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Albacete is a city and municipality in southeastern Spain, 278 km southeast of Madrid, the capital of the province of Albacete in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. The municipality had a population of 172 487 people in 2016



Albacete, University of UCLM, together with Ciudad Real, has one of the main campuses of the University of Castilla la Mancha. It's estimated that between 9,000 and 10,000 students study at any of the schools that the regional university currently has in the city.

University General Hospital of Albacete is a general hospital with approximately 700 beds. This hospital is one of the main hospitals of the region of Castilla La Mancha. As an university hospital all the departments are available and during the practices, the students only have to bring their Stethoscope and their white coat, because teachers in the hospital will explain them everything.


The diets will be given at the hospital, so you won’t need to cook any meal in the residence. 


At student dormitory/Student flat.


If you want to get in Albacete you have several options:

 You should know albacete train station is: Albacete-los llanos. You can book your tickets at the train station or book it online at In my opinion it would be better if you book it online.

 In case you take a bus, you can buy the tickets at the bus station or book it online at: (It will be better to book it before)

There are direct buses from Madrid, Valencia airport to Albacete bus station so maybe that is an easier option.


A true summer exchange programme is not complete without a social programme. The local committe will try to do it’s best to provide you with lots of different and interesting stuff to do, from cross-county sightseeing to some of the craziest dorm parties.  In the following, you will get some notes about the local programmes and the country tours.

We organize different trips around the southest of Spain: Alicante, Valencia, Toledo or Madrid… We are also taking care of making your stay even more fun, by taking you to some of the most exquisite party places in the city, where you can get to know the local youth: visiting and having some (or hundreds of) drinks at “La Zona”, the party area, and of course the typical foods and drinks party. But the most important part of our social program is their total freedom! Our incomings can decide what they want to do and we will help them with their activities.


Albacete has several buildings worth visiting to get to know the customs and different aspects of the city. Among them: La Asunción, Diputación de Albacete, Perona House, Municipal Museum, Flour Factory, Lodares Passage, Bull Ring, Posada del Rosario, Sun Tanks, and Circus Theatre.

You can visit different museums in Albacete: one is the Provincial Museum, that offers a wide range of objects from the Provincial Prehistory, the Municipal Museum, installed in the Ancient Town Hall that has a permanent collection of International Popular Art and diverse halls for showpieces, the Museum of the Child invites us to take a trip through the History of Education and Infancy and the Knife Making Museum, in the Casa del Hortelano, housing a rich collection of pen-knives and knives made from the XV century.

The city also has several exhibition halls, among which is the Cultural Centre of the Asunción. 
 Regarding the Interpretation Centres, Albacete has the Centre for Interpretation and Peace Awareness, and in the immediate future will have another two: The Centre for Interpretation of Water and the Centre for Interpretation of the City. (English) (Only available in spanish) available in spanish)  (Only available in spanish)