Spain (IFMSA-Spain) - Cadiz
Internal Medicine (You can ask for another department and it would try to make the student go).
At first we only accept students in:, July, August, September, Octuber (probably)
1 time per day
At students flat at the cost of the hosting association.
Every SCOPE student must bring a health insurance.
Every SCORE student must bring an insurance for lab-work and a health insurance.
Maria Alonso Mozo

Cadiz has about 123.948 inhabitants, called gaditanos. It is in the South of Spain, close to Seville, another beautiful city of Spain, thus it is not a wonder that it is a favourite harbour among elegant cruise ships.
It is good to exercise your legs’ muscles as you stroll around the city while having a free refresher course with its history. You would surely get awed with its ancient palaces, castles, cathedrals, churches, museums, gardens and natural parks. Don’t forget to drink in the classic splendour of the Town Hall and the Central market, too.
It is the oldest city in Western Europe. Its name has changed across the history, from the phoenician Gadir to the present Cádiz, having been called Gades by the romans and Qadis by the arabs. Cadiz is an ideal city to stroll in every season of the year and learn about its culture and history, visiting its museums or walking by its old defences, where you can imagine the historic events you have read or heard that happened in Cadiz, locating them in the space where they took place.
The geographic location of Cadiz has propitiated that the main economical activity of the city had always been closely connected with the sea. Fishing has been especially important.
Flamenco, one of the most popular values of our andalusian identity, met a source of inspiration and improvement in el Barrio de Santa María. A great number of cantaores lived in this quarter.

It is very typical in the region the so called tapeo, consisting in going over several bars tasting one or two tapitas in each one. When you stop to think a moment, you realize you have already eaten, strolled and talked with people. Sunny weather makes this possible.
Some typical seafood and fish dishes: el cazón, la acedía, el lenguado, el atún, el gallo, los pescados de estero, los langostinos, las cañaíllas y las gambas y bocas de La Isla.
Another delight of our gastronomy is pescaíto frito, which you can buy in freidurías. They serve it in paper cones and you can eat it as you walk round the city or in the terrazas of the bars which allow it.
We recommend : la caballa caletera con piriñaca (typical dish in bars of La Viña in summer), el cazón en adobo, el atún encebollado, las tortillitas de camarones, el arroz a la marinera, la ropa vieja, el rabo de toro, el puchero gaditano, los alcauciles con chícharos, los pimientos fritos, las panizas, el pan de Cádiz or los huesos de tosantos.
If as they say food is one of life’s pleasures, it is clear that gaditanos live well.


The University of Cádiz (in Spanish: Universidad de Cádiz), commonly referred to as UCA, is a public university located in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain, noted for its medicine and marine sciences.

Hospital San Rafael is a medical and surgical hospital for acute, non-profit organization, of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, which caters to the children and adult populations of the all sectors and all those other patients whose assistance is funded by the Social Work of the Hospitaller Order.
His mission is the delivery of health services specialized in diagnosis and treatment, with multidisciplinary work teams, which provide for our patients with personalized care and integral to consider all aspects of the sick person: physical, psychic and spiritual. Such a mission is strongly guided by the values of hospitality and social commitment that promotes the Hospitaller Order of St John of God.
In addition to his healthcare activities, we carry out further for the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of health sciences.

Students will be given pocket money or food.

Students will have guaranteed accommodation in the city during their stay in Cadiz (one month, the period established for the exchange).

It is possible that the apartment will not be in the city center or we will have to host in towns near to capital city like San Fernando, Rio San Pedro or Puerto Real.


Public transport:

There are 5 urban regular buses. The most useful bus routes for tourists are numbers 1 and 7.
Route number 1 goes from the center to Cortadura, going past the main avenue and stopping near to the beaches Santa María del Mar and la Victoria. Route number 7 goes from la Caleta beach to la Victoria beach. You can buy the ticket when you get into the bus  and it costs about 1€ (one euro). You can also buy a “bonobús”, valid for ten urban bus tickets. It is available in many shops and (tobacconist’s, for example) and costs 6.20 €.
Tel.: 956 28 38 04
Web site:

Radio Taxi -> Tel. 956 21 21 21 / 956 21 21 23
Asociación de taxistas autónomos de Cádiz -> Tel. 956 26 68 6
A taxi from Cádiz to San Fernando (a city 7 km from the capital) costs over 16.5 €, so if you take it from one place to another in the same city it should be much cheaper.

Renfe: Plaza Sevilla, s/n -> Tel. 902 24 02 02
 -- Cercanías
 -- Other destinations: Seville, Córdoba, Jaén, Ciudad Real, Zaragoza, Lérida, Barcelona and Tarragona. Talgo Altaria to Madrid.

Airport of Jerez de la Frontera -> Tel. 956 15 00 00 (35 km from Cadiz taking the main road A-4).
Airport of Seville -> Tel. 956 77 30 26 (120 km from Cadiz taking the main road A-4)
Airport of Gibraltar -> Tel. 956 77 30 26 (150 km taking the primary road N-340)

By the sea
Motonave “Adriano III” (Vaporcito) Cadiz-El Puerto de Santa María -> Tel.: 629 468 014

Consorcio de Transportes Bahía de Cádiz
Servicio de transporte marítimo -> Tel. 956 012 100
Departures of catamarans from commercial wharf of Cadiz with destination to Rota and El Puerto de Santa María.

Other transports:
Rent a bike services:
 -- Urbanbike Cádiz in Magistral Cabrera, 7 ->Tel.: 664 081 381   Mail:
Bike & City in Cobos, 4 ->Tel.: 649 416 327 / 600 612 560
 -- Bicicletas Valbar Granja de San Ildefonso, 5 -> Tel.: 856 070 694    Mail:
 -- Segway (electric skate) in Valverde, 4, 11004 Cádiz -> Tel.: 856 171 772     Website:

It changes every year depending on the incomings and the CPs.

They attract tourism since XIXth century and are open to the Atlantic Ocean. There are four beaches in the city, perfect to have a break and relax: La Caleta, Santa María Del Mar, La Victoria (considered the best beach of the South of Europe) and Cortadura-Torregorda.

Cultural Heritage of Cadiz
You will see it is difficult to resist to enter in some of its churches, museums, bastions or buildings, but if you sum up that in your way you will probably find places where you can stop and have some tapas, you will notice rest has another dimension here.
Some places to visit in Cadiz are: religious buildings (churches and convents), monuments, military buildings, civil antique buildings and the medieval village.

They are rich in archaeological collections, with an interesting art gallery where it is possible to discover the evolution of Spanish painting since XVIth century or a model of the city made in the XVIIIth century.
MUSEO DE LAS CORTES DE CÁDIZ: It explains the history of the city. Entrance is free and it is open everyday except mondays and holidays. (Calle Santa Inés, 9    Tel.: 956 22 17 88)   
MUSEO DE CÁDIZ: Archaeology, fine arts and ethnography. As we enter the museum, we find a replica of Farnesio’s Hercules. In the ground we can admire the phoenician sarcophagus and important phoenician and roman remains from Cadiz. There are also paintings of Francisco de Zurbarán, Esteban Murillo and Pedro Pablo Rubens. (Plaza de Mina  s/n   Tel. 956 21 22 81)
MUSEO Y ARCHIVOS CATEDRALICIOS: Next to the roman theatre. A visit to the cathedral is included in the price of the ticket of entrance. (Plaza Fray Félix, s/n  Tel. 956 25 98 12)
MUSEO TALLER LITOGRÁFICO: It comprises the most complete lithographic set of the XIXth Century in Spain (Bóvedas de San Roque, s/n. Tel.: 956 28 26 63)
CENTRO ANDALUZ DE ARQUEOLOGÍA SUBACUÁTICA (Avda. Duque de Nájera, 3  Tel.: 956 226 034)

Other places to visit:
CASTILLO DE SANTA CATALINA, CENTRO CULTURAL MUNICIPAL “REINA SOFÍA”, CATEDRAL, MIRADOR TORRE DE PONIENTE, TORRE TAVIRA – CÁMARA, CÁDIZ VIRTUAL S. XVIII (located in two places of  Puerta de Tierra walls), TEATRO ROMANO (I century b.C.), YACIMIENTO ARQUEOLÓGICO CASA DEL OBISPO, FACTORÍA ROMANA DE SALAZONES (I century b.C. Garum was made here by Romans), COLUMBARIOS ROMANOS (remains of the roman necropolis of Cadiz), ORATORIO DE SAN FELIPE NERI (baroque. In the walls there are commemorative plaques of the proclamation of the Cortes of Cadiz when the first Spanish liberal constitution, “La Pepa”, was elaborated in this building, in 1812. Inside there is a piece of work of Murillo: “La Inmaculada Concepción”), ORATORIO DE LA SANTA CUEVA, CONVENTO DE SANTO DOMINGO, IGLESIA DE SANTA CRUZ – CATEDRAL VIEJA, HOSPITAL DE MUJERES, CAPILLA DE NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL PÓPULO
There are also summer routes and guided tours to visit the city, the Town Hall and the Castillo of San Sebastián.

Exposure Rooms
Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones; Plocia, s/n; Palillero; Plaza del Palillero, s/n; Baluarte de la Candelaria; Alameda Marqués de Comillas, s/n; Sala de Exposiciones El Pópulo; Plaza de San Martín, s/n; Palacio de la Diputación Provincial; Plaza de España, s/n; Sala Rivadavia; Presidente Rivadavia, 3; Sala Pangea; Plaza de San Martín, 3; Sala Ágora 96; José del Toro, 11; Galería Benot; Avda. Ramón de Carranza, 10; Galería Rafael Gordon; Plocia, 4; IslahAbitada; Sacramento, 24; Sala Unicaja; San Francisco, 26; Sala Cajasur; Columela, 7; Sala Caja San Fernando; Avda. Ramón de Carranza, 26-27; Sala Paréntesis; Aulario La Bomba; Paseo Carlos III

Gran Teatro Falla -> Plaza de Falla, s/n.; Tel. 956 22 08 34
Sala Culural Central Lechera -> Plaza de Argüelles, s/n; Tel.: 956 22 06 28
Teatro José María Pemán -> Parque Genovés, s/n; Tel.: 956 22 35 34
Café Teatro Pay-Pay; C/ Silencio
Barrio del Pópulo

Touristic buses
Touristic bus Tour por Cádiz -> Tel.: 956 26 01 72 // Website:
Touristic bus CádizTour (City Sightseeing) -> Tel.: 902 10 10 81 // Website: