Romania (FASMR) - Brasov
General surgery, Cardiology, Dermatology, Intensive care, Neurology, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Radiology, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurosurgery
July, August
One meal per day, at a restaurant
Student hostel
Students are required to have at least a medium level of English, and to bring their own Scrubs/White Coat and hospital shoes.
Iulian-Andrei Hotinceanu

Brasov is located in the central part of Romania, about 166 km from Bucharest. It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians, and is part of the Transylvania region.

Brasov is one of the largest cities in Romania with a population of approx 280,000. There are basically 2 parts of Brasov; the pretty Saxon old town and its square situated beneath Mount Tampa and then the surrounding concrete jungles of tower blocks and factories.

Brasov hosts a series of diversified events such as:
Bohemian Square - cultural festival during august
Rockstadt Extreme Fest - as the name might imply, a rock music fetival held during august
Ocasional Medieval Festivals


The Faculty of medicine was established in 1995.


Brasov's most important medical centers are: County Emergency Hospital, Childrens Hospital, Mărzescu Hospital Military Hospital, CFR Hospital, Tractorul Hospital.


There are also many private hospitals, one of which is St. Constantin Hospital, which has been designated as the laureate of the European Hand Hygiene Excellence Award 2013, within the WHO First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care.

New projects in the works for the 2019 !
Exchange students are offered one free lunch per day at a restaurant (not including weekends).
Students will be placed in student hostel, in rooms with the capacity 2 beds in the same room.
TRANSPORTATION Is the main site of the main transportation system in Brasov.
Two way ticket costs aproximately 1 EURO and 1 monthly ticket costs about 17 EURO. Is the main train company of Romania.
A ticket from Brasov tu Bucharest costs about 11 EURO, and a slower train costs about 5,5 EURO.
International Trains usually have offers like Brasov - Budapest for 19 EURO.

Taxis in Brasov are usually 0,5 EURO/km but if you need one, it is best to order one by phone. (Some freindly Taxi drivers may be private and cost three times as much, example of trustworthy taxi company: Bratax, Martax, Rey Taxi)
During July and August, we organize one local trip each month and spend one weekend in a cottage near the mountains, usually organising the National Food and Drinks Party, mountain trips, paintball and other group activities.

We will organize a city tour and plenty of evenings where we'll get to know eachother 

Each contact person for every student will organise at least one social activity: Board Games, Hiking, Adventure Park, Picnics, Escape Rooms and so on.
Brasov hosts a lot of places worth visiting and here are just a few you definitely won't want to miss:
The Black Church
The Council Square
The Old Town Hall
The White Tower
The Black Tower
Catherine's Gate
Schei Gate
Brasov Fortress
Tampa Mountain (where you get to the Hollywood like Brasov sign)
The 7 Steps Canyon
We kindly ask the incoming students must bring their own hospital shoes, scrubs, white coat and stethoscope.

Also, please check your email adress (even in the spam section) when receiving the CA because we will send you the details about your contact person and other important and basic information via email or facebook.