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Lunch will be provided in hospital.
Students will be staying in dorms or student flats.
Health insurance and vaccination card are compulsory! Proof of vaccination for SARS-CoV-2 is also compulsory.
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Ufuk Gokcek
Zeynep Irem Zaim

We are tiny collection of countries in the grand scale of the world,  Istanbul is a multicultural city by itself so we have a lot to offer. Istanbul is the city where East meets West and it connects the two greatest continents. It has witnessed many empires build and fall down, countless wars and man made works of art.

TurkMSIC is founded in 1952 as an independent, non-political and non-profit organization. It has 82 local committees throughout the country and this number is increasing day by day. As one of the founder committees of TurkMSIC, we are aware of our potential and we aim to gain more prestige and reach further with the efforts of all our standing committees.

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine is a member of TurkMSIC for tens of years and our experience on exchanges will lead us to enjoy the city with beautiful people around the entire world for a whole month together.


For more information about Istanbul University: Click here

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine is the first faculty of medicine established in Turkey. Since it is located in a central district and it is accessible by many means of transportation, it has a dense and dynamic system. It offers service to patients on every hour of every day and that is the main reason why it has the most suitable environment for medical students to integrate their theorical knowledge with practice. Our faculty is also known for supportive educational packages like problem based education, skill practice, live anatomy lectures in which the students have a chance to perceive what is beyond such an enormous scientific discipline like medicine.

Istanbul University has also departments in other places of the city like "Beyazıt", the main campus of the university, and "Cerrahpaşa" which is now an another faculty of medicine named as Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. The history of both the hospital and the faculty dates back to 15th century but the official year of establishment is accepted as 1827. University established in 1453 have been providing training for many scientific fields like mathematics, astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, religion, literature, law and so on. This interest on education set the stage for the golden era of the Ottoman Empire and all these efforts and knowledge accumulated untıl this day and it enabled our faculty to reach the point where it is today.

Research Projects:

Preoperative respiratory and endurance muscle training to prevent postoperative pulmonary complications in patients undergoing major surgery (RES-Mob study): a multicentre randomized controlled trial

-Aziz Sancar Experimental Medicine Research Institute
-3D Medical and Industrial Design Laboratory
-Hulusi Behçet Life Sciences Research Laboratory
-Neuroimaging Laboratory
-Microorganisms Culture Collections and Research and Implementation Center
-Lepra and Venereal Diseases Research and Implementation Center
-Medcal Hologram Education Laboratory

Also there are 6 practice halls with a capacity of 45-55 students, 3 anatomy dissection halls with a capacity of 45-55 students, 2 skill laboratories with a capacity of 55 students, 7 simulated patient laboratories with a capacity of 21 students.


We will provide you one meal per day during the exchange and we believe that providing you lunch on weekdays would be the best option for both you and us. Because we are aware of the long exhausting hours of your clerksip and we definitely woulnd't want you to concern yourselves about your lunch beside the clerkship. Therefore, we make agreements with our dean and the cafeteria officer on every exchange duration to provide you the best meals and the best service possible without any problems.

Also, there are a couple of canteens spread around the campus and you can meet your water & snack needs from there. Since the hospital is located in a centralized place, there are many cafes and restaurants with fair prices that you can hang out in your breaks or after your clerkship or even when you are not satisfied with your lunch at school (but believe us you will).

Luckily, Turkish cuisine offers you wide range variety of food, so when you're already here experiencing our city in every way possible, don't forget to try Turkish food, we're sure you'll find something that appeals to your taste, it’s a bit hard to go hungry in Turkey to be honest.


Students will be staying at dorms or student flats. We arrange the lodging by taking our ex-incomings' feedbacks into consideration. We pay attention to your needs, for example whether you want a kitchen in your lodging or not, and also the distance from the hospital. Because mostly the hospital will be our checkpoint for the meet-ups and when you have a problem, it would be easier for all of us to get in touch with you face to face to overcome it. Furthermore, traffic may be very challenging and the transportation route may be hard to figure out for someone who is new to this 15-million population city, so it's important to provide a dorm or a flat which is within a walking distance or no further than a couple of stations away from the hospital. We are checking the lodging before the arrangements are done to make sure that any person can live in this dorm/flat and remember it with pleasure at the end of their clerkship, you can be totally sure that we make a huge effort to provide you the best lodging possible. 


First of all it's good to mention that when you arrive in Istanbul, there will be Havaist shuttles from Istanbul New Airport and Havabüs shuttles from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The fare for the airport bus lines is usually 18 to 24 Turkish liras per person, one way, luggage included. After your arrival, dont't forget to get an "Istanbul Kart" since it is mandatory on most public transportation lines and it will make it easier for you to use public transportation.

Istanbul offers you a wide range of transportation options like subway, tramline, bus, metrobus, minibus, funicular railway, ferry, rope railway and taxi. All transportation lines are available from 6 am to 12 am except metrobus, metrobus is still available between 00.00-06.00 even though it arrives less frequently.

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine is in a very advantageous position as it is located closely to Taksim, Beyoğlu, Karaköy, Eminönü, Beşiktaş, Kabataş which are the main transportation and entertainment centers of Istanbul. There are more than 30 bus lines passing by the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and the tram and the subway is within walking distance to the hospital. For example, it takes 20 minutes to go to Taksim, 30 minutes for Eminönü, 35 minutes for Karaköy, Beyoğlu and 40 minutes for Kabataş, Beşiktaş.

Detailed indormation about the routes can be found: Transportation in Istanbul

By using the Istanbul card, you pay 3.50 Turkish liras per one ride and there is more. You can make until five transfers/connections within a two hour period and you’ll pay less for every transfer, already only 2.50 Turkish liras for the first transfer.


In the first week of your arrival, we arrange an Upon Arrival Training where you will obtain necessary information about our country, city, faculty and the health policy. After this training, you will become knowledgeable enough to use transportation lines, reach main spots where you might need to go during your clerkship, comment about the health and the education system of our country, maybe also speak a little Turkish! We aim to inform you about the general process in our hospital and school to help you orient easily. Then, we organize a welcome dinner in which we try traditional Turkish foods and drinks like kebab and rakı, also have a chance to get socialize and know each other even better since we'll spend the rest of the month together. In National Food and Drink Party (which is our favourite social program by the way) every incoming brings a traditional food or drink from his/her country for all the others to try, and we like to do it with other local committees because the more crowded the party is the better! Also you may even get a chance to meet incomings of different LCs but from the same country as you in this event, so you can set up a common stand for your country's national foods and drinks. Last but not least, we organize a dinner again but this time, goodbye dinner, so it's like farewell but of course we know that our friendship won't end just because your clerkship is over, but we'd like to you off with our tradiitonal dinner again. During the entire month, our CPs will present and show around every corner of Istanbul, so we strongly believe that it will be a month full of unforgettable sightseeings and memories. Moreover, our national tours team makes an enormous effort to arrange you the best tour, so not only you'll see the cultural and natural beauties in Istanbul, but also you'll have a chance to travel all around our beautiful country and experience numerous activities.


Grand Bazaar: Number one stop for a tourist in Istanbul! Grand Bazaar, so big as the name gives it off, has everything inside that a tourist might want to buy. There are all kinds of souvenirs, carpets, scarves, shoes, bags, and jewelries. The architecture is also one of a kind and those big doors welcome you to a journey full of wonders.

Sultanahmet Mosque: Sultanahmet Mosque gives its name to the region Sultanahmet. It is located on the heart of touristic places in Istanbul. Inside is a classic Ottomaon mosque style, and outside is a garden, leading out to Hagia Sophia. Not to mention that it is a walking distance to Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern.

Hippodrome of Constantinople: It was actually called circus of Constantinople. It was the social and cultural centre of Istanbul. It’s actually called Sultanahmet Square now. There are 2 obelisks and one column. One of the obelisks has survived nearly 3500 years.

Hagia Sophia: Istanbul does not only bring Asian and European cultures together, but also brings all kinds of religions together. A great example of this is Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia was a church back in Byzantion times. After Istanbul was conquered, it was turned into a Mosque. What is very amazing about Hagia Sophia is that even though it has minares and is called as a mosque, it still has Christian frescos inside it and sustains the architecture of both a church and a mosque.

Carpet Museum: Shows the motives used in the Turkish traditional carpet weaving. The museum is actually found in the soup kitchen inside Hagia Sophia. There are floor to ceiling length carpets.

The Basilica Cistern: Th Basilica Cistern is an underground water sustainer cistern. It is so old that it was used in Byzantion Empire for filtrating water for palaces in 4th century. Nowadays, with an amazing lighting and mystical fishes swimming inside, the Basilica Cistern is a place to visit for tourists.

Topkapı Palace: Showing every detail of a classic Ottoman Empire architecture, this palace is a must see. There are swords, guns, jewelries of that time, as well as gardens and rooms which the emperors lived in. Harem has a different ticket but is still located inside of the palace.

Dolmabahçe Palace: It is the very last palace to host the Ottoman Emperor and his family. Despite the Topkapı Palace, it was a bit modern sense but still very tasteful to see. It is located on the seaside of Beşiktaş region. It could be reached by Kabataş tramline station.

Maiden Tower: Legend says, once upon a time, a king had a dear daughter. A fortuneteller told the king that his daughter was cursed and would be poisoned and dead, so the king decided to move his daughter away. He made this tower in the middle of the sea so no one could sneak in there; however, a snake managed to get in the boat which was carrying food to the tower. After sneaking in to the tower, the snake bit the princess to death. We wouldn't know if the legend is true or not, but we for sure now that Maiden Tower is a place to visit! It can be reached from Üsküdar region which is on the Asian side.

Please remember to bring your handbooks with you and don't forget that 80% attendance is mandatory to get the certificate! Don't forget to bring enough masks and disinfectants for your exchange.