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University of Santo Tomas Hospital
Dormitory; Student Host
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Ma. Eloisa Briones
UST is the oldest existing Catholic university in the Philippines founded in 1611. Owing to its antiquity, the university is home to an elegant mix of old and new buildings, some of which have been recognized as National Cultural Treasures of the Philippines. Its 406 years of existence is also marked by academic excellence in different areas of study. To date, it is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Medicine (and in related disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Psychology) by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education. The university houses the largest number of medical students in the Philippines and produces the most number of doctors per year.
University of Santo Tomas Hospital - Clinical Division

We also coordinate with San Lazaro Hospital for students who want to take a rotation in Infectious Diseases.
The Thomas Aquinas Research Center houses the Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences (RCNAS), where students majoring in the basic sciences (in both bachelors and masters degree) conduct most of their research work. The university also has the Research Center for the Health Sciences (RCHS) and Center for Health Research in Movement Science (CHRMS) where physicians do their clinical research work. These research centers are open to all students in the university, under the guidance of a faculty research adviser, who want to use the facilities for their research projects.
The hospital would not be able to provide food for Incomings rotating in this institution. Instead, each student is given food allownace of 1 meal per day. To lighten the burden of finding a good place to eat, there are different kinds of affordable and delicious restaurants both in and out of the university.
Dormus Living Space - A student dormitory located across the campus.
1318-1324 España Blvd, 459, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila
Jeepneys are the basic transportation in the Philippines. It costs around PhP7.00 (student fare) for a basic fare within 4km from where to started your journey.

Buses and Trains are also available, but they are usually very crowded especially during peak hours.

Taxis are also helpful. The flag down rate is PhP30-40.
The Social Program for this school will depend because as of now there is a collective effort from AMSA-Philippines for social programs.

We organize Manila Tours together with the other LC (not Hosting Schools) and since our SCOPE LC has a Travel Agency partner to help the students explore the Philippines.
There are some tourist spots also in the Heart of Manila.
Intramuros is one and formerly know as the Old Manila, this walled city was built during the Spanish time where Government and Trade during the time our their colonization. It was the center of civilzation during that time where people know how to do business and centers also Catholicism as one of the largest religion in the Philippines. 

Luneta Park is also one of the tourist spot in the Philippines. That place is where Jose P. Rizal's monument was built, he is our national hero in which he inspired the filipinos to fight with diplomacy not war and he also gave the filipinos the idea of freedom in the form of writing. He is a doctor, an opthalmologist who studied in the University of Santo Tomas who gave his service to his parents and other people.
The University is at the heart of the busy streets of Manila, but despite the crowd, being inside the university creates an accommodating feeling. The people around the university are very friendly and always ask people on any help they need.