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Chambel Bruno

Porto was built along the hills overlooking the Douro river estuary. It has been continuously inhabited since at least the 4th Century, when the Romans referred to it as Portus Calle. Bridges and port wine characterize Porto, Portugal's gracious northern capital and second largest city after Lisbon. One of the reasons tourists or travelers visit Porto is to sample its legendary Port wine, which is processed, blended and aged in the various lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia that are magnificently located by the banks of the great Douro River. Still a thriving industrial centre and Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto blends industry with charm. In 2001 the city, the historic centre of which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the European Capital of Culture.



In 1825, the first medical school was founded in Porto, entitled the Royal School of Surgery, which was transformed in 1836 into the Medical-Surgical School. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto was created by a decree in 1911. The inauguration of Hospital S. João occurred on June 24, 1959 and as a result of the acquired status of Teaching Hospital, the Faculty of Medicine was installed in the Hospital which until that date had the use of some wards of Hospital Santo António.Today, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto is a prestigious institution at national and international levels, the one that requires the highest marks for entry to the course of the degree in Medicine.


The Hospital of São João was inaugurated in 1959 as a teaching hospital, connected to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. The 01 (-1) floor of the hospital is where you can find the students association.


CIM (Centro de Investigação Médica - Medical Investigation Center) is a building opened in 2011 located in the hospital campus. The center works together with the Hospital and the Faculty and grants a better research experience for all students. It has many departments like biochemistry, biology, physiology and much more, with up to date equipments and laboratories.


You will be given one lunch ticket per weekday. You will eat at Yellow restaurant in the 01 floor of the hospital. No pocket money will be given.


Lodging will be in the University of Porto student dorms. Most rooms are double, toilets and showers are shared and each floor is strictly for male or female students. Laundry room and kitchen are available. We will lend you kitchen supplies, but you will be asked to leave a deposit (5€).


If you want a monthly pass for public transportation around the city center and the hospital surroundings, you will have to buy the bus card (6€), and then you will have to charge it with the monthly fee. Combined tickets for buses, Metro and train within the urban area of Porto cost €7 for one day and €15 for three days. We have a wide net of public transports, which connect the hospital, the student dorms and the downtown area. The monthly card for the bus and metro usually costs 22,95€ for students up to 25 years-old and includes the Hospital and downtown (city center) areas. More areas can be added to the card for an extra fee when you get to Porto. You can easily get to the beach from the hospital by bus /metro(1,20€ - one single ticket), in about 30 minutes. For further information visit the following websites: BUS | www.stcp.pt METRO | www.metrodoporto.pt/en/


The Local Social Program ensures cultural visits of beautiful cities near Porto (Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro, Viana) without forgetting dinners, a NFDP, beach activities, parties and visits to Museums. The program and costs will be sent by email and adjusted to the group's preferences. Each activity is optional.


Serralves Museum and gardens, Palácio de Cristal, Avenida dos Aliados, S. Bento train station, D. Luis bridge, Matosinhos Beach, Sta. Catarina Street, Igreja de S. Francisco, ribeira, Electric Tram, Piolho, Flores Street, the Lello Library, the Dragon Stadium, Serra do Pilar, Casa da Música, Parque da Cidade, Galerias Paris, Majestic café, Sé do Porto, Miradouro S. Bento da Vitória, Bolhão Market, Foz.


For more information contact us at: international@aefmup.pt