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February, April, July, August, September, October, November, December
one meal per day
Student dorms
Bring your own white coatscrubs, stethoscope, hospital shoes and printed LogBook/HandBook.
Anita-Varvara Juchiac
Timisoara is the capital city of Timis County, and the main social, economic and cultural centre in Western Europe.
One of the largest Romanian cities (the third most populous city in the country) , Timisoara is considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat.
It as the first mainland European city to be lit by electric street lamps . It was also the first city in Romania with horse- drawn trams and we also have the first beer factory from Romania (which is still functioning). 
In December 1989 , Timisoara witnessed a series of mass street protests in what as to become the Romanian Revolution. On December 20, Timisoara was declared the first city free of Communism in Romania.
While the history of our city is pretty amazing, and we can't wait to share it with you, we also have a lot of events which are addresed to the young public, making Timisoara an exciting city. Due to the fact that we were chosen to be the European Cultural Capital in 2021 we are constantly trying to improve ourselves. 
The Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy was founded as a modest faculty on 30 December 1944.
The clinical teaching started initially in 4 hospitals, but today, students are being trained in more than 25 university clinics, belonging to 12 hospitals.
Today, the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy is a prestigious institution of higher education, with a past that honours and a promising future that will for sure bring valuable results both in preparing new generations of young physicians, pharmacists, and dentists and also in the medical assistance offered to the community.
We currently have our projects available on the projects page with all the details necessary but we are constantly struggling to improve them and make sure they will be a great experince and also a stepping stone for your medical knowledge. 
Exchange students are offered a meal per day (in the working days). We are taking into consideration every aspect of our students and we try to choose the best option based on this criteria. 
Accommodation is provided in the student's dorms. It's a 2 person room, same gender. It has a its own kitchen (with a fridge) and bathroom, and we also have TV and Wi-Fi. It's 10-15 minutes away by foot from the hospital and 10 minutes away by foot from the city center. 
Timisoara has a complex system of regional transportation, providing road, air and rail connections to major cities in Romania and Europe. It also features a public transportation system consisting of bus, trolleybus and tram lines.
In 2015 Timisoara became the first city in Romania to offer public transport by bike. Starting in 2016, RATT will offer vaporetto public transport on the Bega canal.
The  airport is "Traian Vuia International Airport" and it's located 12 km from the city centre. 
Our main train station is The North train station, which connects to every city in Romania and also has international connections (eg. Budapest). 
The price for a bus/tram ticket is 2 LEI / 2.5 LEI for the express lines ( around 0.50 EURO) one trip but you can also pay the fee through phone. 
We have a phone app which can be used for public transportation, in order to see the lines, the stops and when it will arrive. 
We have both Taxi and Uber. 
The social program is very vast, including national trips where all the incoming students have the opportunity to get to know each other while touring some of our most important places , and  also touristic tours with a local guide in order to really get to learn about the city.
Moreover, there will be one-day trips in the surroundings of Timisoara , a lot of partying in local clubs, pubs and also, going to the theater and cinema, to swimming pools and more fun activities like football, paintball, indoor climbing, bowling, treasure hunt and more.  In addition, we will also throw thematic parties for the foreign students. And for sure, let's not forget about the NFDP!!( food and other traditional beverages and sweets are expected, pretty please). 
We also have an amazing team of volunteers with whom you can share all your amazing experinces. 
For more details, check the facebook page : or you can follow us on Instagram and see more of our activities (SCOPE SCORE Timisoara). 
  • Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral
  • The Dome
  • Victoriei Square 
  • The synagogue in the Fortress
  • Liberty Sqauare
  • Huniade Castle
  • The Fortress Bastion
  • Banatul Philharmonic of Timisoara
  • Romanian Opera House

  • For the months of JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER we kindly ask for the Aplication Forms to be sent by mid MARCH.
  • Timisoara uses the Romanian leu (RON) as a currency .
  • For any kind of questions, feel free to contact us at