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Dermatology, Intensive and Critical Care, Internal Medicine-Cardiology, Internal Medicine-Endocrinology, Internal Medicine-Pulmonary, Neurology, Paediatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery, Surgery-General, Surgery-Plastic Surgery, Urology, surgery-pediatric, physiology, ENT
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School Cafeteria
Student Dormitory
There are no special conditions for Covid-19. Just pay attention to the general rules.
Rabia Duman

Sivas is one of the most important and oldest cities of Middle Anatolia region in Turkey. It is the second largest city by area which has made Sivas an important point of intersection of different cultures throughout its history.
Cumhuriyet University was founded in 1974. It has the third biggest campus area amongst all other university campuses. There are a variety of restaurants and cafés in the campus which makes it a nice and warm place for students.
Weather in Sivas depends on the season. It is hot and sunny in summer and spring, most likely to rain in fall, very cold and snowy during winter.
All in all, you can always find something to do in Sivas. Tours around the city are great due to a great number of places to see.

Cumhuriyet Univesity Hospital is a big hospital which provides service to people not only in Sivas but also from nearby cities such as Tokat, Erzincan,Yozgat. Departments giving service are usually the first and only ones in the region.
Our hospital is in middle of the campus and it is so close to Medical School. Interior parts, inside of the hospital is a bit of complicated but I am sure you will get to used to it over time.
Biochemistry Lab
Physiology and Biophysics Lab
Histology Lab
Microbiology Lab
Anatomy Lab
Basic Medical Skills Lab
Pathology and Parasitology Lab
Hematology Lab
Animal Labs
CUTFAM (Cumhuriyet University Research Center)

Lunch will be given in the campus depending on the lodging place. Meal options are availabe at the hospital. There are lots of options for dinner in the city. You can find traditional and delicious Sivas Meatball in almost every restaurant in Sivas. It is a unique taste that needs to be tasted by every person on earth. Whatever you want to eat is always ready for you here.

There are a bunch of options where to lodge. Student hostels, dorms, guest houses are some of them and may vary depending on the circumstances. But you'll  probably stay in dorms. Wi-Fi and meals are available in all of these places. You might be paired with 1 or 2 persons depending on the place.

For girls Kızılırmak Dorm and full adress is 'Yenisehir mah. Kardesler cad. No:5/8 Merkez/ Sivas
For boys  Kadı Burhaneddin Dorm and full adress is 'Yenisehir mah. Kardesler cad. Cumhuriyet Universitesi kampusu No:142 Sivas

There are shuttles hourly from Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport to the city center. You need to take another bus to the university that says “UNIVERSITE” on it. Transportation in Sivas is very easy, there are buses to everywhere you want to go. The only bus to university is the one stated above. All faculties and the hospital are in one big campus so you won’t need to take multiple buses. That only bus also goes around the whole campus.
Sivas Interurban Bus Station is very close to the campus, and you can find a ticket there to any other city right away.

There are a variety of social programs depending on the season of exchange. Trips to other cities are available. Places to see in and around Sivas are a big part of these social programs. North of Sivas is beautiful green forests, south of it is brilliant seas to swim in. You go west and find every other cultural richness to see in Turkey. Due to the geographical position of Sivas , the longest trip would take 10 hours and you can tour around whole Turkey during your exchange. National Tours are also available.

Cifte Minareli Medrese- Double-Minaret

Sızır Falls 

Gurun Lake

Congress Museum

Demiryurt Caves