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We always try to place you in your first choice but sometimes it is not possible and the department in your CA might change. Allergy & Clinical Immunology Anaesthesia Dermatology Emergency Medicine Epidemiology Family Medicine Forensic Medicine Genetics Geriatrics Gynaecology/Obstetrics Hematology Infectious Diseases Intensive and Critical Care Internal Medicine-Cardiology Internal Medicine-Endocrinology Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology Internal Medicine-General Internal Medicine-Hematology Internal Medicine-Invasive Cardiology Internal Medicine-Nephrology Internal Medicine-Pulmonary Internal Medicine-Rheumatology Internal Medicine-Tropical Medicine Microbiology Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Neurology Nuclear Medicine Oncology Ophthalmology Otorhinolaryngology Paediatrics Paediatrics-Cardiology Paediatrics-Endocrinology Paediatrics-Oncology Paediatrics-Pneumology Paediatrics-Surgery Pathology Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Primary Care Psychiatry Radiology Radiotherapy Respiratory Medicine Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery Surgery-General Surgery-Head and Neck Surgery Surgery-Maxillo-facial Surgery Surgery-Neurosurgery Surgery-Orthopedics Surgery-Plastic Surgery Surgery-Thoracic Surgery Surgery-Transplantation Surgery Surgery-Vascular Sugery Traumatology Urology
January (not always), February, March, April, May (not always), June, July, August, September, October, November, December (not always)
At the hospital or faculty cafeteria at the cost of hosting association.
At host students
  • We ONLY accept exchanges in natural months (1st-30th/31st).
  • Application for some departments will only be possible if the student speaks fluent Spanish (for example: Psychiatry, Emergency, Family Medicine). 
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AIEME UAM Madrid-Autonoma

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

The UAM Faculty of Medicine opened its doors for the first time in 1969 with a study programme that was extremely advanced for its time, in an attempt to change the way medicine was taught in Spain. This study programme introduced innovative ideas, including a revised definition of teaching objectives, integration and coordination between the different areas and subjects, and more attention to the practical training of students, based both in the laboratory and on constant contact with patients. The initial teaching goal of the Faculty of Medicine was to comprehensively train doctors so that once they completed their studies, they would be fully competent to move onto different specialities or embark upon a scientific career in biomedicine. These premises have been strengthened over the years and have been continually adapted to the changing needs of the society that we care for.


Our Med School

The Medicine Campus includes the Faculty of Medicine, the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Alberto Sols (Alberto Sols Biomedical Research Institute), the centro mixto UAM-CSIC (combined UAM-Spanish Council for Scientific Research centre), and the Instituto Teófilo Hernando de I+D del Medicamento (Teófilo Hernando Institute for Drug Development). The campus is located in the north of Madrid, just 100 metres from the La Paz University Hospital, one of the six hospitals it has links with. It is less than 1 km away from two first-class research centres, both included in the proposal for a UAM-CSIC International Campus of Excellence and affiliated to the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Carlos III Health Institute), the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (National Oncology Research Centre [CNIO]) and the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (National Centre for Cardiovascular Research [CNIC]). The Faculty has 300 members of teaching staff, 75 administration and services employees and around 1800 students.

Our hospitals


We have different research projects involving the following departments:

  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical pharmacology at Hospital Universitario La Princesa.
  • Phisiology
We provide lunch for all of our students from Monday to Friday at the faculty (SCORE and SCOPE “La Paz”) or at the hospital cafeteria (other hospitals). Lunch in our cafeterias includes menu (1st dish + 2nd dish + desert) and water (there are jars and water dispensers).

AIEME-UAM offers two types of accomodation: home-stay or student flat / dormitory. The amount of students in each type depends on how many of our students want to be host of international students. During the school year we usually place you with a host student (which will also be one of your contact people). We will try to place you in a hospital close to your accomodation or the one that your contact person studies at.


Anywhere in Madrid and surroundings. You will be staying with a family or with students. Remember this is not a hotel and you must behave politely with your host and his/her family or roomates. Your host will be also your contact person. He or whe will contact you and let you know where the house is, how your room will be, what you have to bring, etc.

Dormitory / Student flat

We usually book double rooms in student flats in the city centre (Gran Vía - Callao). Towels and sheets are included. There are shared bathrooms and kitchen. WIFI is also included. Flats might be only for girls or for both boys and girls.

Special remarks

  • Students who come together might not be placed in the same house or same room. In case you are staying at the dormitory/student flat we will try that you can share a room.
  • Boyfriend-Girlfriend incomings who come together must let us know in advance so that we can try to place them in the same room or house. Sometimes it is not possible.
  • The accomodation cannot be changed unless there is a major reason for it. Not sharing with your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend is not consideren a major reason.
  • Pets, family members, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend visits are not allowed. If someone wants to visit you while you stay in Madrid, they will have to book another room or a hotel (your contact people will provide you webpages and information to find a cheap place).
  • If your behavior is not correct and we recieve complains (from your host, your roomate or the dorm manager), we will cancel your exchange and you won't have any place to stay in Madrid. If you thought Spain means careless party and fun, think twice before you do it indoors.

You can move easily around Madrid using Metro (subway), buses or trains (Cercanías-RENFE). All of our hospitals in the city are close to Metro stations.

Your contact person will help you get a Transportation Card which includes buses, metro and trains withing the zone you choose (A, B1, B2...) and it is valid for one month. The prize is 35€ for under-23 and 55€ for +23. You cannot use this card to travel in/to other cities of Spain (only Madrid and metropolitan area).

You need to know that the average time to work or school in Madrid can be 1 hour. We try to place our incomings as close as possible to the hospital or the university but sometimes it can take up to 1 hour to get there everyday.

If you are planning on visiting every corner of our country, Madrid is your city. You won't feel bored during the week and can go anywhere in the weekends. 


Contact people

To make sure you get all your questions answered you will have two contact people: one from IFMSA and another UAM student (not-IFMSA). Madrid is a vibrant city with lots of things to do (arts, culture, music, party, food, history, sports, nature). We will help you to experience everything our city has to offer and try not to miss anything. You'll see that soon you'll feel like home, that's the spirit of Madrid!! Everyone is welcome and everyone will become "madrileño"!!

Once you get your CA you will see the name of your IFMSA-contact person (I-CP), he or she will provide you with the academic information regarding your exchange, hospital, research project, lunch, certificate. That is the person you have to talk to if you need any special documents for your VISA or your university.

You will also have a not-IFMSA contact person (NI-CP) who can be also your host or just your CP in case you are in a dormitory. This is the person you need to talk to when you have questions about the city, the weather, transportation, etc. This is also the one who will pick you up at the airport, help you with your Transportation Card and go with you the first day to meet your tutor. This person will be in charge of your social program too. If your NI-CP ignores you, let your I-CP know so that we can do something about it.

Keep in mind that you have to ask your contact person any question and try not to write straight to the LEO.

Social program

We have a Facebook group every month where incomings and contact people can get in touch months in advance. Our IFMSA contact people will post links with activities, bars, restaurants, museums, etc. and give you some ideas about what you can do in Madrid. Your NI-CP will be in charge of your social program (at least 2-3 activities) and activities will be different depending on the month and your interests. Anyway, we also expect you to show initiative and tell your contact person what you want to see or do and also be a bit independent if someday there is no plan and you want to do something. Madrid is a very easy city to move around and it is also safe for anyone to go out alone. Don't be afraid of doing some things by yourselves. You'll be surprised of how helpful and kind Madrid people can be!!

During the exams seasons (December, January, May and June) your CP will be busy and won't have time for social program. They will keep posting in the Facebook group and help you organizing activities by yourself.

Weekend trips

At the moment, weekend trips are not a part of the social program. We will provide all the information you need about Spanish cities to visit, transportation, cheap hostels, websites, car sharing, etc. (ask your CPs to provide you with the information you need).



About your contact people

Please, read the information about the contact person program and the way to contact us in "Social program" section.

About documents for your VISA application

If you need any special documents for your TOURIST VISA let us know at least one month before your exchange. It will take us 1-2 weeks (or more) to get them. We will not take any responsability if we are not able to get them in time if you don’t tell us with enough time.

During the exam season (December, January, May and June) and during summer it might take us longer to get the documents you might need. Please, let us know as soon as you get your CA.

PLEASE, APPLY FOR TOURIST VISA. If you apply for any other kind of visa, we do not take any responsability if we are not able to get special documents or solve any problems with the embassy.

How to get in touch with us

Once you get your CA, if you have any doubts please contact your IFMSA-contact person (for exchange and university or hospital issues), your not-IFMSA contact person (for questions about Madrid, lifestyle, weather, etc.) or write in the Facebook group. DO NOT SEND EMAILS TO OUR NEO.

"I am not and IFMSA exchange student, but I like your university"

If you are a foreign student looking for a clinical clerkship or a research practice in our university out of the IFMSA exchange program, please contact our university International Affairs Office or with the hospital. We are only allowed to organize exchanges through SCORE and SCOPE programs. Sorry. :(