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Only lunch in the hospital
Student flats
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Eskisehir Province is a province in northwestern Turkey. Its adjacent provinces are Bilecik to the northwest, Kutahya to the west, Afyon to the southwest, Konya to the south, Ankara to the east, and Bolu to the north.  Porsuk river is got through in centre of Eskisehir and so it has wonderful overview. Eskisehir is known “ student’s city” in Turkey as there are two universities( Anadolu and Osmangazi University) and most of the students by studying in there. So people in  Eskisehir are so helpful and  friendly  Eskisehir has a continental climate with cold, snowy, rainy winters and warm, dry summers.


Eskisehir Osmangazi university was founded in 1970 with faculty of medicine. ESOGU has now become one of the leading universities in central Anatolia with nine faculties, three schools, four vocational schools and five graduate schools, that are on five campuses. Currently, it has 21,529 students and 1233 teaching and research staff. Faculty of medicine has been providing career education since 2009 with 72 departments and disciplines connected to Basic Sciences, Medical Sciences and Surgical Sciences departments. 1000-bed ESOGU Hospital of Faculty of Medicine, which has been in the position of a reference hospital for Eskisehir and the surrounding cities, has been the first public university hospital with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate, and HACCP Certificate for food production in hospital kitchen in Turkey. ESOGU hospital, which has been the first university hospital among the health institutions in Turkey, where “Appointed Patient Admission System” is applied, is equipped with high- tech equipment. There is a helicopter pad which is in use for the purpose of urgent patient transfer in ESOGU Cumhuriyet Park which is situated near the hospital. Moreover, Prof.Dr.Servet Bilir Oncology Center, founded in 2004 for the purpose of treatment of cancer patients, serve patients from Eskisehir and surrounding cities.

University Webpage: https://www.ogu.edu.tr/Web/Index/en

Hospital Virtual Tour: http://hastane.ogu.edu.tr/sanaltur/index.html

University Wikipage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eski%C5%9Fehir_Osmangazi_University

Address of the Hospital: Meselik Campus 26480 ESK

Physiology: Cardio-Renal effects of endogenous and exopenous substances

One time per day, at the hospital refectory. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes near the university.  Here are two of them’s addresses:

 Black King Cafe: Büyükdere, Mehmet Osman Sk. No:79, 26040 Odunpazarı/Eskişehir


Rooms for 2 people, no boarding, common kitchen with 2 rooms. They have wi-fi. Generally it is a flat near the university.


There is a tram works from the university to city center, bus station, train station etc. Tickets are like 2 liras for one ride. For women, dorms are 15 mins by walking to university. For men, as I said, it changes, but it probably will be maximum 20 minutes length by walking from university to dorms.

 If you land at Istanbul Ataturk airport, there is a subway to the bus station and from there, it is 5 hours length by bus.

If you land at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport, you can choose train or bus, train lasts 2.5 hours, and 4.5 hours by bus. About the details of transportation in


There will be a CP group at least 3 people. There will be national tours at least 2 weekends, to the touristical places in Turkey, with the other exchange students from other cities.

Places to see in Eskisehir:
Odunpazarı Houses: Houses built by Ottomans and they are the first residential places in Eskisehir.
Sazova Park: It is including Tale Castle, Pirate Ship and many other interesting buildings.
Porsuk River and Adalar: There are so many cafes and entertainment places near the river. (Also canoe, gondola and river tour activities)
Wax Museum 
Meerschaum Museum
probably you will use the airports in Ankara and or istanbulto enter the Turkey,Eskisehir provience is close to both of places and you can come to here by fast train or bus from both of places