Russian Federation (HCCM) - Stavropol
Neurology, Internal Medicine-General, General Surgery
July, August
Hospital canteen.
We accept students only with student visa.
All students are obligated to bring vaccination card.
Irina Gridina
Irina Gridina

We welcome you at the Stavropol State Medical University. It gives us great pleasure that you chose to 
spend your practice in Russia in the SCOPE, SCORE of the IFMSA. We will all be working on that you can spend 
an unforgettable summer here in our country, and that you perhaps lock Russia in your heart. 
During the time you spend here, you can participate in numerous programs with the help of our contact people. 
We will guide you to some of Stavropol region’s most beautiful places and cities. All of our social programs will 
be optional, it is your decision, whether you come with us or not. You can come to us or our assists with any kind of 
questions. We hope that by the end of the month you will have grown richer with lots of positive experiences and 
new friends.


The Stavropol State Medical University was founded in 1938. Today the University 
is among ten leading higher educational medical establishments of Russia.
Now it has three main faculties: the Medical Faculty, the Stomatological Faculty and 
the Faculty of Pediatrics. There is also a preparatory department, the Faculty for advanced 
training of doctors and the Faculty of higher medical education for nurses.
Rector is at the head of the Academy. Each faculty is headed by the dean. The 
teaching staff of the Academy numbers over 700 people, including more than 50 Doctors of 
Medicine and 280 Candidates of Science. The number of students is about 3500 and about 
300 – foreign students.
In order to enter the University one must pass the competitive entrance examinations 
The course of studies at the Medical Faculty and at the Faculty of Pediatrics lasts 6 
years, at the Stomatological Faculty – 5 years, at the post graduate course – 3 years.
The academic year consists of two terms. At the end of each term the students take 
examinations and tests.
During the first two years students study physics, chemistry, human anatomy, 
physiology, histology, microbiology, Latin and foreign languages. From the third year 
students study clinical subjects: therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious 
Medicine – our LIFE STAVROPOL 2014
IFMSA The Stavropol State Medical University
diseases and others. Specialization begins in the sixth year, when the students have sub-internship.
There are all created conditions for successful mastering of doctors’ profession at the 
University. Students attend the students’ scientific societies and take part in the annual 
scientific conferences. They carry out a lot of laboratory and clinical researches; make use 
of modern technical and educational equipment. Our University has a specialized scientific 
library with over 320 000 books in it.
The students of our University have all facilities for sport and health supporting: there 
is a camp on the Black Sea, sport complex with a swimming-pool and gyms, students’ 
polyclinic and stomatological polyclinic.
There are four students’ hostels at the University for more than 1800 places.
The students who study well get grants, which are paid monthly.
The newspaper “Medicus” is published from 1965. It contains official information 
and material about Alma-mater history.
The University prepares qualified specialists for foreign countries, carries out 
exchange by scientific information. The University also participates in international 
program “Ecology and Human Health”.
On graduating from the University young specialists are awarded diplomas and may 
work at different medical establishments.

The practice officially starts on Monday at 8am, and ends at 2-4pm on weekdays. You have to 
agree with your doctor on how many times (how many days or hours) you have to be in the hospital. We will give you the certificates at the 
end of the month, or before you go home.

We don't have research projects.

The hostel #3 is situated in the south-western of the city, not far from the Clinics. It is
accessible from the city center by bus in 30 minutes. The hostel is ten-storey and the rooms 
have 2-3 beds in them. Every storey has its own bathroom with a toilet. Every storey has a 
well-equipped kitchen, a washing machine and a common room are on the first floor. 
The hostel staff are the receptionists, the maids and the care-takers, whom you can always 
turn to if you have a problem. 
There is an Internet room on the ground floor, which is open all day and is free of 

Students will all live together in the same dormitory.

By train 
It takes about 2.5 days to travel by train from Moscow Railway Station to 
Stavropol. You have to pay 2500-3000 RUB for a normal train ticket, if you 
come to Stavropol, but you have to reserve it on the site «». International 
student IDs are not accepted on Russian railways, and you must also buy your ticket 
with Russian currency (Rubles) as you cannot do so in Euros. 

By bus
It takes about 1 day to travel by bus from Moscow bus Station to Stavropol. You have to pay 2000-
2500 RUB for a normal bus ticket. International student IDs are not accepted on Russian stations, 
and you must also buy your ticket with Russian currency (Rubles) as you cannot do so in Euros. 

By plane 

If you are flying to Stavropol, you will most likely be arriving to the Stavropol Airport and you will want to take the taxi #120. It will take about an hour and half or two hours to drive  from the airport. You have to pay 30 RUB there.


We organize for our incoming students a sightseeing tour around the city, Welcome dinner and Farewell party, National food and drinking party, visit together theatres and cinemas, museums and churches, organize trips to other cities nearby . Depending on the season we offer such sport activities like skiing, skating, cycling, roll skating, etc.

1) Kazanskiy Cathedral
2) Victory Park
3) Old Railway Station
4) Numerous parks and monuments

It's a perfect place for those who love walking around the city!