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SCORE: Revalidation, SCORE: Anatomy, Otorhinolaryngology
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Why choose us?
Because Nijmegen is the best student-city in the Netherlands!
Nijmegen has a lot of great aspects, and you my dear, will fall in love with this city.

To begin: we are the oldest city of The Netherlands. In the year 98, Nijmegen already got city rights, thanks to emperor Traianus. Back then Nijmegen was called 'Ulpia Noviomagus Municipium Batavorum'. Due to its position next to the river 'de Waal', Nijmegen also played an important role during the second world war. Okay, enough history for now, lets go back to the future. Today Nijmegen is a cosy city with a lot of students. There is a very warm and nice ambiance with a lot to do. Furthermore, in Juli there is a big event called the 'Vierdaagse'. People from all over the world come to join this event and there is a party in the whole city with music everywhere!

About your stay: we will make sure you get your own room for a whole month, because we know how important privacy is. We will also give you a tour during one of the first days you are here, to make you comfortable and know how to find your way. around We will also arrange a super nice white coat from the hospital itself, with its fancy logo.

Speaking of, Radboud umc is one of the most important hospitals of the Netherlands, and even though we are a small country, when it becomes to breast cancer for example, we are one of the most important research hospitals in the whole world. Well, what else could you expect?

We hope to at least try you to eat some typical dutch food, like pannekoeken, kroket, kaas, drop en stroopwafels (you dont háve to like it, but in the end you will, trust me). And of course, dont forget the bike! You will get a bike for the whole month. It's definitely advantage of Nijmegen, you can go   e v e r y w h e r e   by bike.

And what about us? Well, we are actually kinda cool. I dont wanna exaggerate, but we actually really are AWESOME. Lovely detail for the boys: we are with a lot of beautiful girls.

During the week we will make sure you won't be lonely, we will have dinner together a few times and plan other things to do. In the weekends you are often off to other exciting cities and enjoying your stay in The Netherlands with other foreign students. Again an advantage: Nijmegen is in the middle of the Netherlands, so you can travel easily to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Bosch.  We definitely recommend to see as lot as possible during your stay, because are proud of our beautiful country!

And remember, because we are a small cosy city and a close group, we are always happy to help you. Anyplace, anywhere, anytime. We are there for you, and make sure your stage is 'onvergetelijk'!

 Lots of love, hugs and kisses
 IFMSA Nijmegen

Radboud university medical center is a leading academic center for patient care, education and research, with the mission ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’.
If you want to know more about the hospital, you can visit the website.

- Revalidation department: ultrasound technique to measure subcutaneous fat tissue
- Anatomy Project: The role of dissection in meaningful learning of human anatomy (August)
Mostly, students will take care of their own meals, as there are lots of nice places to eat in Nijmegen and the lodging will provide space to cook your own meals with products you can buy in the supermarket. We will provide you with pocketmoney so can choose yourselve. If you don't feel like cooking or going out for dinner with others, it is also possible to eat in hospital after your internship day.
See above.
Transportation in Nijmegen & to hospital
We recommend you to go by bike in Nijmegen, it is the fastest and easiest. Never the less, Nijmegen has a good network of public transport. It consists of busses through the city and you can go by train to other cities. 
On your arrival you will get a bike and a public transportation card.
If you do decide to use the bus (or train) we recommend you to use the following website: This website (also available as a app) tells you which bus you can take to where ever you want to go. It is a very handy site!
The central station is very close to the centre of Nijmegen, within a walk of 5 minutes you are in the centre. 

Transportation to another city
For travelling outside Nijmegen, the train is the best way of transportation. You are provided with a public transportation card that allows you to travel by train. Again: is very usefull for planning your journey by bus and/or train!
In the months July and August, 4 National Social Programmes (NSPs) will be arranged for all IFMSA-students who are staying in the Netherlands. This gives you the opportunity to see something of the Netherlands and meet other international students. On the main page you can find the data for this year. You will also receive a NSP booklet, with all necessary information. In the remaining weekends and during the week we will organize days in which, for example, we go to the museum or the park or have dinner together.
- De waalbrug, through the city runs a river called de Waal. There is a nice boulevard where some restaurants and cafe’s are located. One of the prouds of Nijmegen is de Waalbrug, which leads you to surrounding villages. It is a beautiful bridge that you can see from the boulevard

- Sint Stevenskerk. In the old centre of Nijmegen is a big church called the Sint Stevenskerk. It is the oldest church of Nijmegen. It is located at ‘de Grote markt’.

- De Grote Markt, this is a square which is near to the boulevard. On the square are severel restaurants with terraces. The surrounding buildings are very old and it looks very historical. The street where you can shop leads up to the grote markt.

- Kronerburgerpark, Valkhofpark & Valkhofmuseum, these are beautiful parks where you can go for a walk or hangout with friends. The Valkhofmuseum is also worth a visit.

Muzieum: What is it like to be blind or partially sighted? You can read about it or someone can tell you about it from their own experience, but during a visit to muZIEum (muSEEum) you will experience it yourself. Enter a world in which your other senses - hearing, smell, touch and taste - suddenly play a far more important role than you are used to. MuZIEum is not a museum where you admire objects on display. You are an important part of the experience yourself.