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(1)Dept. Of Internal Medicine (2)Dept. Of Surgery (3)Dept. Of Obstetrics and Gynecology (4)Dept. Of Pediatrics (5)Dept. Of Ophthalmology (6)Dept. Of Ear, Nose and Throat(E.N.T.) (7)Dept. Of Neurology (8)Dept. Of Dermatology (9)Dept. Of Orthopedic Surgery (10)Dept. Of Urology (11)Dept. Of Rehabilitation (12)Dept. Of Psychiatry (13)Dept. Of Family Medicine (14)Dept. Of Occupational Medicine (15)Dept. Of Anesthesiology (16)Dept. Of Medical Imaging (17)Dept. Of Nuclear Medicine (18)Dept. Of Radiation Oncology (19)Dept. Of Emergency Medicine (20)Dept. Of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine (21)Dept. Of Pathology
Preferably in July and August, but other months are okay except Chinese New Year Month (Usually at February), clerkship must be no less than 4 weeks
SCOPE:2000NT/month and SCORE:2000NT/month
Chung Shan Medical University has intern (or clerkships) programs for all hospital departments, but each one's availability vary with each exchange period as well as the needs of each department.
Require HepB Antibodies count,Tuberculosis test a

University History

  • Due to the shortage of dentists in the puring the 50's in Taiwan, Dr. Ju-Chuan Chou founded Chung Shan Dental Junior College (the antecedent of Chung Shan Medical University) in 1960 with the purpose of training dentists. Our school was named after Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, alias Chung-Shan, in recognition of his patriotism. The demand for the institute to be elevated to the college level was growing with the time. After much effort and program enforcement, in 1977, our school was granted by the Ministry of Education to advance to Chung Shan Medical and Dental College. Yet, we kept progressing and expanding. In 2001, the institute was reorganized as Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU).


Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU) Hospital was founded on August 17, 1966. Its forerunner was Chung Shan Medical Junior College Hospital, which was reorganized in 1977 as Private Chung Shan Medical College Hospital. Private Chung Shan Medical College Hospital was renamed Chung Shan Medical University Hospital in 2001.There are three hospital districts: Da-Ching, Wen-Hsin and Zhong-Xing. Each branch has its own specialties. We also have a university Rehabilitation Hospital. The hospital system has provided a broad range of medical care.


Chung Shan Medical University Hospital provides medical students and interns with extensive clinical training in a high tech therapeutic and diagnostic setting. It is committed to the pursuit of three goals: offering clinical instruction to medical students, providing health care and promoting clinical medical research and development. We are dedicated to establish CSMU as a world-class institution, providing trans-departmental clinical research and development centers along with the finest in medical technology.

Why Chung Shan Medical University?

Chung Shan Medical University is a small yet beautiful school located in the suburbs of Taichung city. It is surrounded by rice fields and rails, which reveal the most conventional and friendliest side of Taiwan society, and also give the students a quiet and peacefulenvironment to study. However, in just a few minutes ride, you can experience the prosperity and business of downtown Taichung. If you come to Taiwan to have an adventurous experience and to learn about both modern and traditional Taiwan, Chungshan Medical University is simply your fist choice.

Chung Shan Medical University Biology Basic Science Molecular mechanism of morphogenesis in the yeast pathogen Candida albicans
Chung Shan Medical University Immunology Basic Science Ornithine decarboxylase interferes with macrophage-like differentiation and matrix metalloproteinase-9 activation signaling by TNF-alpha via NF-KB
Chung Shan Medical University Biology Basic Science The molecular mechanisms of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC)-prevented apoptosis in the early events


SCORE:2000NT/month as Pocket Money


There are 3 dormitories on campus: 1.Daching Dormitory for male 2.Daching dormitory for female 3.Chung Shan Dental Building Dormitory for female. Chung Shan Dental Building Dormitory for female is just next to the hospital, while Daching Dormitory is about one kilometer away. Take bus number 73, and you can get to the hospital from the dorm in four stops. The fee is twenty NT per ride.(But if you take the bus using Easycard or Taiwan Easy Go could benefit from a free ride.)

  • Dorm Facilities---Dorm facilities include bedroom furniture(bed frame without mattress, desk, lamp, book shelf, chair, and closets), bathroom, internet, telephone, vending machines at 7F, automatic washers & dryers--20NT per wash, television rooms, hot water--available all day, safety precautions, air condition, and etc.
  • Convenience stores---Family Mart is next to the Dental Building Dormitory. Convenient Stores such as 7-11 and Kate Bakery are also available on campus, providing necessary supplies for students.

Place to eat and drink


As thinking of Chinese or Taiwanese gourmets, what comes to your mind? Stinky tofu, beef noodle, or pearl milk tea? In this section, we will show you where you can enjoy local delicacies around the dormitory in direction order. We provide NT.2000 as the boarding money.

  • [A section]
    • Rice with meat and vegetables

Contact Persons will be picking you up at the airport. Just in case you can’t find your CPs, here are some ways you can come to CSMU by yourself .

  • How to come to CSMU from Taoyuan International Airport?

First, take the shuttle bus at Taoyuan International Airport to Taoyuan high speed rail station. If you arrive in Terminal One, the bus platform is on the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area. If you arrive in Terminal Two, the bus platform is on the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area. The bus fee from the airport to the HSR stain is about 30 NT. Then, take the high speed rail to Taichung high speed rail station. Once you arrived, please look for exit number six. The shuttle bus station will be on your right hand side. Then, take shuttle bus number 159, and Chung Shan medical university will be the fist stop.

  • If you land at Taichung airport, here are some ways you can get to CSMU
  1. take the taxi
  2. take the bus
  3. wait for your CPs to pick you up

Our school address: Chung Shan Medical University,No.110,Sec.1,Jianguo N.Rd.,Taichung City 40201,Taiwan

Chung Shan Medical University is only 15 minutes away from the Taiwan High Speed Railway Station(THSR) of Taichung. You can take the shuttle bus number 159 and Chung Shan Medical University will be the fist stop. You can also take bus number 73 to get to the school from Taichung train station.

a) from Da-Ching Dormitory: Bus No.33, Bus No 35, Bus No 73

  • Bus No.33 :
For more information, please ask your CPs!!!
Night Markets:
Yizhong night market, Fengjia Night Market

Sun Moon Lake, GaoMei Wetland

Arts and Culture:
Art museum, Opera House