Romania (FASMR) - Targu-Mures
General surgery, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Orthpedics, Neurology, Urology, Radiology, Gyneacology/Obstetrics, Internal medicine, Cardiology, Intensive care, Cardiothoracic Surgery
March, April, May, July, August, September, October, November
One meal/day, at a restaurant or university canteen
Student Hostel
Di Nardo Nicola
Situated in the heart of Transylvania, Tirgu Mures is a city with abundant history and a unique blend of different cultures.
Not too big, nor too small, it offers both the tranquility that all of us need, as well as a calendar full of events throughout the year, with a buzzing student life.

Founded in 1945, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tirgu Mures is one of the most prestigious institutions in Romania. With massive investments in the recent years, it has undergone an impressive reconstruction and expanding process.

The result? The most modern university campus in Romania, where medical students can benefit both from high-end educational facilities(Simulation and Practicall Skills Centre, the newly opened Advanced Medical and Pharmaceutical Research centre, a well equipped library), and sports and recreational facilities(botanical garden, spa centre, gym, tennis and football courts).

Tirgu Mures is known as being part of the elite medical centres. The Mures County Emergency Clinical Hospital, one of the biggest medical facilities in Romania and on its way to becoming a Regional Hospital, hosts departments with lenghty traditions, and welcomes patients from all over the country.
Some of the medical fields have had astonishing accomplishments in our community. The Cardiovascular Surgery Department is a place of ongoing performance, thanks to the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Heart Transplant (IBCvT). The second heart transplant in Romania, and third in Europe, was performed here in 1999, and the first artificial heart implant in Eastern Europe was performed in 2015. 
Tirgu Mures is the place where the Romanian Emercency Medicine System was founed in 1990, with the hard work and enthusiasm of world-famous doctor Raed Arafat. It is obvious that the Emergency Room has the benefit of using state-of-the-art-technology (including telemedicine), with highly trained personell.
Currently, our SCORE projects take place in the Physiology Department, with an emphasis on the study of atrial fibrilation. However, with the opening of the Advanced Research Centre, new projects will begin shortly and they will be permanently updated on the project database.
Incoming students are offered free lunch on weekdays (exception in weekend).
Incoming students are placed in student hostels (the hostels are split in gender) in bedrooms for 2 or 4 people, on the expense of the organization. The hostels have internet acces, cooking and laundry facilities, and are very close to the university and hospital.
The airport TRANSILVANIA of Targu Mures, has been recently modernized and has momentarily only few flights, however, in the following months new routes are going to be added. In any case the transportation to and from Tirgu Mures is relatively easy. The closest airport of Cluj Napoca (CLJ) - International Airport Avram Iancu- has many connections with some of the major cities of Europe, like London, Paris, Rome, Milano, Dortmund, Madrid and others. The transfer to Targu Mures can be done very easily by bus. The distance is quite short -approximately 100 km. Also, the international airport of Bucharest -Henri Coanda- is a good alternative. The transfer can be made also by bus, but the distance is longer - approximately 300 km.  Buses and trains are inexpensive and well organized, providing links between Tirgu Mures and all the other Romanian cities.
Local transportation is also cheap and comfortable, both buses and taxis.
For the buses search we suggest to use the site:
Like in every exchange program, the social side is a must. Beside the two monthly national trips, where all the incomings in Romania meet, we will organize parties, trips nearby, sightseeing, and the traditional National Food and Drink Party.
There are many places to see in Tirgu Mures and the surroundings. Some of them are:

The medieval fortress of Tirgu Mures, dating back to the 15th century

The Teleki Library, one of the richest Transylvanian collections of cultural artefacts
The Palace of Culture

The biggest and most diverse Zoo in Romania
The 'Weekend' Sports and Recreation Park 

The town of Sighisoara, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe
Incoming students have to bring their own scrubs, hospital shoes, and stethoscope (if necessary).