Japan (IFMSA-Japan) - Chiba
Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine - General, Paediatrics, Surgery - Orthopedics, Vascular Surgery, Paediatrics-Surgery, Surgery-Plastic Surgery
February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Pocket money you are going to receive( generally 17,000 yen) includes food expenses for lunch.

The vaccinations which we require are listed below.
Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Tuberculosis and  X-ray.

http://www.ho.chiba-u.ac.jp/en/index.html, http://www.chiba-u.ac.jp/e/
Shiichi Ihara

Chiba - the biggest city of Chiba Prefecture, which is south to Tokyo.  In the summer there is an energetic beat of the pulse in the vibrant city of Chiba. As a central city of Chiba Prefecture, we have both new and fashonable places and old temples and castle - Chiba castle is just next to our university. Enjoy yourself going shopping, relaxing at one of the city' many cafes, or going around the street to find good Japanese restaurans or cheap kareoke boxes. We are near to Tokyo Disney Land/Sea, and also very close to Tokyo! You'll never get bored to stay in Chiba!!
For more information visit: http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=ja|en&hl=en&u=http://www.chibacity-ta.or.jp/


University of Chiba (Chiba Univerisity) is the only national university in Chiba Prefecture, and it is ranked in 10 top medical universities every year. The University Inohana Campus is located in the heart of downtown Chiba and spraws all across the downtown core and have good access to other cities. A large portion of the buildings are located on small hill call Mt. Inohana which gave the Campus it's nate. Chiba Hospitals serve the most part of Chiba and famous for its advanced and specialized care. Our Univiersity and Hospitals are now strenthening Medical English, so most students and doctors are good at English. While on exchange, one might be placed at any of the departments in the hosptial. For more information visit: http://www.ho.chiba-u.ac.jp/en/index.html


Biochemistry and Genetics: Regulatory mechanisms of clock output genes
Biomedical Science/ Biomedical Resarch Centre: Training course for the cutting-edge gene technology including transgenic and gene targeting
Molecular Biology: Screening of compounds with antiviral activity using a chiral compound library


You will have breakfast and dinner at host family's place, and one meal per day at the hospital or lab. Your contact person will provide you with 15,000 yen for 30 days stay as lunch money. Please tell your host family in advance when you cannot go back to have dinner together with them. In our program, we are making good relationship with host families and they are doing this volauntarily. We hope you can also build good relation with them.


Usually you'll be staying at a Japanese family's house. They are living in the near station of Chiba, and are very experienced host family in most cases. You will be expected to build good relationships with them, and because they are doing it voluntarily please respect their hospitality. You will be told when to back and have dinner together, so please tell them in advance if you'll be late or have dinner out with friends. Your contact person will have meeting with you and host families about the plan of your stay. If there are any problems, please contact Chiba University LEO/LORE.


Usually contact persons will go to meet you at the airport. From the main exit of Narita Airport, take the JR line to Chiba station. Get off at "Chiba" and take No.7 bus at the ease exit of the Chiba station. Get off at "Chiba dai Igakubu Mae".


Host families also often take students to Narita Temple, which is the biggest temple in China build on Mt. Narita. We also go out to Tokyo and sightseeing many places depend what you like.


There are many things to do in Chiba, and Tokyo. Two famous places are Tokyo Disney Land/ Sea and Chiba castle. And because we are close to Tokyo, there are many places to see there, like Asakusa, Ueno, Shibuya, Harajuku.. etc.


You have to fill in a document called "Personal Information" after you receive card of acceptance. This document is made by a group offering homestay, and you will inform whether you have any allergies or not, what you want to experience and so on.You will also get a document about host family you are going to be accommodated.