Japan (IFMSA-Japan) - Tochigi, Dokkyou University
Neurology, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Otorhinolaryngology, Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery, Surgery-General, Surgery-Orthopedics
We don't accept incomings now.
13,500yen for lunch
You must attend a lecture every Monday to Friday in the University. If you want to change your schedule, you MUST contact with your contact person.
Nojima Daisuke

Mibu-the small town, which has the fertile Kanto Plain north, falls flat land. Omoigawa river runs along the west side of town, Kurokawa river runs through the central part of the town, Sugatagawa river runs along the east side. The town is famous for cultivating rice, Kanpyo and strawberries. In recent years, strawberry cultivation is thriving to be, especially Kanpyo are cultivated from the Edo era. You can also enjoy yourself by going Cafes, shoppings. You can take a train to Utsunomiya(Prefectural Capital) in 20 minutes. Or, you can easily go to Nikko or Nasu by car or train for the sightseeing. In fall, you can see the beautiful autumn leaves. Surrounded by abundant greenery, the campus spreads over a vast area. Near the campus, there are places of scenic beauty and historic interest as well as a national park. This is definitely one of the best environments for students to spend their campus lives.


Dokkyo Medical University has three hospitals attached to it: the University Hospital, Koshigaya Hospital, and Nikko Medical Center. With the total number of beds amounting to 2,100, it is one of the leading medical institutions in Japan. Equipped with such state-of-the-art medical devices as PET/CT and capsule endoscopes, our hospitals are designated for liver transplant operations and lung transplant operations. And in January 2010, we started a "Doctor Helicopter" transport service for emergencies in Tochigi. Students strive hard to become humane doctors in various ways; by reading a variety of philosophical and literary works and taking part in various kinds of club activities. In order to encourage capable students to be internationally acceptable in the future, the University sends about fifteen fifth-year students to medical school hospitals in Europe and the United States for overseas training every year. Located very close to Mibu Interchange of Kita-Kanto Expressway, which intersects Tohoku Expressway, Dokkyo Medical University is as accessible as any university or hospital in the suburbs of Tokyo. In addition to this accessibility, the University has another geographic advantage. It is located within easy reach of places of scenic beauty and historic interest such as Nikko, Nasu, the Kinugawa River and the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, which is a world heritage site. Thus it has and offers a very favorable environment both as a seat of learning and as a medical institution. http://www.dokkyomed.ac.jp/en/516/527.html


Anaesthesiology: Molecular studies on viral protein functions
Physiology: Characterization of enkephalinergic neurons in the spinal cord attempting to elucidate the pain mechanisms


One meal per day on working days will be provided by Dokkyo-ESS society. This will be a lunch in the hospitals canteen/ school Cafeteria. Food prices are generally high in Japan, and we recommend you to buy food in the discount supermarkets (KAWACHI, COOP, etc). All accommodation will be equipped with a kitchen where you can cook.


The visitor whom this university permitted stay can use this guest room including the persons concerned with this university. The location of the room is the 12th floor of Dormitory Sakura. Type of the room is One-room type(all single room). Internet access is available(free). But please prepare the personal computer in person. The main equipment and furniture is Modular bath, Toilet(Washout), Air-conditioner, Television, Refrigerator, IH cooking heater, Microwave oven, Kettle and Hair drier. The carrying out of indoor equipment should withhold. Conditioning shampoo, Body soap, Hand soap, Toothbrush, Slippers and Face towel are included in Amenities. Bath towel and Bathrobe are not available.


From Narita/Haneda Airport, take a bullet train to Utsunomiya station. From Utsunomiya take a but to Tobu-Utsunomiya station, and from Tobu-Utsunomiya station get on the Tobu-Utsunomiya line to Omocha-no-machi station.
There are several ways to come to Dokkyo Medical University, and uour contact person will inform you the details in person.


We'll hold a welcome party for every exchange students. We eat Japanese food, sushi, nabe, okonomiyaki, and enjoy to have a conversation. You'll meet and befriend a lot of medical students. If you want, we'll take you to restaurants, karaoke or anywhere you want to go on weekdays.


Nikko-Ieyasu Tokugawa (1542-1616) was an important person for Nikko in terms of development as a tourist resort. The origin was Ieyasu's last instruction. His last message was for the eternal peace. He said as follows: "Build a small shrine in Nikko and enshrine me as the God. I will be the guardian of peace keeping in Japan." Nikko is located on the north direction of Edo, where Tokugawa government was opened. Northern sky is the center of universe and stars turn focusing on the polestar. In this sense, people also live in accordance with the rule. This is the ideal society that Ieyasu aimed. According to the last instruction, Ieyasu wanted to be enshrined in "small" shrine, but the third successive shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa rebuilt it to the gorgeous shrine. Today, many tourists visit there to see the artistic building, which was built in the early Edo period. However, this is not just bright architecture, but Ieyasu's policy is seen many places. For example, sculptures of spiritual animals, famous sleeping cat, Chinese legend are related to peace coming. In this point of view, Toshogu Shrine is a symbol of peace. You might find the reason why a sculpture or painting is put on a certain place of each building. Moreover, you will enjoy watching artistic works of spiritual animals and nature.

In one hour you can get to Utsunomiya city by train. Utsunomiya is is the capital and most populous city of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. The Buddhist temple of


The pass photo for your ID card should be send by Email.