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We only accept applications for full calendar months.
Pablo Aikin

The “City of the Roses”, as it is usually addressed, Guadalajara (Arabic for “stony river”) is the second largest city in the country, a major cultural centre (origin of tequila, mariachi and charros) and full of surprises. It´s a XX-century metropolis with four-and-a-half million inhabitants and plenty of places to visit.


The University of Guadalajara and the Hospital “Fray Antonio Alcalde” are sister institutions; they were founded in the late XVIII century by the bishop after which the latter was named. For many generations, young doctors from our University have been trained at our hospital, and later, they have retuned to be lecturers at their college. This has created a solid bond of theory and practice that allows students of medicine to have a privileged field to learn both clinical and academic skills; and for thousands of patients to have affordable treatment.


We include the project Clostridium difficile, a hospital infection. It is directed by dr. María de Rayo Morfín Ortero, MD PhD fellow doctor of the Infectious Disease department. Its main objective is the prompt detection of diarrhea cases associated with such bacterium in the hospital, adequate treatment, rational use of antibiotics and education of other departments in all the previous


We provide two meals daily, free of charge, in the hospital cafeteria.

    • Student flats/families: usually for months with low amount of incomings.


    • Incoming houses/flats: if the amount of incomings is big, we might rent a whole house/flat for them to live in. This, mainly during the summer.


    Chances are that you may share your bedroom with someone else, but we will make sure he/she is from the same sex. People from different sex, however, might live in the same house/flat (family members, fellow students, other incomings). Should you have any discomfort about this matter or any other special need about lodging (stairs, allergies); please include it in your AF “comments” and let the LEO know upon acceptance.


Options are wide: 

  • Bike rental: affordable, fitness and envirormental-friendly.
  • Metro: mainly in city centre
  • Macrobús: to reach the Campus

Buses: the favorite option to reach the hospital.


There are many options from which to choose:

  • Tequila: the famous drink, the homonymous town, the distilleries. An ambitious option is the mystical train “Tequila Express”, which allows you to see the “Pasaje Agavero” (the road of tequila), taste great food and consist on a great tour.
  • Chapala, the largest lake in the country: assets include boat rental, fishing, and
  • Puerto Vallarta: Costal city and major beach resort in the country, relaxing, jetskying, island visiting, scuba diving and much more.

 You will just regret to go back home!!!

    • Mercado “San Juan de Dios”: tremendously big market with almost any merchandise desirable. A very tempting option for souvenirs.
    • Instituto Cabañas: Unesco-certified world heritage monument; founded by the bishop Juan Cabañas (Fray Antonio´s successor) in the early XIX century; used for long as an Orphanage, now a cultural and educational centre. It preserves an amazing colonial architecture, combined with modern art exhibitions.
    • Acuario Michin: a very interesting aquarium with pre-Hispanic-culture-oriented approach, hundred of Mexican spicies from the vast seas in Mexico.
    • Regional Museum: history of Jalisco, archeology, pottery; and even fossils from saber-toothed tigers and mammoth.

In general (Mexican) terms, Guadalajara, is considered a safe city.

Guadalajara´s wet season is between July and October. It may get really stormy!

We usually pick up students, mainly those arriving with tough plane connections. However, if you let us know too late your time/date of arrival or land after 21:00, we do not guarantee pick up.

Our lodging code states that we commit to provide housing two days after and two days before the start/end of the exchange. Please observe that. If you intend to arrive too early or planning to leave several days after your exchange, otherwise, lodging will not be guaranteed.