Mexico (AMMEF) - Culiacan
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January-March, June-November
Hospitals provide at least one meal per day.
Most of students are placed in student's houses or in apartments with other exchange students.

You must bring all white clothes (white shoes , white shirt, white pants and white coat), surgical clothes, and stethoscope too. WHITE CLOTHES ARE MANDATORY.
Ramiro Rueda Sánchez
Alejandra Montoya

The state of Sinaloa has a strategic location in the Northwestern part of Mexico, with a wonderful fusion of landscapes, land, oceans, blue skies, rivers and vegetation. Culiacan the largest city in the state of Sinaloa as well as its capital. The city is in a valley at the confluence of the Tamazula and Humaya Rivers, where the two meet to form the Culiacan River, and is located 55 meters above sea level. Culiacan is in the the center of the state with almost equal distance to close urban centers such as: Los Mochis, and Mazatlan.

Culiacan has beautiful beaches and offers a number of must visit places such as: Imala's hot springs, which are about a 30 minute ride from the city and you can fish largemouth bass all year round; Altata beach located 30 minutes from Culiacan , the Regional History Museum in the "Parque Constitucion", a large art museum downtown and a number of small art galleries owned by several of the local universitie and the Botanical Garden and Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa, a science museum that holds the fifth largest meteorite on earth.


Our medical school is “Facultad de Medicina” of “Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa” (UAS). The clerkship program in Culiacan is available in 4 different hospitals, depending on the medical area that you chose.

The clerkship program in Culiacán is available in 4 different hospitals, depending on the medical area that you chose

Hospital General de Culiacan, Hospital de la Mujer de Sinaloa, Hospital civil de Culiacan and Hospital Pediatrico de Sinaloa.


Research deparment of general hospital of Culiacan.

Antimicrobicidal and antitumoral properties of the protein lactoferrin and derived peptides
Etiology of acute diarrhea in children


Hospitals provide at least one meal per day.


Almost all the time, you are going to stand in a student flat, with a host family or an apartment near to the hospital. On July to August you may be place with other incomings in the same house or apartments.


Getting to Culiacan, Sinaloa from any part of the country is not complicated, since you can get here by any way, ship, land or air transportation.

Culiacan (the capital of the state) has the International Airport of Culiacan (CUL), also known as “International Airport of Bachigualato”. You can also get directly to the city by bus. The city has many different bus lines and stations, that you can take from any city in the country.

To travel around, to go to the hospital and some other places, you can do it by bus, we have different routes of buses that can help you to move around the city.


All year long:  La Lomita church, Black bridge, Botanical Garden, Paseo del Angel, Ines Arredondo Theater, Cathedral Church, Sinaloa Science Center, Culiacán Park 87, Las Riberas Park, Historic Dowtown, Basseball stadium, etc.

PROBABLY: Mazatlán, Altata`s beach, Imala..


You must visit the Botanical Garden, our neighbor city Mazatlan and Los Mochis and our historic dowtown with all the Mexican culture and many more.


Welcome to Culiacan, Sinaloa, we can asure you that you will have a great time, you will be treated as a friend or as a part of our family. You will enjoy your stay in here.