria to treat  heart failure
-Cardiovascular and metabolic Disease Center
(Jul, Aug, Jan, Feb available)

*There can be something to add in 2021-2022


As our dormitory doesn’t have any cafeteria, we don’t offer meal at dorm but there is a kitchen in every room, so you can cook by yourself. And also we provide a lunch coupon for school staff cafeteria. Also inside the hospital, 1st floor, there is a convenience store and a cafe where you can get foods like snacks, bread, drinks etc.


A dormitory room will be provided. The dorm is a form of apartment. So the incoming student will share the room with fellow Inje medical students. The Dorm is a 10~15 mins walk away from Busan Paik Hospital. You can use refrigerator, microwave, free internet and washing machine inside the dorm. Plus, you can share equipments for cooking with your roommates. Nearby the dorm, (5 mins walk) there is a large traditional korean market where you can get food or daily necessities. There is also a large mart nearby (10 mins walk).

In Busan, most convenient way for foreigners to tour the city is taking the Metro. You can walk to GaeGeum station (line 2) from the dormitory by walking 5~6 mins. Most of the times, CP will be accompanying incoming student, so incoming student does not need to worry about touring the City all by him or herself.


Getting there
To get from the Incheon Airport(also known as Seoul airport), best way you can take is KTX train to Busan station, and it costs almost 60000won to busan. And then you can take a taxi or bus 67 to come to Gaegeum, where our hospital is in. When you use the taxi, it cost 8000-9000won, and if you use the bus, it cost 1200won and takes 30min to come.
To get from Gimhae Airport(also known as Busan airport), you can use the subway or taxi, and it takes 20min only.

Getting around
You can use bus, subway and taxi. As Busan is 2nd capital of Korea, we have 5 lines of subway, lots of bus routes, and also you can take taxi as well. It could be worth taking a bus or subway to save your cost.


For incomings period, LEO, LORE and contact person(CP) will plan social programs such as going to the baseball stadium, visiting other regions near Busan, etc. Pocket money is offered but there can be a change in 2021-2022. There will be 3 big events such as welcoming party, national food day and farewell pary. The incoming student only has to prepare for the national food day. It is the day when many CPs and incoming students join together and cook their own countries' food. The incoming students should bring the ingridients needed for cooking from their own countries.

Also our SCOPE team will help the incomings organize trips in Korea as well.


<Haeundae Area>

Haeundae beach

-Busan's No.1 beach, Haeundae boasts an emerald seascape, fine sandy beach and beautiful attractions. With its hot springs and excellent recreational facilities, it is also one of the most visited places in Korea with 500,000 to 600,000 tourists every summer.
Dongbaek Park and Nurimaru APEC House

-The camellia and pine trees make a magnificent scene on Dongbaek Island, while the pathways and the trail to the summit of the hill promise a joyful promenade. At the summit, there is a bronze statue and a monument of Choi Chiwon, along with a stone carving on a rock at the southern edge. At the seashore, you can observe a statue of a mermaid that appears in a legend about Princess Hwangok.
In harmony with the exquisite scenery of Dongbaek Island, the venue of the APEC Summit Conference overlooks Haeundae Beach and the beautiful landscape around Gwangan Bridge. Another attraction that you should not miss is the traditional styled Korean pavilion re-built with a modern architectural touch.

<Centum City>

-Centum City is a multi complex which has functions of communication, media, entertainment and international business. There are exhibition center, mall and other cultural facilities.(e.g. BEXCO, Department Store, Ice rink, spa, etc.)
BEXCO is an international convention center with an exhibition hall 3 times larger than a soccer field, a multi-purpose hall and an outdoor exhibition area, which are used for events and international conferences.
Shinsegae Department Store Centum City Branch
Shinsegae Centum City is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest department store of the world. It meets any shopping needs you have, from clothing to food, and provides year-round recreational facilities such as an indoor ice link, an indoor golf practice range, the CGV and the Spa Land.

<Gwangalli Area>

Gwangalli Beach and Gwangan Bridge(Diamond Bridge)

-The passion of summer is beautiful at Gwangalli Beach. The beach is in good harmony with Gwangan Bridge(Diamond Bridge) which spans the bay, and the night view of the sea from the beach is exceptionally beautiful. During the summer, many festive activities and interesting events take place on streets and outdoor stages in the area near Gwangalli Beach.

<Nampodong Area>

Biff(Busan International Film Festival) Square

-BIFF Square confirms Busan as a city of cinema. The cinemas of Nampo-dong are located in this plaza, where you can enjoy movies, shopping and entertainment. A circular stage and the hand prints of world-renowned movie celebrities set into the pavement of the plaza are reminders of the fact that this was the main venue of the Busan International Film Festival.

Traditional Markets(Jagalchi, Gukje, Ggangtong Market)

Jagalchi Market
In the Jagalchi Marktet you hear the merchants shout “Oiso, boiso, saiso!” (meaning “Come, look and buy!”) in the typical Busan dialect. Jagalchi is full of the warmth of character unique to Busan. The largest fish market in the Southeast region, Jagalchi Market sells a full range of marine products including fresh catches of fish and good quality dried fish at excellent prices.

Gukje Market
This is the most important traditional market in Busan. It was started after the country’s liberation from Japan and became fully established after the Korean War. Various merchandises imported through Busan Port are distributed throughout the country from this market. Because it adjoins other retail facilities such as Ggangtong Market, Manmulei Street (literally Street selling Everything) and Changsun Shopping Mall, this area is always full of life.

Ggangtong Market
This market is better known by the name Ggangtong Market, meaning ‘canned goods’ market rather than by its original name of Bupyeong Market. It acquired the new name as a large volume of canned goods such as fruits and fish in cans was being imported and sold in this market. Other products, such as imported liquor, ornaments and clothing, are also available in this market.


- 3 or fewer incomings of the same sex in July, August
- Maximum 3 incomings(SCORE, SCOPE) in a month. 
- As mentioned at above, available departments haven't been decided yet. So the specific time schedule can be modified.
- General Schedule: Monday~Friday. 9:00 ~ 18:00
- Incoming student can participate surgical procedure in surgical department. (such as GS, PS, NS, OS, CS, ENT, OBGYN etc)
- Internal medicine includes going around the ward.
- All departments include attending seminars; mainly discuss about patients progress.
- Incoming student should attend more than 80% during SCOPE in Busan Paik hospital. Or else, Incoming student cannot get any certificate

*Clothing rule
 Incoming student should wear formal clothing along the medical faculties.
- Men: Suit, tie, formal men's shoes
- Women: Formal neat clothes; such as black skirt, black pants, formal flat shoes, white blouse
- If you apply for Surgical department, you will need comfortable shoes; such as crocs.
- White coat, Hammer, Stethoscope, note and pens.
- personal essential items(slipper, towel, soap, etc)
- Please bring your own sheet and blanket.