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July, August, September, January
Student Apartment
Two meals per day from the hospital restaurant

The exchnage conditions is the same as the general EC
Ahmed Al Jabri
Muscat is the capital and largest metropolitan city of Oman. It is also the seat of government and largest city in the Governorate of Muscat.
Known since the early 1st century CE as an important trading port between the west and the east.
Sultan Qaboos University, located in Al Khoudh in the Muscat Governorate, is the only public university in the Sultanate of Oman.
The College of Medicine was founded in 1986 and became the College of Medicine & Health Sciences (COMHS) in 2002. From the beginning, the COMHS and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) have recognized teaching, research, training and clinical and community services as their core responsibilities. They aim for the highest standards of achievement in the quality of their medical and health education, community services and research. They also aspire to become a role model for other medical and health science colleges and health care institutions in Oman.
In 2013, the MD programme was fully accredited for a ten-year period by Association for Medical Education in Eastern Mediterranean Region (AMEEMR) in cooperation with and in accordance with the standards of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)

Sultan Qaboos University hospital. All doctors in the hospital speak in English and it is the language used for teaching.The education system that the students would join has been accredited by the Association for Medical Education in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (AMEEMR) in Association with World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), plus the hospital, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, has been accredited by Accreditation Canada International. 

- Origin and pattern of spread for anti-malarial drug resistance in Oman
- Mixed phenotype leukemia: clinical and laboratory features and outcome in cases from Oman
- Genetic characterization of imported malaria parasites into Oman

An apartment building very close to the university. The apartment is in a lively neighbourhood with coffee shops and supermarkets around it. Some of these coffee shops broadcast live football matches from the major football leagues around the world.
All the students will live in the same building which will make it easier for you to meet and get to know each other. You get to be in an apartment with your room and a toilet. The apartment will also have a kitchen with a gas cooker.


The university hospital has a remarkable restaurant. Each student would recieve food coupons for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These can be used to get you diffrent main courses, dessert and juices!


Taxis can be found around Muscat however if you need to go somewhere specific our nmo members will do their best to take you around. You could also rent a car for a fair price 


Our SCOPE team offers a range of social program for our incoming students:From ravishing markets called "Souqs" where one can find authentic omani products to the beaches along the coastline where one can have great swim and sun bathe or just watch the turtles at beautiful turtle beach. Another program sees the student going to the mountain ranges or visiting numerous forts around the country. One program takes to the student to the Golden sands of Al Wahiba Desert. These are just the weekends program, on weekdays one gets the chance to go around the capital and getting to know the different food and cultures seen in Oman. There is a lot to do in Oman in just one month making one not think of the word bored!

The following link shows part of the social program that you will experience:


Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Royal Opera House Muscat
Matrah Souk
The National Museum
The royal Palace
The coral reefs of Bandar Khaiyran