Mexico (AMMEF) - Coatzacoalcos
Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Surgery-General, Oncology, Neonatal Medicine, Traumatology, Surgery-Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Anaesthesia, Dermatology
1 meal everyday, at the hospital.
Student House or Apartment (maybe host familiy)
  • White coat
  • White shoes (medical ones)
  • White pants/jeans
  • SCOPE Handbook.

WELCOME to Coatzacoalcos! Major port city in the southern part of the Mexican state of Veracruz. Coatzacoalcos in Nahuatl means "The place where the snake hides", according to the legend this is the place where the God Quetzalcoatl made his final journey to the sea around the year 999 and where he made his promise to return.

It has a lot of flora and fauna, a very nice weather for beach days and incredible warmth of its people. There are activities for everyone, and a very large gastronomy (Yes you will LOVE our food).


The Universidad Veracruzana (UV) Faculty of Medicine is located in Minatitlan City which is 30 min away from Coatzacoalcos, has been characterized by their hard work in the academic training of medical students.

Our curriculum model is a half-flexible one which gives greater autonomy to the student. In order to combine theoretical knowledge with abilities and aptitudes, the clinical practice starts in the second year and follows the remaining five years. 

The UV and our LC (SOCIEMUVEM) has an agreement with the second level, Coatzacoalcos Regional Hospital "Dr. Valentin Gomez Farias" offering the following departments for our incomings:


-Internal Medicine                 -Emergency Medicine

-Surgery General                    -Oncology

-Neonatal Medicine               -Traumatology

-Neurology                              -Surgery Neurosurgery

-Pediatrics                               -Gynecology/Obstetrics

-Anesthesia                             -Dermatology.


According to the schedule of attendance, the hospital will offer one meal per day (the lunch), which is regularly typical Mexican food.

No, we don't eat nachos, burritos and tunas, we have a great menu of delicious food, that's for sure if you try it you'll LOVE it. Our city is famous for "antojitos mexicanos", CHINAMECA meat and sea food (of course).


In our LC, all of the incomings stay in a flat (It depends on how many students confirm for the exchange if we decide to rent a house or a flat).

If would arrive less than 4 people for the exchange period, you will be hosted with a Host Family.

With both cases incomings have the chance to get to know the lifestyle and traditions of Mexico.


We have different ways to get here by Bus and Plane. This is what I recommend you:

-If arriving to Mexico City Airport you can come by plane to Minatitlan Airport (which is 15 min away from Coatzacoalcos) or you can come to the Bus Station (the bus takes 8-9 hrs).

-If arriving to Cancun Airport you can come by plane to Villahermosa or Veracruz Airport and then take a bus to Coatzacoalcos (Villahermosa-Coatza (3 hrs), Veracruz-Coatza (4:30hrs) // Or take a Bus from Cancun to Coatzacoalcos (15 hrs).


Transport is very cheap, to get around the city the maximum rate is of 80.00 pesos (But normally taxi cost 30-40). And for transportation by bus the price is 10 pesos (we will provide you a student ID so yo can pay 5.50 pesos).


Last summer (2017) our LC had or first Regional Social Program and the results were AMAZING, we would like to make it again this Summer so, I will let you down here the Invitation Pack on 2017 and you can have an idea ;)


Local Social Program is provided close to the exchange date, but it includes :

-National Food and Drinks Party                   -Barezzito Night Club

-Beach Days                                                      -BBQ Goodbye Party

-Kayaking                                                           -Soteapan Water Falls


You can visit our Facebook page and check out our photo albums

  • Boulevard, Break Waters, Jicacal beach, and much more.


All students must wear appropriate clothing, closed shoes in the hospital, white pants, white coat, and stethoscope and fill the SCOPE HANDBOOK and 80 percent of assistance in order to receive the certificate.

The clinical rotation is from Monday to Friday, the time can be varied depending on the area, but never more than 8 hrs per day. You can do any guard at night if you decide. Saturday and Sunday are free for social program.

Not everybody in the hospital speak English, so you have to speak basic Spanish for having communication in the hospital and with patients. But do not worry we’ll always be there to help! Apply only for the months we agree in our exchange conditions (above) and JUST CALENDAR MONTHS.

Please, remember you can have holidays after or before your exchange, but during the 4 weeks, you are a student just like any other medical Mexican student. We only provide the lodge during the exchange.

We can have all kinds of weather in one day, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella, sunblock, sunglasses, tennis, sweater or a jacket.

We are waiting for you with arms wide open, we are sure you will spend most unforgettable experience and will learn a lot ...we wish an excellent exchange!!!!

If any doubts you can email us email:

Welcome to Mexico and Coatzacoalcos!