Mexico (AMMEF) - Zacatecas
General surgery, Traumatology, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Emergency, Internal Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Anesthesiology
January, July, August, December
2 per day
Student’s flat / Host Family
  • • White coat

    • White T-shirt

    • White pants

    • White shoes

    • Scrub (any color)

    • Stethoscope

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Gustavo Hernández Reyes

Zacatecas is a colonial city, with a quarry face and a silver heart, that invites you to get to know it and to fall in love with all its beauty.


Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas


The Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas Francisco García Salinas (UAZ) is the maximum house of studies in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. At the moment it is conformed in Academic Areas of the knowledge, that sometimes are formed by different. Teachers, Research, Extension and Academic Management. It is an institution that covers the development needs of young students from Zacatecas and other states in the biological, humanistic-social, engineering, language, art, agricultural and exact sciences areas. We also make great efforts in the promotion of science, technology and innovation through its research activities in all scientific fields. One of the most important aspects in the development that the University currently has is the modernization of all its areas.



Hospital General de Zacatecas

It’s the biggest hospital in our city where you can practice your skills as a future doctor.

It offers the services of: Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Trauma and Orthopedics, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Emergency medicine, etc. Clinical practice: Monday through Friday From 8 AM to 2 PM


Hospital de la Mujer Zacatecana

This Hospital is another part of the General Hospital. This one is specialized in the woman and her diseases, it’s public and it brings attention to all the woman in the city. It offers the services of: Gynecology, Obstetrics, pediatrics and neonatology.

Clinical practice: Monday through Friday From 8 AM to 2 PM


ISSSTE Hospital General

It’s the second biggest hospital in our city, which brings attention to all the workers in the city, and the location it's very near from downtown. It offers the services of: Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Trauma and Orthopedics, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, emergency medicine, ginecology, neonatology, etc.

Clinical practice: Monday through Friday From 8 AM to 2 PM


In our university we have projects in pharmacology,  biology and molecular medicine working mostly in laboratories where students participate taking samples, collection of primary data (surveys and observations) and secondary (statistical) in a Cabinet or laboratory.

The student will use all laboratory equipment required for the project under supervision of tutor.

About the projects:

1) Evaluation of protein markers and their association with preeclampsia development

Description of the Project:

Preeclampsia (PE) is a pregnancy multisystem disorder that is characterized by hypertension and proteinuria that develops after the 20th gestational week (GW). As PE is the pregnancy disorder with the highest maternal and fetal mortality rates, the identification of novel predictive PE biomarkers is necessary.


What is the aim of the project?  To evaluate the maternal plasma, urine, serum profiles of multiple proteins to determine their usefulness for identifying patients at risk of developing the disease. in order to find a tool for early detection of high sensitivity and specificity.

2) Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) as adjunctive therapy for patients with Diabetes Mellitus 2: effect on oxidative stress, insulin resistance.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is therapy, for that we propose to determine if dietary rosemary tea for T2D individuals decreases the DNA damage represented by the decrease in the number of micronucleus, and decrease of OxS and glucose levels.

The objective of the project is determine the effects of Rosmarinus officinalis extracts (Rosemary) on oxidative stress, insulin resistance, DNA damage and microRNAs in patients with type 2 diabetes for use as adjunctive therapy.

For more information check the SCORE national EC


We provide 2 meals per day for our incomings at the hospital and sometimes we receive pantries from our university. The pantries include basic food (as fruit and vegetables, cereals,etc).


We have two options, but no always is the same. Usually our incomings be housed in a student’s flat with all the incomings maybe can share room or not. But when we have voluntaries to be host, or have only one or 2 incomings our incomings be housed with a family host.

Our students flat counts with basic household services, such as:

  • Potable water
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Bed
  • Internet

Our incomings can arrive Zacatecas by two ways: by bus or by plane. It doesn’t matter at what time our incomings arrive we always are going to receive them with a special surprise.

About the airport:

“International Airport General Leobardo C. Ruiz” or “International Airport of Zacatecas” is 30-40 min from the city

The airlines that arrive in the airport of Zacatecas are:

  • Aeromexico
  • Volaris
  • American Airlines

About the bus station:

“Bus station of Zacatecas Roberto Diaz Herrera” is 10-15 min from the downton

The options that you can book a bus station are:

  • Omnibus
  • Chihuahuenses
  • Etn
  • Transportes frontera

The transport that our incomings usually use in the city  is the public transportation, we teach them how to use the public bus because is the cheapest way ($7.50 mexican pesos) to get to their hospital, their flat, hardpoint, etc etc. But they can also use taxis or UBER.


Zacatecas, city with a quarry face and a silver heart!
Its inhabitants with a heart of gold, but their visitors, with a diamond heart!
These are the words with which you will be received in our majestic city, and your eyes will be witness to the fact that these words are true.

In the year of 1993, UNESCO declared the entire city center of the city Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In our city you can walk through the center of the city and admire its imposing architecture, each building and square with a story to tell. At the same time you can enjoy its typical cuisine, in one of the restaurants that you will find on your way. You can get on the turibus, which will take you to the historic center, museum, churches and gardens. A traditional point to visit, is the hill of the bufa, historical place, where you can enjoy the best view of the city, as well as take a tour in the cableway, and admire Zacatecas from another angle, from there we visit the mine of Eden, here we are told the history of the Zacatecan mining industry, and here is the only discotheque in the world inside a mine.

Adventure? If Zacatecas, has beautiful landscapes, lakes, open mines, sinkholes, rivers, which are traveled by motorcycles, you can feel the adrenaline through the zip line "840", you can tour the historic center by bike and enjoy the scenery.

What to do outside the city?
Touring the archaeological ruins of "La Quemada", just one hour away, Zacatecas is a city with 5 magical towns, named for maintaining their traditions, their architecture, their food, the hospitality of their people and much more.

From Zacatecas, sure you fall in love, we wait for you with open arms!



If your exchange is in the month of July, you should bring warm clothing, since it is the rainy season. In August the weather is warm, and in December and January the season is stronger than cold.

In hospitals, students must present themselves in a white uniform, gown, shirt or blouse, trousers and shoes. And men must wear a tie. It is necessary to bring a surgical uniform to enter the operating rooms.