Taiwan (IFMSA-Taiwan) - Taipei, National Defense Medicine Center
all except for emergency medicine(include intensive care unit)and psychiatric department
Approx. late July to August, SCORE: July and August
SCOPE:2000NT/Month and SCORE:2000NT/Month
Dormitory (beside the hospitals and university)
When you get the opportunity to have a one-month clerkship in our hospital, you should have an physical examination including HIV Test,HBS Antigen,HBS Antibody,TPHA,HCV, VZV IgG,and Chest X-ray Examination.
In 1902, the Ching court established the Northern Military Medical School in Tianjin. In 1912, in the first year of the Republic of China, the name of the school was changed to the Army Medical School. In 1936, the name was changed again to the Military Medical School. During the Sino-Japanese War, the government established the Army Public Health Training Academy in Kweiyang, Kweichow Province in order to train the massive number of medics needed during wartime. In June of 1947, the two schools merged to become the National Defense Medical Center. In 1949, when the government moved to Taiwan, the school moved from the Mainland to its campus on Shuiyuan Road in Taipei.The National Defense Medical Center is now part of a general medical center. At the school, students can pursue coursework in 5 different areas: medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, nursing, and public health engineering, public health equipment, public health inspection, and public health administration. There are 3 different levels of coursework, including bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctor's degree. In October 1999, both the school and its affiliated hospital, the Tri-Service General Hospital, moved to the Neihu area of Taipei, where they were renamed collectively as the National Defense Medical Center. The center integrates teaching, research and medical care. With the most advanced equipments and teaching methods, it has cultivated numerous high-level teachers, researchers and medical personnel. It has made a major contribution to raising medical standards in our country and to the nation's internationalization. Department Every incoming students to National Defense Medical Center will have their clerkship in Tri-Service General Hospital
Why should I choose NDMC for my exchange programe
Established in 1902, National Defense Medical Center(NDMC)is the oldest medical school since 1902 and the only military medical school in Taiwan. On the other hand, our school is in Taipei city, the capital city in Taiwan. And the convenient transport is our advantage. The Number of Beds in Hospitals:1,800.The number of patients for Clinics:4000 per day. The top 5 medical center is your best choice.
National Defense Medical Center(NDMC) Biochemistry Basic Science Study the role of c-myc in tumorigenesis
National Defense Medical Center(NDMC) Biology (Cell,Medical,Micro,Neuro) Basic Science To investigate the role of PSMB8 in invasion and angiogenesis in human glioblastoma cells
National Defense Medical Center(NDMC) Immunology Basic Science Inflammation-induced bone destruction in vitro and in vivo: from mechanistic investigation to therapeutic potentials
National Defense Medical Center(NDMC) Biophysics and Medical Physics Basic Science The role of the activity of cyclooxygenase-2 in the development of insulin resistance
SCOPE:2000NT/month SCORE:2000NT/month as Pocket Money
Accommodation will be arranged in dorm housing on school grounds. It takes 3 minutes to walk from dorm to hospital. Incoming students will live in trainee housing with seperate buildings for male and female. Each dorm room is arranged for two to four people, and comes with a desk and bed per person, with accommodations such as free air conditioning and coin laundry/drying machines per floor. Cable network is available. Each floor may have a lounge room with television and entertainment though it may differ with each building. Checking in requires a deposit(NT100) for your key pass which will be returned upon check out and will be deducted from the SCOPE exchange fee, no additional charges will apply. Noticed that,incomings should pay only NT50 for cost of preservation during their clerkship. Security for the building includes the front desk, guards, as well as military personnel working for the National Defense Medical School. In NDMC, with your recognition card you can get discount in every shop. Remember to show your card to store staff when you pay. If you want to eat something cheap, the convenient store,which is located in the middle of the main corridor inside the hospital, is you best choice. Or go down to our Shopping Arcade on the basement floor, there are some cuisine you can try.
Don't worry about it. Your contact person(CP) will greet you at the airport. Even though our Contact Persons are specifically instructed to pick you up at the airport with a sign that has your name on it.
July and August, we may have one or two social program for the incoming to our school. Every incoming can join it for free. The social program will be hold in NDMC and last for three hours at night. The main idea of the program is to let foreigner experiences the Taiwanese/Chinese culture. Making traditional cuisine or writing calligraphy will give you a good experience during clerkship.
Also, there are at least 2 United social programmes (USP) as well as Chinese medicine camp held by other LC in Taiwan. All incoming may join the programmes but it cost approx NTD 2000 to 3000 and it last for 2-3 days. You may get more information from LEO or your CP.