Taiwan (IFMSA-Taiwan) - Hualien, Tzu Chi University
General Internal Medicine, Chest medicine, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Emergency, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Chinese Medicine(limits:Only the ones who speaks fluent Mandarin can choose), Family medicine
SCORE:whole year(except Jan, Feb, and June), SCOPE:all months can be accepted except the period of Jan and Feb
SCOPE: 0NT/month SCORE:2000NT/month
Hospital Dormitory
When you get the opportunity to have a one-month clerkship in our hospital, you should have an physical examination including HIV Test,HBS Antigen,HBS Antibody,TPHA,HCV, VZV IgG,and Chest X-ray Examination.
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The Tzu Chi University was established in 1994 by the Tzu Chi Foundation in the Eastern region of Taiwan to raise the level of local health care and education. With the motto of "Kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving", Tzu Chi University strives to follow those codes of conduct and intergrate them into the student's university curriculum and teaching.

The Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital is established in 1986, and is officially inaugurated as a Medical Center in 1999. Currently hosting a total of 982 beds including ICUs, it is the largest hospital in eastern Taiwan. Upholding the virtues of gratitude, respect and love, TCGH is not founded for profits nor fame. It is dedicated to serving the needy in far-flung places of the island and devoted to providing wholesome community health services. Boasting the world's largest bone marrow bank, TCGH continues to expand to cover all regions of the island with 6 hospitals nationwide. Hospital volunteers is a TCGH specialty – be sure to greet those wearing blue Chinese QiPao when you see them. Besides, our TIMA (Tzu Chi Internatioal Medical Association) members serve disaster areas worldwide, notable incidents including the South-East Asia Tsunami, Jakarta earthquake, Fujian drought, Iran, Pakistan, Haiti, Sichuan earthquakes,and the more recent Japan earthquake.

Why Tzu Chi Buddhist University


The location of Tzu-Chi Buddhist University (TCU) is close to the east coast of Taiwan, it takes ten minutes to get to the Pacific ocean. In Hualien, you also can choose several kinds of theme tours: the mountains, the sea, or the champaign. It takes 30 minutes to get to Taroko National Park from TCU , and it is easy to get to the Highway 9 and the Highway 11 from TCU, which present the beautiful scenery of East Rift Valley and East Coast Scenic Area, respectively.


Silent Mentor Program-dissection and anatomic course, clinical skills and surgery

Respecting human life and making the best use of the human body is the philosophy of the body donation program at Tzu Chi University. The people who donate their bodies for anatomy class are called “silent mentors.” Silent mentors are applied for dissection and anatomic course taken by the third year medical students. On the other hand, Medical Simulation Center of TCU designs training programs for doctors and interns who practice clinical skills and surgery on silent mentors in order to decrease the opportunities of failure on living people. In addition, we also hold initiation ceremony and memorial services to thank donors for their contributions and say final farewell to the donors, respectively.

Humanities Classrooms-calligraphy, tea ceremony, and Ikebana(flower arrangement)

In humanities classrooms, we teaches calligraphy, tea ceremony, and Ikebana(flower arrangement). Through these classes, students learn how to live in harmony with nature and to gain a better understanding of sincerity, kindness, and beauty in nature.

Tzu Chi Humanities Courses

This course is for the students to cultivate his or her wisdom to be an upright person and to feel comfortable facing every encounter. Students learn from true stories of Tzu Chi volunteers around the world, see the best part of their own minds, and realize that helping others is so wonderful and encourage our students to access many charitable organizations in Hualian area to do volunteer works.

Volunteer Services

Students gain knowledge from lectures and apply their school learning in their daily lives. Through participating in community service, students gain a better understanding of human life and develop more loving hearts as well as wiser minds.



Tzu-Chi University


Basic Science

Bioinformatic design of antimicrobial peptides


Tzu-Chi University


Basic Science

Genetic cloning and functional study of familial Retinitis Pigmentosa


Tzu-Chi University


Basic Science

Psychological and Physiological stress responses in transgenic mice


Tzu-Chi University


Basic Science

Regulation of Ethanol degradation in Acinetobacter baumannii


Tzu-Chi University


Basic Science

Screening and functional study of the anti-atherogenic drugs


Tzu-Chi University

Biotechnologies and Informatics

Basic science

Studying on the Molecular Mechanisms of hepatitis C viral replication and parthenogenesis


Tzu-Chi University



Basic science

The mechanism of sexual dimorphism on stress responses

SCOPE:No Pocket money

SCORE:2000NT/month as Pocket Money


Accommodation: In dormitory of campus. four people/ per room, internet available until 1:00 am, washing machine available, hot bath water are also only available from 6:00pm to 1:00am, dorm lights are shut off at 12:00am, with only the desk plugs and washroom lights still working,10 minutes walk to hospital

Regulations of dorms: 11:00pm curfew, female dorm and male dorm are separated, alcohol drinking and smoking are strictly forbidden.

Where to eat- cafeteria in campus or in hospital/vendors or restaurants outside the campus

Cafeteria in campus: only five minutes walk from hospital, only vegetarian foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner,15NT for breakfast, 25NT for lunch and 45NT for dinner.

Cafeteria in hospital: locates the 2F of the Unity Building in hospital, only offering vegetarian foods, the price is higher than the cafeteria in campus

*Remember to bring your tableware with you to the cafeterias!

Vendors or restaurants: offering plenty of non-vegetarian food, such as noodles ,rice foods, pasta dishes, and many other kinds of foods available outside the campus.


By train from Taipei: The two fastest and newest trains, named Taroko and Puyuma only takes about 2 hours to get to Hualien from Taipei. You will have to book it 14 days ago from Internet or 12 days ago from the train station. You had better take the train in day time or you will miss the beautiful scene of the eastern Taiwan! http://www.railway.gov.tw/en/

PS. You can get the discount 20% off when you buy the train tickets in Taiwan with international student identity card(ISCI).

By plane from Taipei, Taichung, or Kaohsiung: There are only a few flights to get to Hualien. It takes 35 minutes from Taipei to Hualien, 60 minutes from Taichung and 55 minutes from Kaohsiung, and about 7 flights, 1 flight, and 1 flight a day,respectively. http://www.hulairport.gov.tw/e_content/about/about01.aspx

How to get to TCU from train station or airport: By cab.

Address of TCU

For more information, please contact your CPs!!!

Social Life

  • Taroko National Park Two-day Trip

Day1: TCU→Qingshui Cliffs→Taroko National Park Headquarters (lunch)→Shakadang Trail→Tiangxiang(stay for the night) Day2:Tianxiang→ Baiyang Waterfall Trail→Lushui Trail---Swallow Grotto Trail→Buluowan (lunch)→Eternal Spring Shrine Trail→ TCU

  • Qixingtan-Liyu Lake Bicycle Trail One-day Trip

TCU→Qixingtan Scenic Area→Liyu(Carp) Lake→Chinan National Forest Recreation Area→Mukumugi→TCU

  • Hualien City One-day Trip

TCU→Ji’an Keishuin→Pinegrove→Manor House→Times Secondhand Bookstore→A-zhi-bao handmade store→Ziqiang Night Market