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Dormitory, Guest House
Ibrahim Enis Demir
Isparta (also known as "City of Roses") is a city in western Turkey, especially famous for its rose products(like colonge, delight, skin cream) and handmade carpets as well as its historical past and winter-summer tourism opportunities. In addition, for general health situations, capability of opportunities and fulfillment of the healthcare issues, Isparta is in first row in Turkey in 2016!!



Suleyman Demirel University is one of great state universities in Turkey which was built in 1992. It has 2 campuses named "East Campus" and "West Campus" . The university has 19 different faculties including the Faculty of Medicine which has been accepting students since 1993. 

At Suleyman Demirel University School of Medicine, with its academic staff, rich and highly qualified fields of practice, is one of the leading departments on campus. Low number of students allows the faculty-students to go into direct contact with the academic staff and get the most out of the classes and sessions theoretically and practically. The medical education in the school is offered in two stages: The first stage is the basic medical sciences which covers the first three years and students are obligated to fulfill all the requirements and succeeded in the examinations. The courses offered during this period concentrate on courses like Medical Biology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biophysics and Basic Microbiology. The second stage that covers the following three years and students take number of courses offered by all clinics at the university’s research hospital equipped with contemporary technology and provides treatments with all types of complicated illnesses. The hospital as a leading institution provides efficient health services for public and clinical education and training for students and its medical staff.  In addition to the main building, the hospital has two annexes: Sevket Demirel Center of Heart Diseases and Cardiology and  Zehra Ulusoy Center for Early Diagnostic and Prevention of Cancer. The departments of the school are classified under three main divisions: Basic, Internal and Surgical Medical Sciences. The first one serves in 11 medical sub-branches while the second 33 and the third with 19 subsequently. The graduates leave the school with the title of medical doctor (MD) and can be employed in any kind of institutions.

(2016-2017) Morphological development of the fetal brain- Anatomy
We'll provide you lunch in weekdays in hospital cafeteria.

It may vary due to availability, we'll contact you via email before your clerkship' but these are the options:

- Dormitory
- Guest House in the school campus
- Student houses*

*If dorms and guest house is full in the time of your clerkship we can place you with some of medical students with the same or different gender in different rooms due to your preferences.




To arrive Isparta, Suleyman Demirel Airport and Antalya International Airport are the 2 commonly used airways. the one in Isparta "Suleyman Demirel Airport (ISP)" has flights from only Istanbul in some certain days, so using Antalya International Airport (AYT) can be easier for you to find the exact time and date for your arrival and it's just 2 hours away from Isparta with bus! Also, it's possible to use bus from anywhere in Turkey. You can check them all and decide which one is more suitable for you and of course we'll be happy and ready to help and welcome you from airport or bus station. 

For the transportation in the city, public buses are the easiest way to use. They work from 7 am to 11.30 pm. Because the distances aren't too far, you can also walk anywhere you want. It's safe, cheap and easiest way to burn all the calories you gain from the delicious turkish cuisine during your time in here ;)


There are organised National Tours at weekends and we will organize city tours to some of these places according to month and the time of the year:

Isparta has historical mosques, buildings, beautiful rose gardens, parks, cafes, lakes and many more. In addition, Isparta is 2 hours away from the one of the best touristic cities, Antalya which has amazing beaches and historical places as well. We will do our best to show you some of the places we would like you to see, these are some examples;

1- Davraz Ski Center
You can ski and barbeque in there.
2- Egirdir Lake
Drink Turkish coffe and watch awesome view.
3- Rose Gardens
Turkish people say "Isparta is city of the roses.". You can smell rose everywhere.
3- Golcuk Nature Park
You must do hiking once in your life in Golcuk.
4- Isparta Museum
If you want see Turkish culture, you can visit this museum.
5- Sagalassos (in Burdur, Turkey - 30 mins away from Isparta)
After the short trip you can see this anticent city.

and of course we won't send you back home without tasting the famous Turkish breakfast and cuisine! :)



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