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Izmir (Turkish: Izmir; Latin: Smyrna) is a large metropolis in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey(After Istanbul and Ankara). Izmir metropolitan area extends along the outlying waters of the Gulf of Izmir and inland to the north across Gediz River's delta, to the east along an alluvial plain created by several small streams and to a slightly more rugged terrain in the south. The ancient city was known as Smyrna, and the city was generally referred to as Smyrna in English, until the Turkish Postal Services Law of 1930 made "Izmir" the internationally recognized name. The city of Izmir is composed of ten metropolitan districts (Balcova, Bayrakli, Bornova, Buca, Cigli, Gaziemir, Guzelbahce, Karsiyaka, Konak, Menemen, and Narlidere,), each with its own distinct features and temperament.

The city hosts an international arts festival during June and July, and the Izmir International Fair, one of the city's many fair and exhibition events centered around but not limited to Kulturpark, is held in the beginning of September every year. Izmir is served by national and international flights through the Adnan Menderes International Airport and there is a modern metro line running from the southwest to the northeast. Izmir hosted the Mediterranean Games in 1971 and the World University Games (Universiade) in 2005. It had a running bid submitted to the BIE to host the Universal Expo 2015, in March, 2008, that was lost to Milan. Modern Izmir also incorporates the nearby ancient cities of Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis and Klazomenai, and centers of international tourism such as Kusadasi, Cesme, Mordogan and Foca.

Local Weather

Typical mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and warm wet winters. Most of them falls during November through March. The rest of the precipitation falls during April through May and September through October. There is virtually no rainfall during the months of June, July and August.The average temperature is 18 degrees C. Snowfall is extremely rare, and approximately 148 days of the year are clear and sunny. The summer months — from May to October — usually brings average daytime temperatures of 30 °C or higher. 

Cuisine of Izmir

There is considerable culinary usage of green leaf vegetables and wild plants amongst the residents, especially those with insular heritage, such as the immigrants from Crete. Some of the common dishes found here are the tarhana soup (made from dried yoghurt and tomatoes), "Izmir" kofte, sulu kofte, keskek (boiled wheat with meat), zerde (sweetened rice with saffron) and mucver (made from zucchini and eggs). A Sephardic contribution to the Turkish cuisine, Boyoz and lokma are pastries associated with Izmir. Kumru is a special kind of sandwich that is associated particularly with the Cesme district and features cheese and tomato in its basics, with sucuk also added sometimes.


There are a total of nine universities in and near Izmir. The city is also home to well-rooted high-school establishments that are renowned across Turkey, such as Izmir Anatolian Vocational High School of Commerce which was established in 1854 and the American Collegiate Institute which was established in 1878.

Izmir is also home to the third U.S. Space Camp in the world, Space Camp Turkey.

Historically, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the city was an educational center of the Greek world, with a total of 67 male and 4 female schools that time. The most important Greek educational institution was the Evangelical School that operated from 1733 to 1922.



The students will do their clerkships in Ege University Hospital.

Address  : Ege Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Hastanesi/Izmir 35100 TURKEY

Phone    : 0232 444 1 343




We also have a children’s hospital.

Will be updated. You can follow the updates on SCORE Database

There will be 1 meal/a day at the hospital on weekdays. Most of the students who study in Ege University live in Bornova. So there are a lot of nice restaurants, cafes and bars for the students in Bornova and usually they are cheap places.

Your lodging will be at Student's Flat. When it's close to your arrival, the Local Exchange Officer (LEO) of Ege University will send you the detailed address of the house you'll be staying at. When you come to Izmir, your responsible LEO or Contact Person (CP) will describe to you how you can go to the student's flat, which is you will be staying at, and how you can go to the hospital from the student's flat.

Izmir is served by national and international flights through the Adnan Menderes International Airport and there is a modern rapid transit line running from the southwest to the northeast.

Connection with other cities and other countries

Air : The Adnan Menderes International Airport (ADB) is well served with connections to Turkish and international destinations. It is located in the Gaziemir district of Izmir.

Bus : The Otogar in the Pinarbasi suburb on the outskirts of the city, has intercity buses to destinations across Turkey. It is quite easy to reach the bus terminal, since bus companies' shuttle services pick up customers from each of their branch offices scattered across the city at regular intervals, free of charge.

Rail : Izmir has two historical rail terminals in the city centre. Alsancak Terminal, built in 1858 and Basmane Terminal, built in 1866 are the two main railway stations of the city. The Turkish State Railways operates regional service to OdemisTireSelcukAydinSokeNazilli and Usak, as well as inter city service to AnkaraAfyon and Bandirma (


Izmir has a wide range of possible activities. As its one of the biggest cities in Turkey it has a Social Life for every taste. From genuine Turkish Nights to crazy Clubs and Rock Bars. There is also Jazz festivals, operas, theatrical shows. If you would like to do shopping it has a long list of shopping centers and malls;

- Forum Bornova, Bornova

- Agora, Balcova

- Optimum Outlet, Gaziemir

- Ege Park, Karsiyaka

- Konak Pier, Konak

You can see also : Agora, Alsancak,Cesme, Sirince, Kusadasi, Ephesus&The House of Virgin Mary(in Aydin, another city in Turkey), Asansor, Balcova, Bornova, Izmir Clock Tower, Cesme, Foca, Bergama, Izmir Fair, Kadifekale, Karsiyaka, Kemeralti, Kordon, Smyrna, Urla...

These are from the last year’s incoming season:


Clock Tower and Kemeralti Bazaar

It is one of the most important symbols of Izmir which is located in Konak square, the center of city. The beautiful clock tower is also very close to the sea shore so you can take really good pictures there.

And Kemeralti Bazaar is very close to clock tower. In there a lot of things suitable for present. You can find whatever you want.


For more information :  http://www.nurweb.biz/izmir-saat-kulesi/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C4%B0zmir_Clock_T owerhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kemeralt%C4%B1


Historical Elevator

It’s purpose of construction is making the transportation comfortable but nowadays it is only use for sightseeing for tourists. There is an amazing view that you can see the whole city from there with binoculars.


For more information :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asans%C3%B6r



It is the most popular meeting point in Izmir for teenagers like us. There is a long walking path by the sea. There are a lot of cafes where you can drink or eat anything you like. If you want to, you can also lie on the grass with some friends and enjoy


For more information:  http://www.tourmakerturkey.com/kordon.html



It is also one of the most popular places in Izmir which has a funfair in it. A lot of activities have been made throughout the year. Don’t miss there.



The Cable car

If you want to see Izmir from the top you really should visit there. It is the ideal place to have a small walk among the hills. We’re sure that you’ll love the environment.


Please remember to bring your white coats & stethoscope & handbooks with you and don't forget that 80% attendance is mandatory to get the certificate.