Taiwan (FMS-Taiwan) - Tainan, National Cheng Kung University
SCORE:whole year (except Jan Feb and June), SCOPE:whole year (except Feb Jun Jul Aug Sep)
SCOPE:2000NT/month and SCORE:2000NT/month

When you get the opportunity to have a one-month clerkship in our hospital, you should have an physical examination including HIV Test,HBS Antigen,HBS Antibody,TPHA,HCV, VZV IgG,and Chest X-ray Examination.


National Cheng Kung University(NCKU) was established in 1931 during the Japanese Occupation Period. It was originally named the “Tainan Technical College”, and was renamed “Cheng Kung” in honor of a hero during the Ming Dynasty. Currently, NCKU consists of 9 colleges spread across 7 campuses. It has a high reputation in science, engineering, medicine, management, and design, making it one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Taiwan.

  • The NCKU Hospital was constructed in 1985 and formally opened to the public on June 12, 1988. The building has 12 floors above ground and two floors underground.
  • The NCKU Hospital is the largest health care center in Southern Taiwan, with approximately 1212 beds, and provides health care services for more than 90000 visiting patients per month. The mission of the hospital is to offer the best medical service to the public, to provide clinical training and internship for medical students, to promote medical research and development, and to facilitate the establishment of local medical units and institutions.
  • With an emphasis on life, love, excellence, and creativity, the NCKU Hospital aims to become the best medical care center for the general public as well as the best teaching, research, and working environment for its medical staff.


First and foremost, NCKUH provides high-quality medical care and services. Unlike other medical institutes, you will be surrounded with a friendly and comfortable environment while practicing medicine. What's more, in Tainan, students will be able to enjoy a wide variety of delicacies, both traditional and modern ones. If you're curious about traditional Chinese culture and Taiwanese lifestyle, don't hesitate to pay a visit! Tainan is sure to offer you a glimpse into our history.

It’s always sunny here, and there are lots of outdoor activities that you can engage in on weekends. Come to our city and create wonderful memories along the way! 

National Cheng Kung University Pediatrics Clinical Project with Laboratory work From childhood experience to adolescent behavior: focus on genetic link and neurodevelopmental endophenotypes
National Cheng Kung University Psychiatry Clinical Project without lab work The Association between Psychiatric Disorder with Serotonin and Dopamine Activity


SCORE:2000NT/month as Pocket Money


The dormitory is just beside the Medical College and reachable from the hospital in only 5 minutes on foot. Two incomings in the same month will share a room. We provide our best dorm for our welcomed incoming friends: a double bed ensuite with internet access. Public laundry machines are available as well. 



The food court is on the B1 floor of the Hospital, providing a variety of food for lunch and dinner. Another popular spot is Yule Street(


From Taoyuan Int'l Airport

Via THSR(Taiwan High Speed Rail)

  1. From the Airport to the THSR Taoyuan Station: Take UBUS at Arrivals Lobby of Terminals 1 and 2. Fare: NT$30. 
  2. From Taoyuan to Tainan: Fare NT$1,190.  
  3. From the Tainan THSR Station to NCKU: After you disembark, proceed to Shalun(

Welcome Dinner

All the incoming students for SCOPE and SCORE will be invited to attend the welcome dinner to get to know each other as well as the CPs.

Hangouts with CPs and Other Incomings

CPs are scheduled to show the incoming students around. They are responsible for telling the incoming students where to eat and where to shop for necessities. They will also show the incoming around Tainan and, if possible, nearby cities on weekends.


There may be USPs that provide the chance for you to meet incoming students from other schools in Taiwan and to visit scenic spots outside Tainan. All incoming students are invited to join these tours.


Night Markets

There are more than 5 night markets in Tainan City. Among them, Garden Night Market is the most famous one. It is also one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan.

Historical Spots

Since Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan, with a history of 400 years, there are a lot of historical spots in Tainan, including Fort Zeelandia, Fort Provintia, Confucius Temple, etc.

Fort Zeelandia, also called Anping Fort, was built in the 17th century by the Dutch Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie. It was once the political centre of


Taiwan under the rule of the Dutch, now ranked as one of the first class historical spots in Taiwan.

Fort Provintia, also known as Chikan Tower, was also built by the Dutch. It was built to defend the attack of mobs and as the center of international trade. It used to be the political centre of the Koxinga government. Due to its importance and the history, it is now ranked as a first class historical spot as well.

Confucius Temple: There are tens of Confucius Temples in Taiwan. Among them, the one in Tainan is the oldest, built in 1665. Not only was it built to 

commemorate Confucius, but it also served as the first school to offer lectures and educate intellectuals. Therefore, it is also called the First Academy of 


confucious temple


National Museum of Taiwan Literature is a museum that collects and catalogues the literature of Taiwanese writers. The works are written in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and Classical Chinese.

Chi Mei Museum is the private museum of the Chi Mei Corporation that collects arts such as western art, musical instruments, natural history, armors, antiquities and artifacts.


SCORE exchange
For student lodging at the school dorm, you might be charged for overuse of electricity!!