The Netherlands (IFMSA-The Netherlands) - Leiden
Infectious diseases, Oncology, Neurosurgery (only August), Thoracic Surgery, Gynecology, Cardiology, Neurosurgery (possibly after summer 2017), Rheumatology (possibly after summer 2017)
All year except September and December
Mostly, students will take care of their own meals, as there are lots of nice places to eat in Leiden and the lodging will provide space to cook your own meals with products you can buy in the supermarket. We will provide you with pocketmoney so can
At student room, at cost of hosting association.
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Welcome to the Leiden Exchange Program 

Leiden is a large village breathing the atmosphere of the traditional Dutch city. It is home to the oldest university of the Netherlands. The university was a reward for withstanding two Spanisch segies in 1574. Wealth from the linen industry buttressed Leiden’s growing prosperity, and during the 17th century the town produced several brilliant artists, most famously Rembrandt van Rijn.

Now there are over 24.000 students in Leiden and it’s one of the remaining "student-cities". It’s a very compact city, instantly making you feel at home. Its location is perfect to explore the rest of the Netherlands: in about 30 minutes you'll be in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, and it's only 10 minutes from The Hague. Besides, the beach is only half an hour removed from Leiden! 

Get to know more about the city: and

The Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) is affiliated with the University of Leiden.
Research on prognostic and predictive biomarkers for breast cancer and colorectal cancer - General Surgery - Clinical Project with Laboratory work
Mostly, students will take care of their own meals, as there are lots of nice places to eat in Leiden. Also, you'll be able to cook your own meals at your residence with products bought at a nearby supermarket. We'll provide you with your pocket money at the beginning of the internship.
Most students in the Netherlands reside in student dormitories or houses. Usually each student has his/her own room, while the the kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared with other students.

During the summer period the IFMSA rents the student's rooms whilst they've left their residence for the summer. Therefore, if you’re in Leiden for a professional exchange, you'll most probably be staying in a studentroom in the citycenter of Leiden.

Most people in Leiden use a bike for transportation. Leiden is a very bicycle-friendly city. There are bikepaths and parking possibilities throughout the entire city. there are possibilities to rent a bike, however the city center of Leiden is small, so it’s possible to reach everything within 20 minutes by foot.

Of course public transportation is also a good means of transportation; there are numerous buslines. The OV-chipcard is a valid ticket for public transportation; we will provide you with an OV chip card.

Railway station Leiden Centraal


The LEO/LORE's of Leiden will provide you with a socialprogram: eating typical Dutch food like Dutch pancakes and kroketten, pubcrawls and sightseeing tours to nearby cities.

We try to do something at least every week. In the summer we arrange a social program for all the incomings staying in the Netherlands at that moment. Furthermore, we'll always try to bring you in contact with other incomings who are at the same time in the Netherlands.

  • Naturalis - The world-class natural history collection of the Naturalis museum is packed with exhibits of animals, plants, minerals and fossils.
  • Hortus botanicus - After four centuries of collecting, cultivating and studying this has become a wonderful teaching garden with plants from all corners of the world.
  • De Burcht - In the centre of the city surrounded by the old houses suddenly rises a hill with on top one of the oldest surviving ‘motte’ castles of the Netherlands. The citadel is open for public and if you climb the stairs you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Leiden.
  • Pieterskerk - This church was founded in 1121 and was builded in phases. The biggest part of the building dates from the 16th century. Surrounding the church there are multiple tiny alleys with various shops, bars and hidden courtyards.
  • Keukenhof - About 20 kilometres of Leiden the famous garden of the Keukenhof is situated. The garden is famous for the variety of colourful flowers (open until May)
Hortus Botanicus LeidenLeiden's BurchtPieterskerk Leiden

Please bring a short sleeved doctors coat!
Note that your MRSA test can not be older than 10 days! Exceptions can be made while traveling, but let us know. The testresult must say MRSA negative specifically. Send the MRSA results as soon as possible.

We hope to see you in Leiden!

Kind regards,

Your local exchange officers 2016-2017

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