Taiwan (IFMSA-Taiwan) - Taipei, National Yang Ming University
departments available: All clinical clerkship are available. limits: There are no language limitations in the NYMU exchange. Any department that is available can be applied for. Special programs: NYMU offers acupuncture courses even with no prior Chinese Medicine experience.
all year available
SCOPE: 2000NT/month and SCORE: 2000NT/month
When you get the opportunity to have a one-month clerkship in our hospital, you should have an physical examination including HIV Test,HBS Antigen,HBS Antibody,TPHA,HCV, VZV IgG,and Chest X-ray Examination.
Chun Ting Ho

Founded in 1974, National Yang-Ming University, formerly known as National Yang-Ming College of Medicine, has been adhering to the school motto of "benevolent mind and art, putting knowledge into practice" while training excellent humane doctors to provide service by solving medical problems in remote and rural areas.

In 1994, we were promoted to "National Yang-Ming University" and became the first medicine-oriented comprehensive university in Taiwan. As time went on, we established the School of Medical Technology and Engineering, the School of Life Sciences, the Center for General Studies, and the School of Nursing. Finally, we were permitted to establish a School of Dentistry in 2000 and also became a research university focusing on medicine and biotechnology.


Founded in 1975. In 1994, the library became a University Library, located near by the campus door. The space of library is approximately 6,081 m2 with 3 floors. Our library features in-depth collections and materials to support teaching, learning and research activities of the University. The focus is on medicine, life sciences and other related subjects. Currently, we hold 103,235 volumes of books, 621 journal titles and 55,175 volumes of bound periodicals and more than 10,923 full-text electronic journals. In addition, there are 60 reference databases and 7,780 titles of audiovisual materials in our library.

 NYMU Sport Facilities

For sports facilities, we have a tennis court, a 400m track field, a basketball court, a golf-practicing field and a swimming pool, etc. The swimming pool consists of an 8-track outdoor standard pool with the length of 50m, a width of 22m and a depth of 130-160cm. The total area of our school is 145,760 m2


Taipei Veterans General Hospital was founded in 1958 as a hospital specialized to care for retired officers and soldiers. Initially it consisted of 5 three-story buildings with only 600 beds. Some years after its founding, it was opened to treat the general population, expanding from one outpatient building to three, increasing the number of daily outpatients from initially 200 to over 8000 today. With the increase of outpatients, the number of rooms and beds available has also increased to almost 3000 beds. Today, there are almost 6000 employees, a sixth of them physicians, half of them nurses; the rest include specialized personnel, administration and mechanic engineers. The hospital is outfitted with the medical treatment equipment and can diagnose and treat a large variety of illnesses. To look after Taiwan’s growing population, two new hospital branches were created; one in Taichung, the other in Kaoshiung.

Main building in Taipei Veterans General Hospital include Outpatient buildings 1, 2, and 3, Nursing bulding(5), Power plant(7), Chang Cieng Bldg(8), Psychiatry Ward(9), Shih Yuan Bldg(10), Chung Cheng Bldg(11), Logevity Hall(12), and a Rehabilitation center, and the neural Regeneration and Repair center off the top right of the picture.

Today, it is among the best “Medical Centers” in Taiwan, along with National Taiwan University Hospital, Tri-Service General Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and National Cheng Kung University.


Taipei Veterans General Hospital has three missions.

  • To promote Taiwan's Medical Education
  • To stimulate Taiwan's Medical Research
  • To increase the level of Taiwan's Medical Care

Why National Yang-Ming University

In the area of teaching, we aim to develop our students' self-learning and independent thinking skills in accordance with our explicit educational philosophy of attempting to cultivate leaders with a sound fundamental knowledge, strong humanistic concerns and critical thinking ability. In the past 30 years, we have trained many excellent doctors who have worked in remote areas and contributed significantly to the development of society; on the other hand, we have also trained excellent biomedical researchers who make very important contributions to the future of the country. Many of the active leaders in the field of biomedical science are our alumni.

As a medical education oriented comprehensive university, we aim to provide quality teaching and cultivate advanced professionals. Instead of traditional "subject based learning (SBL)", we continuously promote "problem based learning (PBL)" to cultivate the students' motivation for self-learning and self-centered learning skills. Through the teaching of fundamental science, we plan to lay a solid foundation for the students to help them stand firm and develop progressively. In addition, we also place great emphasis on training in professional know-how, and diverse learning.

We do not only offer many opportunities for intercollegiate studies and cooperation to help balance the education provided in medical science with a humanistic touch, but also many chances for international exchange to enhance the students' international perspectives. We attempt to cultivate professionals with a wide knowledge and expansive humanistic concerns, who will help improve the quality of health care in Taiwan and promote the development of the biotechnology industry.

Owing to Yang Ming is located on the hillside of Qilian, northwest of the Taipei Basin, we enjoy a beautiful landscape with plenty of plants and trees; this results in a tranquil environment and peaceful atmosphere. When the night falls, we can see the lights in Taipei and the stars in the sky clearly from here. All in all, Yang Ming is a definitely nice place for people to study that is why Yang Ming has created many active leaders especially in the field of biomedical science.

National Yang-Ming University Biology (Cell,Medical,Micro,Neuro) Basic Science Investigation of brain development using advanced optical microscopy
National Yang-Ming University Biology (Cell,Medical,Micro,Neuro) Clinical Project with lab work Translational research on acupuncture
National Yang-Ming University Biology (Cell,Medical,Micro,Neuro) Basic Science Effects of Substrate Stiffness on Cardiomyocyte Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells


SCORE:2000NT/month as Pocket money


The room in the staff's dorm is for four people, and you can surf the Internet in the dorm. We have washing machine in the dorm,too.

It takes about 10 min. to walk to hospital from dorm.

Where to eat

In Taipei Veterans General Hospital (University Hospital), there’re many food stalls, including Taiwanese food, Korean food, American food and so on. They are located in Chung-Cheng Building, the 1st floor. In addition, there are also many delicious food stands and a night market around.


From Tao-Yuan International Airport, you must take a bus to Taipei Railway Station. The bus platform is located:

  • Southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area of Terminal One.
  • Northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception of Terminal Two.

Recommendations: Kuo-Kuang Line: Only two stops. Adult Fare: 125 NT$

From Taipei Main Station, take the Red Dansui Line north to Shihpai Metro Station

If no shuttle bus is available, you may have a 10 minute walk to NYMU or a 25 minute walk to Taipei Veterans General Hospital

How to get to TVGH from the airport 1.First you should get to the "Shihpai Metro Station" (You can find details in "How to get to NYMU") 2.Bus Routes near Shihpai that stop at the Hospital 216,223,224,266,267,277,285,288,290,508,601,606,645,646,902,105, Red 12, Red 19.

For more information, please ask your CPs!!!