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Official Letter of Recommendation from student’s DEAN to the Akdeniz University, containing the point that student is recommended to join clinical exchange in X, X, and X Department in Akdeniz University as noted in student’s prioritiesh. It is mandatory for student who will come to clinical departments to have the covid-19 vaccine. A negative PCR test is mandatory before going to the hospital.
Meril Ahmet
Melih Ozogul

Antalya is a fascinating city that is located between the Mediterranean Sea coastline and the magnificent Taurus Mountains. Antalya is known as "the paradise on earth" and also "the pearl of the Mediterranean".

Antalya which can be visited any season, is an indispensable touristic destination particularly during the summer. This "blue" city enchants its guests with its beautiful beaches and has the longest coastline in Turkey. In addition to having the highest number of hotels and resorts in Turkey(15 of the world's top 100 hotels are in Antalya, according to a worldwide survey of customer satisfaction conducted among 35 million), Antalya grew its popularity with G20 Summit in 2015 on an international basis. As Turkey’s first EXPO, EXPO 2016 Antalya had held from April to October 2016 History, Bio-Diversity, Sustainability and Green Cities make up the four subthemes of EXPO 2016 Antalya.EXPO 2016 Antalya, which hosted national and international congresses, panels, meetings and seminars had held, had also provide cultural and artistic activities for its guests.

It is anticipated that 8 million local and foreign visitors visited EXPO 2016 Antalya over its 6-month duration.As a proof for its impressive shores, numerous touristic destinations and long-established historical background, the city attracts around 4 million tourists from all around the world each year. Antalya has the most enjoyable and entertaining Mediterranean climate with around 300 sunny days and 3000 hours of sunlight per year.


Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine was first established with the name of “Antalya Faculty of Medicine” under the umbrella of Ankara University in 1973 and medical education activities were continued in Ankara until 1977. Following the establishment of Akdeniz University in 1982, the faculty of medicine has taken the name of “Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine”.  The hospital is located on a 218.348 square meters area in which 3.828 personel are employed. The facility serves 900.000 patients approximately around a year from  Antalya and its nearby regions with 983 bed capacity. It accepts 3700 patients daily and consists of 87 intensive care units. Apart from the numbers and statistics,Akdeniz University is a well-known institution with a qualified staff and ambitious students who try to have worldwide success. The university has made a name since the day it was founded. It has a huge campus which offers facilities to the students. Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine has gained prestige with various achievements such as the first uterus transplant in the world and the first full face transplant in Turkey.


-- Overlapping of face and hand sensory area: an fMRI study
-- TRPV1 ion channels and their role in breast cancer metastasis
-- Evaluating The Role of FoxO1 in Embryo Implantation and Endometrial Receptivity

1 meal per day at the hospital, afforded by the hosting association.

In addition to that delicious and cheap meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner are available  in the dorms that the incoming students will be staying.

There are several options in and out of campus. There is a remarkable venue with the name of “Olbia”. There are cafes and restaurants in the food court where you can drink Turkish coffee, try “cigköfte” (a traditional snack), and go with different types of food. Olbia is a great option with these student friendly places and the best of it is that it is only 5 minute walking distance from the hospital, so that you can enjoy yourself just after you are done with your day. If you walk out of campus, new places can be on your list. Different types of places are located in “Meltem” area, east side of the campus. Initially, there is a kiosk called “Metropol” where you can have a snack quickly. “Gunes Firin” is another option that you can find many bakery products with a high taste quality. There is also a famous cafe and restaurant with the name of “MyMoon” (http://mymooncafe.com/) where you can find a huge variety in the menu. It is a large area that supplies several cafes and restaurants as meeting points where you have a marvellous view of sea.


During your practice you will be staying in the dorms on campus.  In the dorms necessary facilities are supplied for you such as Wifi. Around the dorms, swimming pools,open and closed tennis courts, jogging routes with the fresh air of campus, cycling rounds and gym are located. As an advantage of being close to coastline, you can go for a walk to take a deep breath from the sea in the morning.


Access from the Antalya airport to the university or city center is very easy. From Antalya airport to various places of the city can be traveled by municipality buses. The public bus shuttle(number 600) carries passengers between Antalya airport and Akdeniz University. The bus runs every 30 minutes. You can also take the "Havas" airport buses. Bus terminal is near to campus, so that you can use municipality buses or taxi.  Anyways, you should not be worried, since you will be welcomed by our contact person crew as soon as you arrive at the airport and bus terminal.

Transportation by bus from Akdeniz University to the most famous places of the city is also possible. You can see the buses and routes by clicking on the given link below:  http://en.antalya-ulasim.com

The transportation in the city is usually run by the municipality buses, the smaller ones called “Dolmus”, taxi and trams. Alternatively, you can walk to many places, since the location of the university is practical by many aspects. Also there are bicycles around the city called as “AntBis”. The transportation is not a problem in Antalya that you can reach from one place to another easily.



  Akdeniz Exchange team is working with the contact person crew in order to prepare a detailed program that consists of historical, cultural places, sightseeing and fun activities. Antalya is a great city to spend your summer. There are numerous options such as rafting, beach parties, waterfalls, old town sightseeing, natural caves and many others. One of the most specific event that we are so excited about is Natural Food and Drink Party that we expect a great attraction and participation by you. (Please do not forget to get some traditional stuff with you as much as you can think of something.) We will be posting the detailed program in the coming weeks.



Kaleici (Citadel), the old city centre of Antalya,combines the aesthetics of old and new,its charms surrounded inside and out by fortified walls.These walls,some of which have survived to this day,were built by the various civilizations that inhabited the city over a 2000-year period and there are 80 towers rising on them.Within the walls,the narrow streets that lead to the port are lined with traditional dwellings.The two or three-storey houses that face the street on one side and gardens on the other,perfectly  reflect the atmosphere of old Antalya.

The ancient port of Kaleici is now used as a modern yacht harbor.The yacht harbour and old city together make a splendid view which has inspired numerous painters,writers and poets.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism was awarded the Golden Apple Tourism Oscar by FIJET (World Federation of Journalist and Travel writers in 1984 for the restoration Project undertaken in Kaleici which is a protected area today. It is also the heart of Antalya and one of its most frequented areas with its historic buildings now converted into dining, accommodation and entertainment facilities, including hotels, bed-and breakfasts, restaurants and bars. A walking tour takes you to all the historic buildings. There are also shops that sell local products, souvenirs and gift items, ideal mementos and presents for friends back home.



One of the best-preserved historic structure in Antalya, the gate was built in 130 AD in honour of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. As the city walls eventually enclosed the outer part of the gate, the entrance was left unused for many years, which is why it remains erect. There are three round arched openings for entry in the two storey structure. It is made of white marble except for the columns, and decorated with reliefs and engravings. On either side of the gate stand two towers. The southern Julia Sancta Tower was built of plain, block stones stones during the reign of Hadrian. The lower portions of the northern tower date to Antiquity while the upper portion was constructed during the Seljuk Period.

With the modern city on one side and the old city of Antalya on the other, Hadrian's Gate fortified with its towers is literally a porthole into the city's past. Standing before this gate, a symbol of harmony and the intermingling of artefacts from the civilizations existed one after the other through the ages, you can gaze around and imagine yourself on a journey back in time.


This structure dating to antiquity was used as a mosque by Sehzade (Prince) Korkut, son of the Ottoman Sultan Beyazit II, with the addition of a minaret. The wooden upper portion of the minaret was damaged in a fire in the 19th century, and since then the remaining portion has been known as "Kesik(Truncated) Minaret". The Kesik Minaret Mosque provides the visitors with the opportunity of seeing the architectural features of Antiquity, Ottoman and Seljuk periods altogether.

For further information please visit:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kesik_Minare



The Hidirlik Tower, built on square foundations with a cylindrical top, stands at the southernmost tip of the land walls. The large square mass in the middle of the tower has contributed theories speculating that the structure was used for defence or for communication as a stage for a signal fire.


Located in the Kalekapisi Neighborhood, this complex contains the structures, such as the Yivli (Grooved) Minaret, the Yivli Minaret Mosque, the Giyaseddin Keyhusrev Madrasah, the Tomb of Nigar Hatun, Zincirkiran Tomb, Mevlevihane (lodge used by mevlevi dervishes) and a madrasah, which date to the Seljuk Period.






The province of Antalya is endowed with the richest natural and historic treasures of Turkey. This large province includes a long coastal strip on the Mediterranean and fertile lands inland. It also includes the ancient regions of Lycia, Pamphylia, Cilicia and Psidia which from the most interesting archeological sites where uninterrupted history from the traces of tlie earliest man to the present can be found. The invaluable concrete evidence attesting to the region’s history is displayed at the Antalya Museum.

The students assigned to Akdeniz LC should submit a document from the deanship of their faculties mentioning the permission of the dean for the related clerkship.