Mexico (AMMEF) - Toluca
Cardiology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Urology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery- General, Pediatrics, Surgery - Pediatrics, Radiology, Inmunology, ophtalmology
January (1-31) February (1-28) July (1-31) August (1-31), december (1-30)
We provide 1 meal per day at hospital or at med school
Student Flat or Host Family

Same as our NMO's ECs. 

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Juan Pablo Bernal

Capital of the State of Mexico, being one of the oldest cities founded in the country by the toltecs and aztecs, and one of the first colonized by the spanish, Toluca will enchant you with its huge cultural diversity starting with its beautiful historic center, where you can visit the portals to buy typical sweets and drinks of the region, enjoy one of the shows like mariachi and artistic shows, to finish the downtown tour the Cathedral of the city and the Cosmovitral that contains an amazing botanical garden inside will be waiting to surprise you.Toluca offers a business central point, thanks to its high level industrialized factories, and to the fact that is located only 40 minutes away from Mexico's Capital: Mexico city. Nevertheless its natural richness has no comparison, Toluca is located near dozens of magical towns that you can visit to amaze yourself discovering lakes, forest, archeological sites, colonial towns, volcanos and more!!!. Do not forget to try the best Chorizo ​​in Mexico when you come to Toluca, you can also go through one of its 24 museums or visit the newly constructed Cineteca Mexiquense inside the State of Mexico’s Cultural Center . Last but not least Toluca offers all the mornings a beautiful view of the volcano Xinantecatl commonly referred as Nevado de Toluca which you can access almost all year and enjoy the spectacular experience of climbing up and discovering its crater.


The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMex.) is the most prestigious University in the medical field in Toluca. OEPSA-UAEMex has reached to agreements with third level hospitals which are constantly renewed to offer the best internship for foreign students in almost all common medical specialties.


Our base hospital is Centro Medico ISSEMYM Toluca which offers social health security services for the state workers. This “new” hospital has innovative technology that will allow you to get the optimum learning experience through highly qualified medical professionals who will teach you and assist you with all your questions. This third level hospital counts with 36 specialties, 160 doctors and 500 nurses,  CMIT is recognized for having technological infrastructure and highly avant-garde medical specialization, such as neurosurgical, cardiological and gastrointestinal interventionism; in addition to arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgery for abdomen and thorax, as well as digestive and pulmonary endoscopies of great complexity.


The departments offered in Centro Medico ISSEMYM are Urgencies, Intensive Therapy, Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Traumatology, Angiology, Reconstructive Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, PLastic Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Pneumology, Ophthalmology, Otorrinolaringology, Nefrology, Internal Medicine, Hematology, Imagenology and Pathology.


Maternal Fetal, Paediatrics and Oncology Departments are also offered, however they are located in specific hospitals apart from centro medico ISSEMYM. Hospital Monica Pretelini offers departments for women health, Hospital para el niño IMIEM offers services for infants and Centro Oncologico Estatal for Oncology.


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At least one meal per day is offered, it can be at the Hospital cafeteria, Med Faculty cafeteria or at eh Host Family house in which case usually is offered 3 meals per day.


Depending on the availability incomings stay at a Host Family House of one of the Faculty students, in some cases the lodging can be at a students rented flat with roomies.



The easiest and safest way to move in Toluca is taking Uber, the fees are between $30 - $100 pesos depending on the distance and hour of service. Public transportation is also offered such as bus which will cost $10 pesos for specific routes.


You will love our social program that involves many outdoor activities to discover the nurturing nature, history, culture and gastronomy in the surroundings of Toluca. In july and january every weekend a Social and Cultural program are offered to visit the magical towns and incredible places no further than 2 hours away from Toluca which include:


  • Inactive Volcano “Xinantecatl”
  • Valle de Bravo
  • Mexico City
  • El Oro
  • Centro Ceremonial Otomi
  • Ixtapan de la Sal
  • Malinalco


In your free time and after hospitals you will be able to enjoy many places to hang out with the locals and other incomings such as:


  • Toluca Downtown and Portales
  • 24 different museum
  • Alameda central park
  • Bicentenario and Metropolitano park
  • Local markets and stores for typical food, candies and drinks
  • Malls Galerias Toluca, Galerias Metepec and Townsquare Metepec
  • State of Mexico´s new public cinema
  • Bowling and arcade alley



In august and december there are some special festivities that will make you fall in love with Mexico and make you want to come back in the future. As a matter of fact, Mexican cuisine, Mariachi and Charreria have been proclaimed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, so apart from being an extremely diverse country part of our culture and society has a huge international recognition.

  • Do not miss the chance to:


    • ¡Climb at the top of the Nevado de Toluca! you will acces by car almost to the top and then walk 1.5 km, the view is amazing and the physical effort is completely worth it, specially in cold months (december and january) when you will find some snow and ice.
    • ¡Visit the Teotihuacan Pyramids! There are few magestic places in the world and these pyramids are one of those. You can get by car in 2 hours. Do not forget to take a hat, sunblock, water and to ask for a guided tour.
    • ¡Spend a weekend in Mexico City! Our capital has an immense number of things to offer, but you should definitely spend a day in Chapultepec Park, walk along Reforma, visit Coyoacan and Downtown, Palacio de Bellas Artes and one of the 170 museums.


-Toluca is 2600 meters above sea level.

-The weather is cold on December and January, in summer it gets hotter but rains a lot. Be prepared with clothes for almost all kinds of weather.

-All exchange students MUST have insurance and bring a copy of it and give it to the LEO upon arrival

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