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Covilhã is a small city in the centre of Portugal. It is located near the highest point of mainland Portugal, known as Serra da Estrela. Being close to the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, Covilhã offers not only breathtaking landscapes but also plenty of wilderness adventurous activities. Since it is located in the centre of the country, you have the opportunity to enjoy warm weather in the Summer and go swimming in the nearby idyllic river beaches. During the Winter, you can also enjoy the coldness and the snow that follows, by going up the mountains and go skiing.



The Faculty of Health Sciences is part of the University of Beira Interior. Although this modern faculty in its most recent location, was only inaugurated in 2006, its history begins in 1973 with the creation of Polytechnic Institute of Covilhã. In the past, the city was famous for its wool industry, thus the the first available degrees were Textile Engineering and Management and Accounting.

Over the years, historical buildings have been restored in order to harbor the expanding University. A student may just look out the window during one of your classes and realize, the building next door is a remnant of the city's past.

Localization: https://goo.gl/maps/VFWadBSwQqL2



Pêro da Covilhã Hospital was founded in 1908, upgraded and moved to Quinta do Alvito in 2000 and together with the Fundão Hospital, forms now the Centro Hospitalar Universitário da Cova da Beira (CHUCB).

Localization: https://goo.gl/maps/v6UE3rBM43H2



The Health Sciences Research Centre is a research structure integrated in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Beira Interior.

The mission of CICS is to promote high quality scientific research in biotechnology, as well as in biomedical, clinical, and epidemiological areas, aiming to contribute towards health education of the local population.

There are four research groups, which congregate research interests in the areas of “Biomedicinal Chemistry and Drug Research”, "Biopharmaceuticals and Biomaterials", “Hormones and Metabolism” and "Neurologic and Neurovascular Disorders". Although the Centre is not a degree conferring body, PhD and MD researchers of CICS work in close collaboration with the Faculties and Departments of UBI in the following Master and Doctoral programmes:
- Master Programmes: Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry;
- Doctoral Programmes: Medicine, Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences.

For more information, visit: http://www.fcsaude.ubi.pt/cics/

Localization: https://goo.gl/maps/VFWadBSwQqL2



- 3D printing production of scaffolds for bone regeneration;

- DNA minicircular for cervical cancer therapy: In vitro evaluation of pri-mir- 375 encoding mcDNA;

- Effects of mercury exposure in the blood pressure of an academic community;

- G-quadruplex aptamers for cervical cancer therapy: structure, function and application;

- Hormone action and cell metabolism in cancer;

- Hormone action and cell metabolism in male fertility;

- Identification of unmet therapeutic options due to lack of availability of the most indicated industrial medicine on the market;

- Nose-to-brain delivery of small molecule drugs: Formulation development studies;

- Organized opportunistic Cervical Cancer screening based on HPV: Experience of an Academic Hospital;

- Testing the potential of innovative antioxidant-based drugs as new therapeutic strategy for Parkinson’s disease.


Tickets to the Hospital’s canteen will be provided (one per day, five a week). Can be used either lunch or dinner but be aware of the canteen’s schedule. Does not work on the bar.


Lodging will be in the University of Beira Interior student's residence (Residência Pedro Álvares Cabral). Most rooms are double, toilets and showers are shared. Laundry service and kitchen are available. We will lend you kitchen supplies and a bus card to use throughout the month. If there is only one singular incoming in a specific month, efforts will be made to put you with a lovely host family. The residence is 10 min walking to the city.

Localization: https://goo.gl/maps/9kBm2NbFCiD2

We will offer you a monthly pass for public transportation, to go around the city center and to the hospital. To go to the hospital you need to take the line 11 during weekdays and line N1 on weekends and holidays. The Residence bus stop is called "Polo IV". For further information visit the following website: http://covibus.com/

From Covilha’s Bus Station you can catch an express bus to almost every city in Portugal. For further information you can check the website: http://www.rede-expressos.pt/

CP is a Train Service that allows you to travel between different cities inside Portugal. For further information you can find it here: https://www.cp.pt/

We have a Uber-like taxi service available within Covilhã City, which makes good prices for students.


The Local Social Program includes a Welcome Dinner, an International Food and Drink Party, a Pub Crawl, a Walking Tour at Serra da Estrela, a City Tour, Swimming Pool and River Beach Days.

We also offer to those who are willing, the chance to join the local volunteering and charity organisations. We normally also organize a weekend of our own.

We try to adapt our local social program to the preferences of our incomings.


- Urban Art Wall Murals;
- Pedestrian Bridge;
- Artificial Wave Pool;
- Torre (Highest Point in Mainland Portugal);
- Cheese Museum;
- Garden of the Lake;
- Wool Museum;
- Theatre of Beiras;
- Pelourinho (City Center).


A survival kit will be provided before you arrive.

We will be very excited to have you here with us! Choose Covilhã, promise you won’t regret it.