Slovakia (SloMSA) - Bratislava - Comenius University
February, March, April, July, August
Students receive pocket money for boarding.
Student dormitory.

An attendance of at least 80% is required in order to obtain the SCOPE Certificate. Special documents required: 1) Vaccination card 2) Tuberculosis test 3) Health insurance 4) IFMSA terms and conditions 5) HepB antibodies.
Velicka Zuzana

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and also the largest city in the country lying in southwestern Slovakia. Even though it is one of the youngest capitals in Europe, its position in central Europe and on one of the banks of river Danube made it very important for trade routes in past. During the times of Kingdom of Hungary Bratislava served as coronation city.
Since it neighbours with Austria and Hungary, it's really easy to visit Vienna, Budapest and Prague, too.


The oldest faculty of Comenius University – the Faculty of Medicine began operating immediately after the establishing of Comenius University, the oldest and largest university in the Slovak Republic. It was founded in 1919 and follows the university tradition of the Academia Istropolitana which was established in Bratislava by Matthias Corvinus, the Hungarian King, in 1465.

University hospital of Bratislava is divided into more hospitals around the city:

  • Hospital Ruzinov
  • Hospital of academician Ladislav Derer (Hospital Kramare)
  • Hospital of St. Cyril and Methodius (Hospital Antolska)
  • Hospital Old Town (Hospital Mickiewiczova)
  • Role of sex hormones in pathogenesis of renal diseases
  • The role of fetal DNA in pre-eclampsia
  • Phage activity testing on clinical bacterial strains
  • Identification of circadian rhythm related proteins expression changes in colorectal Carcinoma



We have great dormitory canteen which serves breakfast and lunches from 7am do 7pm every day. Students can choose from 2 soups and more than 6 meals every day for really pleasant student prices.
Incomings receive “pocket money” which serve for boarding. They can use it at canteen, restaurants or at supermarket for buying food and cooking their own meals.


Summer accommodation is provided at dormitory complex in Mlynska Dolina. Besides dormitory buildings, there are two canteens, shops, restaurant, fast foods, disco clubs, gyms, copy center etc.
There is a shopping centre right next to the campus.

Dormitory is about 15 minutes from the city centre by bus.

Accommodation during non-summer months is provided in a different dormitory -

Accommodation is payed for only during your exchange period (full calendar month).


Bus lines cover most of the city, however it is better to take the tram if possible. Trams are generally faster during the day, since the buses are often stuck in traffic jams, especially during work days. Most lines operate from 5 am until 11pm. There are night lines after that, but they are not so frequent – they go once an hour.

There is no underground in Bratislava.

We highly advise our incoming students to buy a monthly ticket, since it's much cheaper than buying tickets every day.


We organise a rich social program during summer months (there is no official social program during other than summer months).
We throw National food & drinking party, go swimming to pools, go to parties, do barbecue in the nature or play laser tag. Of course, we are opened to students' ideas about program, too.

In Slovakia, we have common national social program, where all the incomings from Slovakia can meet during one weekend. Trip is called “Get to know Slovakia“. Students can see all the must-see beauties, especially of eastern Slovakia during the trip.


Bratislava Castle – main sight in Bratislava

Most SNP/“UFO bridge”
– one of 5 Bratislava´s bridges with typical UFO on the top – beautiful panoramatic view and luxurious restaurant

St.Elizabeth´s/Blue Church
- beautiful piece of Art Nouveau architecture

– memorial monument and cemetary for WWII soldiers with one of the greatest views on the city

Grassalkovich Palace
– presidential palace with nice garden

Slovak radio building – architectural curiosity which you can only love or hate

Devin Castle
– castle built on confluence of river Morava and Danube historically connected with Celts and Romans


We can pick incoming students up ONLY in Bratislava (train station, bus station, airport...) and during the day ONLY.

We do not provide lodging outside your exchange period (full calendar month).

Warm hugs from Slovakia! :)