Japan (IFMSA-Japan) - Fukuoka
Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine-Cardiology
January, February, March, April, May, Juna, July, August, September, October, November, December
The vaccinations which we require are listed below.
Hepatitis B, Measles, Rubella, Tuberculosis and X-ray.
Akiko Takeshige

Fukuoka is the biggest city in Kyushu area. We say that fukuoka is one of the comfortable cities. Because there are many delicious foods. Also ,Fukuoka city was chosen as a theme of "TAIGA drama" the most famous drama in Japan; this drama is broadcasted every week for one year!!! It's a huge project Second there is a lot of "MATSURI"a Japanese festival. For example Ohori Firework festival,Yamakasa,Houjouya,Dontaku and so on!! You won't get tired while visiting here in Fukuoka. Around Fukuoka there are a lot of famous sightseeing spots and it is very easy to access. For more information visit; http://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/tw/


Fukuoka university is near center of the city,Tenjin. It takes 15 minutes by metro. And Fukuoka university is directly connected to Fukudaimae station. If it is rainy day , you don't need your umbrella ,it is very convenience. And Fukuoka university is the biggest university in Fukuoka and has most people. There are many clubs, for example soccer ,basketball ,swimming, Japanese archery, some Japanese culture club(chado,judo,karate.....) You can join and please enjoy yourself. Fukuoka university hospital is built recently. It is new and clean. And it is core hospital. You can find many patients. I think it is very precious experience.

Pediatrics: Genetic studies for Epilepsy

Anatomy: Bioeffects of ultrasound energy and its application for enhancement of drug efficiency
(Professor tutors and labs use the anatomy class room, but the content of their projects are pharmacology.

We will give you 10000yen for meals a day. You can use free for everything. There are cafeteria and convenience store. And around university there are some restaurants.


Usually you will be staying at Fukuoka university dormitory, seminar house. Seminar house is in Ropponmatsu area. Ropponmatsu is far from university. It takes about 15minutes by metro and on foot. Seminar house has two kind rooms, for one person and for three person. For one person there are shower. But it is sometimes full. But in the seminar house there are a public bath. And there are washing machines. You can use free every times. And around ropponmatsu station , there are a super market ,convenience stores ,some restaurants (ramen,bar,soba). And we can lend you a bicycle. You can go to Fukuoka university and Tenjin area by a bicycle. It is cheap.


From Fukuoka airport station you will take on metro station. Fukuoka airport has only one station of metro. Then you will change the train at Tenjin station. Then walk to Tenjin minami station in about 10minutes on foot. You will take on nanakuma line. It is about 10minutes. You will arrive at fukudaimae station. Soon you can find Fukuoka university.


In Kyushu area there are many places for sightseeing. You can choose by yourself. But I can advise you. We will talk about it before you come here. Kyushu has Fukuoka ,saga,Nagasaki ,Kumamoto ,Oita,Miyazaki,Kagoshima. And we can also go to Yamaguchi and Hiroshima. Nagasaki and Hiroshima is famous of an atomic bomb and peaceful park. It is precious experience for you. Kumamoto and Miyazaki has beautiful park and mountain. You can be relax and enjoy some activities. Oita and Kagoshima has many hot springs and delicious food. Every place is really good. Please ask us.


There are some sightseeing spots in Fukuoka, for example Tenjin ,dazaihu tenmangu ,Fukuoka tower. Tenjin has many shops ,restaurants ,bars. You can enjoy shopping ,eating and drinking. And Tenjin is close to ropponmatsu ,where you will stay. Around Tenjin there are many YATAI,which is a sort of a mobile hot dog stand. You can enjoy your dinner. Dazaifu Tenmangu is a shrine which has deep association with a courtier-scholer, Michizane Sugawara. He is regarded as a deity of the study. Fukuoka tower is in momochi beach. If you go up it, you can see a view of the whole town. And enjoy at the beach. Fukuoka city is not so big city but convenience city. Because there are many shops is in Tenjin and Hakata ,and close to airport and Shinkansen station. You don't need go far away,every thing is near. I hope you will love Fukuoka.


Not all costs are included in IFMSA Japan exchange fees(50,000Yen)
Dormitory fee,10,000lunch fee are included.
Transportation fees,utility fees such as electricity and water are not included so,you need to pay them at the end of your stay.
Please prepare Japanese Yen before you arrive in Fukuoka.