Spain (IFMSA-Spain) - Madrid - Rey Juan Carlos
Internal medicine, general surgery, it depends on the hospital.
June, July
At a hosting family home, hospital cafeteria, faculty cafeteria.
At a hosting family home or apartment. You might have to share your room with another student.
  • We ONLY accept exchanges in natural months (1st-30th/31st).
  • Application for some departments will only be possible if the student speaks fluent Spanish (for example: Psychiatry, Emergency, Family Medicine).
Jose Manuel Lopez Anaya
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), founded in 1996, is the newest university in Madrid. And because is so new, we have really good installations.
Our university has campus along different places in Madrid, such as Alcorcon, Mostoles or Fuenlabrada, for example.
Medicine Faculty is located in Alcorcon, and even it is not a big campus you have everything you need, like cafeteria, some sport spaces, library, laboratories, etc... In Alcorcon campus you can find different universities careers, most of them are from the branch of science, like physioteraphy, odontology, nursing...
Alcorcon is a city situated at the south of Madrid, but is so well communicated with the centre, Madrid capital, with different buses, trains and the underground.
Moreover, so near of the university there is a shopping mall with restaurants, differents shops, etc...

Our university URJC has 4 hospitals associated: Hospital de Mostoles (HUM), Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos (HURJC), Hospital de Alcorcon (HUFA) and Hospital de Fuenlabrada (HUF). 
We are not already sure that all of them would accept you as incomings, but we are trying to. You will go to one hospital or another different depending on the disponibility of the hospital, but don't worry, all of them are good hospitals!

Regarding to the departments, we will inform soon of the departments availables, because we don't know yet.
Since we are a young CL (because our university is new) we don't have many research projects yet, but we are working on it to offer you as many as we can. 
And regardind to the labs, we have really good labs; they are well equipped.

And we will have more information about the projects soon, and we will post it here
We provide lunch for all of our students from Monday to Friday at the home of hosting family, at the faculty cafeteria or at the hospital cafeteria.
For the whole year we usually place you with a host student or in a apartment. We will try to place you in a hospital close to your accomodation.
If you are in a apartment, you might be asked for a deposit just because we are asked for it. It would be returned to you at the end of the exchange.

You can move easily around Madrid using Metro (subway), buses or trains (Cercanías-RENFE). All of our hospitals are close to Metro stations and are well-communicated.

Your contact person will help you get a Transportation Card which includes buses, metro and trains. For people under 26, it includes the transport for the whole city of Madrid. The prize is 20€ for under-26. You can use this card to travel in/to other cities of Spain (only Madrid and metropolitan area), like Toledo. You can use this card for the whole month (30 days).

You will need a photo and your ID card (for EU) or Passport (rest of the world) to adquire this card. We highly recommend this card, because it's so cheap; otherwise the transport can be quite expensive, but it's cheaper for us, for the students.

With the app Madrid Metro/Bus/Cercanías (train) you can easily check the schedules. 

You need to know that the average time to work or school in Madrid can be 1 hour. We try to place our incomings as close as possible to the hospital or the university but sometimes it can take up to 1 hour to get there everyday.

If you are planning on visiting every corner of our country, Madrid is your city. You won't feel bored during the week and can go anywhere in the weekends. 

Madrid is also well communicated with the most important cities of Spain by train and bus. You can check these websites:  


Madrid is a vibrant city with lots of things to do (arts, culture, music, party, food, history, sports, nature). We will help you to experience everything our city has to offer and try not to miss anything. You'll see that soon you'll feel like home, that's the spirit of Madrid!! Everyone is welcome and everyone will become "madrileño"!!

We have a Facebook group every month where incomings can get in touch months in advance. We expect you to show initiative and be a bit independent if someday there is no plan and you want to do something, but, of course, we will help you as much as we can.
Madrid is a very easy city to move around and it is also safe for anyone to go out alone. Don't be afraid of doing some things by yourselves. You'll be surprised of how helpful and kind Madrid people can be!!

About documents for your VISA application

If you need any special documents for your TOURIST VISA let us know at least one month before your exchange. It will take us 1-2 weeks (or more) to get them. We will not take any responsability if we are not able to get them in time if you don’t tell us with enough time.

During the exam season (December, January, May and June) and during summer it might take us longer to get the documents you might need. Please, let us know as soon as you get your CA.

PLEASE, APPLY FOR TOURIST VISA. If you apply for any other kind of visa, we do not take any responsability if we are not able to get special documents or solve any problems with the embassy.

Please do not send mails straight to our NEO.

"I am not an IFMSA exchange student, but I like your university"

If you are a foreign student looking for a clinical clerkship or a research practice in our university out of the IFMSA exchange program, please contact our university International Affairs Office or with the hospital. We are only allowed to organize exchanges through SCORE and SCOPE programs. Sorry. :(